Chicago Marathon Training Week 10


IrSunday, August 11: Strength training – lower body + 53 minutes bike
I had another 80 minutes of cross training on the schedule today, so once again I started out with some strength training and filled out the rest of my time with the bike. I finally bothered to look up the best way to do kettlebell swings with a dumbbell, and it was a thousand times easier now that I figured out a better way to do it (holding the weight plate rather than the bar between the two). I’m glad I can do them again! (I didn’t know this on Sunday, but the gym in my new office building also has kettlebells, so that might be an option moving forward as well).

Monday, August 12: 58 minutes yoga
This one:

Ironically, I was in a pretty good mood Monday afternoon and didn’t feel particularly stressed or anxious. I had been looking forward to some relaxing yoga for a while, though, so even though I didn’t particularly need this practice in that moment, it was still quite nice.

Tuesday, August 13: Dance
This session’s dance class had whittled down to three of us by last week, and in the middle of the afternoon, one of the girls texted the other two of us (the three of us have taken class together a bunch of times before) to let us know there had been some major drama at her office that day and she wasn’t going to be able to make class or graduation that night. Oh. So, it was just two of us for graduation. A similar thing actually happened I think five or six years ago (with the same classmate), so at least we knew what we were doing 😛

Wednesday, August 14: 6 miles in 1:03:42 for a 10:37 pace (AM) + strength training – upper body (PM)
I expected to be smacked in the face with humidity when I walked out the door to run Wednesday morning, so to be more tapped on the shoulder with it instead was a very nice surprise. This was a pace run, which would be a lot easier to do if I had any idea what kind of pace I want to run during the marathon, ha. I guess maybe 11:00ish? My “goal pace” is “finishing,” so I’m just kind of winging these pace runs. I (clearly) ended up averaging a 10:37, which would likely be a bit ambitious for the actual marathon, but who knows. I came very close to bailing early on this run due to some hip/leg pain that come on…maybe a mile and a half into the run? I had the same issue pop up on my nine miler a couple weeks ago, but it hasn’t happened any other time since. That time, I thought it was because I ran in the afternoon and had been sitting all day, but obviously that wasn’t the case this week. I’m wondering if maybe one of the moves in dance irritates my leg somehow and that’s why this has happened twice on Wednesdays now? It feels like an intense ache in my tensor fasciae latae (which has been a problem muscle for me in the past), but it creeps all the way down my IT band and is also accompanied by numbness in the same foot?? I don’t know. I’m hoping it’s a two-time thing and won’t come up again.

The gym was super packed in the afternoon. Usually there are one or two other people there, but on Wednesday, there were seven other people when I showed up! Unsurprisingly, it’s not that big of a gym, so I had to wrangle myself into a corner and hope I wasn’t going to end up in anyone’s way. Wednesday’s workout was high rep/low weight, so my arms were burning by the end.

Thursday, August 15: 9 miles (with six hill repeats) in 1:42:55 for an 11:26 pace (AM) + strength training – lower body (PM)
I woke up extra early Thursday morning to get my nine miles in before work. It still wasn’t early enough, so I’m going to have to remember that if I keep trying to do super long runs in the morning. My hip continued to bother me all day Wednesday, so I really wasn’t sure that I’d get all nine miles in anyway. All the residual soreness I felt was gone within a mile or so, though, and never came back, so I figured I may as well do my entire run. The fact that I was able to get through nine miles pain free furthers my suspicions that my pain yesterday and two weeks ago was dance related. Now that that routine is over, my fingers are crossed my hip issue is done, too. The weather was super perfect Thursday morning, which helped make this infinitely more enjoyable than the disaster that was my eight miler with five hill repeats a few weeks ago.

Thursday afternoon’s workout was another short and sweet one. I had no recollection of ever doing it before, which was weird to me. I’ve done all of these workouts at least twice, and most of them I remember in some capacity. Not this one, though! That’s all right – it made for a nice surprise 😛

Friday, August 16: Rest

Saturday, August 17: 15 miles in 2:57:22 for an 11:20 pace
For most of the summer, I’ve had four marathoners and two or three half marathoners in my little 11:30 pace group. My usual half marathoners were there Saturday morning, but I was stunned to suddenly find myself with SEVEN marathoners (with one of my usuals being absent). Where did all of these people come from?! Where had they been for the past TEN WEEKS?!! (Two of them had been at Montrose, one of them had been traveling for work, and the fourth one was apparently from San Antonio (like, lives there now, not originally from San Antonio), so I’m guessing he’s not signed up for CARA training and just showed up Saturday morning.) I was a little stressed about corralling all of these people through 15 miles, but  it ended up working out fine. My usual runners don’t like stopping at water stops (they grab water but drink it while walking), and I ended up not running with any of them pretty much at all. The San Antonio runner is actually training for New York, so he turned around after about five miles (my half marathoners were long gone at this point), so for the majority of the run I only had three runners with me. That’s more of what I’m used to! I really enjoyed chatting with my three new runners and I hope they come back! From a run perspective, I’m very happy with how this one went. It was one of my better pacing efforts and I felt good throughout the whole thing (the cloud cover definitely helped).

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