2019 Running Recap

As always, thanks to Kim for the inspiration!

Races participated in: 5
Races “raced” (of x amount above): 0
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 0


This was FAR and away my lightest racing year in my running life. I typically do 10-12 races annually, so this was a very big change for me (and my wallet, ha). A variety of things contributed to this: moving out of the city, group leading, needing to adjust my budget for other priorities. I didn’t realize how few races I had run until I actually looked back at it, so I guess I didn’t miss it much!

10K: 1
10 Mile: 1
Half Marathon: 1
States Run In: 4: Illinois, Michigan, California, and Washington.
Countries Run In: 3: United States, England, and the Netherlands. In case you’re wondering, my run to/in Vondelpark in Amsterdam was my favorite run of 2019.
Months Run In: 12, barely. I’m finally trying to clear up my foot woes, so I only ran three times in December, but that counts!


Participation medals received: 5
AG medals received: 0
Favorite medal: Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I’m a big fan of the south view of LaSalle, so I love that it’s on the medal.


40:24 (1:08 PR)
10 Mile: 1:28:20 (3:12 PR)
Half Marathon: 1:57:27 (5:23 PR)

Obviously, last spring was a bit of a banner season for me. While technically the 8K and 10 mile PRs were icing on the sub-2:00 half cake, I’m almost prouder of them than I am of my half time, since I wasn’t working for those times specifically. I put in a ton of work during my 12 week training cycle for the half, and it felt great to see that work pay off. I’ve never trained as hard as I trained for the first three months of 2019 (though marathon season 2018 comes awfully close) and have never run as fast as a result. On the flip side, I’ve also never had as chronic of an injury as the plantar fasciitis (or whatever) I developed as a result of that volume and intensity. My right foot has been a little more cooperative recently, but from the end of February through the beginning of December, it constantly hurt to one degree or the other. Three days of running is definitely my sweet spot, and I doubt that I’ll ever go back to four days a week like I did during half training.

Miles run in 2019: 808.01. I’m a little disappointed that I ran fewer miles in 2019 than I ran in 2018 (16.01 fewer), especially since I ran SO much more from January to April than, you know, ever. Had my plantar fascia been a bit friendlier, I definitely would’ve surpassed 2018. I did run five more times in 2019 than in 2018, and had I been able to run through December like I wanted to, I would’ve run 12 more times in 2019 than in 2018. I feel like that does a better job of reflecting how much more running I (intended) to do in 2019 than I did in 2018.

4 thoughts on “2019 Running Recap

  1. You are welcome! 😉
    Gosh, how had I forgotten about all your PRs and how hard you worked for them?! Congrats! I am glad you did this recap so I could remember that.
    I see you have run 3x this month – does that mean you got the inserts or was that before? I hope they help!
    What was your fifth race? I see a 8K, a 10K, a HM and a marathon. Did I miss one?
    It’s so cool you got to run in three countries this year!!! One of my highlights was getting to run in Canada in May 🙂

    • Honestly, I had forgotten about all of them but the half marathon, too, ha. Marathon season really has a way of making me forget that anything happened before that that in the year!

      Ah, good eye! I missed my 10 miler! I’m going to go back and add that in 🙂

  2. Congrats on an excellent year! You were killing it with the PRs this spring! Those banner seasons don’t come around very often so I’m glad you got to enjoy it before other priorities took over (bummer about the injury though). I’m confused on how you “raced” 0 times this year thought…wouldn’t at least your half marathon count as a race that you “raced”?

    • Thank you! I guess it depends on how you define racing. I waffled on what to put for that, and ultimately went with 0 because I decided that for me, racing means competing against others for a good place, not against myself for a new PR. Though I do think in the past I’ve defined racing by the amount of effort I put into an event, so it really could go either way!

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