Thursday Things

1. Greetings! You don’t need me to tell you (though I’m obviously going to anyway) that I’ve started to take a more laissez-faire approach to blogging, where I blog when I have the time and desire to do so rather than sticking to a rigid twice-weekly schedule for the sake of consistency and building my readership, which, let’s be honest, has been a losing battle for the past three or four years anyway, once influencing moved into the Instagram sphere and away from being the exclusive territory of blogging. Of course, I was never an influencer of any sort to begin with, and have never made a penny off this blog, so it’s not like maintaining readership has ever been vital to the health of my blog.

Anyway, the point of that rambling introduction was to say that I have been busy, because I’m a human and it’s the end of the year, and who isn’t? I’m busier than normal, thanks to a gigantic event I have coming up in January. I’ve approximately 12384379347 decisions to make when it comes to that event, ranging from big ones (who’s invited?) to stupid ones (what color should the napkins be?), and even the vendor meetings I thought I’d enjoy have by and large turned out to be enormous headaches. Somewhere between attending these meetings and making these decisions, I’m also supposed to deal with all my normal end-of-the-year stuff, like wrapping up my work goals and having to help everyone whose work intersects with mine wrap up their goals as well, and coordinating where I’ll be when for holidays, and realizing a late Thanksgiving is going to mean very limited Christmas shopping time if I insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving to get started.

2. Conveniently, in the midst of all of this stress/anxiety/misery, the good folks at Disney released Disney+, and I have taken full advantage of its offerings.

So far, I’ve started rewatching Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens, began the new Pixar and Real Life and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series shows, watched the new live-action Lady and the Tramp, and am slowly working my way through Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience, as that movie came out while I was in college and thus tragically fell into the Disney Dead Zone of my life, where I erroneously thought I was too old to watch Disney-related things and was shamefully shy about my love for the Jonas Brothers for fear of judgment from my peers. You are never to old for Disney-related things, as Disney+ has shown me, and I have absolutely outgrown any shame I ever felt about loving the Jonas Brothers, so bring on 10-year-old concert movies!

As I’m sure you’re very curious as to my opinions on the new content I’ve watched, I have to say that I was genuinely shocked at the quality of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Sure, it’s a little corny, and I find it much more difficult to relate to the drama of high school romance these days, but I honestly had very low expectations for the show and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it isn’t awful. Pixar in Real Life has been an absolute delight thus far (all of one episode into it), and I thought Lady and the Tramp was well done (though that has never been one of my go-to Disney movies, so I didn’t know the storyline of it as well as I know the storyline of, say, Mulan).

Literally two days before Disney+ came out, I got an email from Apple letting me know I have a free year of Apple TV because my parents got new iPhones this fall (shoutout to family plans), and I honestly have next to no interest in signing up. Why on earth would I watch grown-up Apple TV when I have a treasure trove of Disney content available at my fingertips? (Although there is a Snoopy series on Apple TV that piqued my interest.) While I enjoy grown-up sitcoms (Friends, Parks & Recreation, etc.), honestly, give me Disney over grown-up entertainment any day. My life has enough stress in it to begin with (see item 1). I don’t need entertainment that adds to my stress. I want lighthearted, enjoyable, wholesome content that by, and as far as I’m concerned, Disney has the corner on that market.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ugh, it’s so hard when you have a big event around this time of year! It definitely means the year is going to fly by and you are going to be under a lot of stress. I hope you find some chill time in between, and can veg out on Disney+!

    It’s nuts how late Thanksgiving is this year. I am totally winging it with xmas. Our focus is 100% the garage. Steven’s family is coming here for xmas, and I think we’ll have a tree up and garland on the stairs and that’s it. Eh.

    • Tell me about it! I really wasn’t thinking when I scheduled it about how the like six weeks leading up to it would be a total wash because of the holidays. My limited free time is quickly becoming sacred!

      You guys should host Christmas IN the garage! Hahaha. Then you could be all, “Who puts up Christmas lights when you could put up a building instead?!” Ha. I’m glad to hear Judy will still be part of your holiday decorating, at least 🙂

  2. As someone who just went through the same “big event” and all the related stress, I know how you feel, and I mean it when I say: hang in there. It will all be worth it. It really will.

    We just got Disney+ and I am over the moon excited to hear I can watch old Lizzie and Even Stevens episodes! I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet: are there any other early-2000s gems on there? I may not leave my couch this weekend.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that. I was actually just thinking about you earlier this week and wondering how everything went. I’m counting on the actual day making all of this insanity worth it, but boy, if I get asked another question like, “How do you want your hair parted?” again…. Ha! I’ve learned that I am not someone interested in the minutiae of this sort of thing AT. ALL.

      There are so many early 2000s gems on Disney+! They have a zillion Disney Channel Original Movies (Zenon! Cadet Kelly! The Luck of the Irish! Motocrossed! Rip Girls!) and they’ve also got Boy Meets World (*dies*). They also apparently rebooted Bug Juice in 2017?!?!? I don’t know if you watched that show back in the day (I was OBSESSED with it), but the 2017 reboot is on Disney+, and I’m super intrigued…though I’ll probably relate a lot more to the counselors than the campers these days, haha! I also started watching Encore last night and it was an absolute delight – highly recommend!

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