Thursday Things

1. Our new suburban office opened on Monday, and snap, you guys. It is SO nice. I guess that’s kind of the assumption when a brand new space opens (well, brand new-ish. The building isn’t new, but our office space within the building is), but it blew my mind when I got there Monday morning. Everything feels so gigantic and open and airy compared to the old space, which boasted a firmly early ’00s aesthetic. The kitchen is hilariously bougie (there’s sparkling water on tap, for goodness’s sake), the conference rooms look like they came straight out of a design magazine, and just all in all the entire space puts our Chicago office to shame–which is really saying something, because our Chicago office is quite nice.

I loved how first-day-of-school it felt on Monday, too (appropriate, considering how many suburban schools started up again this week). The executives were hanging out in the reception area in the morning to greet and direct everyone, a la the principal on the first day, and impromptu tour groups went past my cube all morning as everyone explored the new space. Speaking of which: the new office is SO big that all of a sudden, trying to get 250 steps per hour to appease my Fitbit is no longer a challenge. In the Chicago office, I have to take a circuitous route (desk -> kitchen -> water cooler -> desk -> bathroom -> desk) to get 250 steps. Now, I basically need to go to kitchen and back–and my desk is one of the closer ones to the kitchen! I honestly think if I did a lap around the floor I’m on, I’d get close to 1000 steps. It’s amazing!! Monday was the first day I’ve worked in the suburbs where I got 10,000 steps.

My only “dilemma” at the moment is how bare my cube feels. Nearly everything I had in Chicago was a relic from the decorating my boss three bosses ago (the one who hired me) did before I started, and since I don’t even do that job anymore, I got rid of everything when I packed up my desk. But now my desk is a bit…sparse.


I think I’m going to go to my favorite gift shop in Chicago, Foursided, when I’m in the city on Sunday and see if I can find some nice decorations – or at least a coaster or something, ha.

2. I’ve had a bunch of time to kill before dance the past two weeks (like, two and a half hours of time to kill), and since I don’t have an apartment in Chicago to use for time-killing purposes anymore, I instead opted for gigantic walks in Lincoln Park.


Ugh. I will never get over how amazing the boardwalk around the south pond is. It’s easily one of my favorite places in the whole city. Especially when you’re facing south and can see downtown, I feel like it just totally embodies Urbs in Horto (the official motto of Chicago, meaning “City in a Garden.”). And I’m OBSESSED with all the native plants.


*a million heart-eyed emojis*

It was literally buzzing two weeks ago, with bumblebees floating between flowers, butterflies everywhere (I saw four different kinds!), and barn swallows all over the place. Yes. Please.


(It might have been buzzing two days ago, too, but I was on a mission to get to the zoo to see if the penguins were out (three were!), so I wasn’t paying as much attention to the local fauna along the boardwalk.)

3. And if I may brag for a moment:


We had our annual Employee Appreciation Day last week, and since the venue included bowling, two of my coworkers and I bowled a game. I crushed it. I honestly think that was the best game of bowling I’ve ever had. Four strikes and a spare?! That is not how my bowling usually goes!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Congrats on your bowling game!!! That is a great score!
    I have been loving the native plants in our area. The preserves are so gorgeous right now (I say that all year long lol).
    Yay for the new office! And you even have a HAT (height adjustable table)!!! Do you know what firm designed your space?

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