Thursday Things

1. So the experiment begins!


I’ve wanted to get a hummingbird feeder since I moved into my new apartment almost two months ago now, but it took me until this past weekend to actually pull the trigger. I had gone to a garden store a couple of weeks ago to look at their hummingbird feeders, but the employee I talked with told me he didn’t recommend any of the ones they currently had for sale for my situation and suggested I come back later to see if they had the feeder best suited for my apartment. They had it in stock over the weekend, so I got it and hung it up Sunday afternoon. I don’t know how much success I’ll have, nor do I know how I’ll know how much success I’ll have. The feeder isn’t very easy to watch from inside, and it’s not like I can ask my boss if I can work from home every day from now until mid-October for the sake of monitoring my hummingbird feeder, haha. (I wish!) But at least now I have the potential of getting hummingbird visitors, even if I might not be aware of them.

2. I’m in such a weird place with marathon training right now. On the one hand, I am over the grind of it all. I’m sick of considering 6:30 “sleeping in.” I’m sick of losing the majority of my Saturdays to long runs/napping to recover from my long run. I’m sick of my feet hurting all. the. time. I’m sick of my entire life having to revolve around my workout schedule, even when I’m not going for any real goals at the marathon this year, because the idea of “casually” training for the marathon (i.e.: running when it’s convenient, cross training never, taking more rest days than workout days) is way too far outside my comfort zone.

On the other hand, I’ve realized we’re 12 weeks into this, which means we only have six more weeks to go, which means it’s all almost over and that makes be both sad and antsy. I don’t have any races on my calendar after the marathon this year, so what is my schedule supposed to look like?? How am I supposed to know what to do with my workout life when I’m not actively training for a race?! I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it’s the structure of marathon training I like more than anything. How am I supposed to have structure when I’m not working towards a goal?! *panics*

In the mean time, I’m getting antsy for the marathon to release what this year’s Nike gear  looks like. I think it usually comes out sometime in early September (before my birthday, at least) and I want to see it nowwwwwww. Knowing how much I like the marathon gear will help me know how much of a Jonas Brothers merch budget I have for the concert 😀 Give me ALL OF THE BRANDED SWAG!! Haha.

3. omg. Guys. Disney+. I’ve never felt much of a need to add any streaming services to my monthly budget, but Disney+ apparently is going to be the exception. Lizzie McGuire reboot?! ALL DISNEY CHANNEL SHOWS AND MOVIES?? A High School Musical-themed mockumentary? If you need me at any point during the winter, you can find me parked in front of my TV, reliving the 2000s. Between this and the Jonas Brothers reunion, this really has been a banner year for me aughts nostalgia.

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