Thursday Things

1. For the past few years, I’ve gone to trivia just about weekly with a group of friends. Sometimes we’d have conflicts and would miss a week, but for the most part, we’ve been regulars at trivia for awhile. We do all right. We usually log three or four top three finishes per year (the top three finishers get a gift card to the bar that hosts trivia), but there are certainly teams that do a lot better than us on a much more regular basis.

Imagine my shock, then, when a few weeks ago, the host approached us to let us know we had qualified for the city-wide championship! (Region-wide, really, since some bars were from the suburbs – and one was even from Champaign!) The company that organizes these trivia nights at bars all over the city invites the top three teams from each bar to its championship, and somehow, we managed to be one of the top three teams from our bar.

The championship was on Saturday afternoon, and holy cow, it was no joke. There were 90 teams (!!) in attendance, and they were very strict about preventing cheating. Cell phones are never allowed during trivia, but they straight up confiscated all of our phones during the championship. We could access them between rounds if we wanted, but you weren’t allowed to have your phone at the table (which could be its own blog post, about how we all had trouble being without our phones for four hours – especially since we usually check our answers via Google after turning in our answer sheet for the round.). Normally, clues give a decent amount of leeway and/or guidance, like, “Name the celebrity whose initials are A.B.,” or, “There are four correct answers to this question. Get three of them, and a bonus point for getting all four,” or, “There are four correct answers to this question. Name all four in five guesses.” Stuff like that. But not at the championship! Now it was, “Name the celebrity without any additional hints other than that they are famous for some reason,” or “Get all four answers correct, no bonus points, no wiggle room.” It was so hard! We left before the final scores came out, but at the last update, we were in a 10-way tie for 64th. Ha. I was so impressed by the teams in the top 10. How can anyone possibly know that much trivia?!

I also found out that one of the bars that does this company’s trivia will be having a Chicago-themed trivia night next week, and ugh. It upsets me to no end that I won’t be able to go. I am extremely confident in my Chicago trivia abilities (assuming this is Chicago-the-city trivia, not Chicago-the-musical trivia. That would be a lot harder, haha.). Learning random Chicago facts has basically been my part-time hobby for the past seven years, and I would clean up. But alas, I’m not free that night. Fingers crossed they do a Chicago theme night at my bar one of these days!

2. As of midnight this morning, I’m officially no longer a Chicago resident šŸ˜¦

While I moved to the suburbs almost a full month ago now, the lease on my last apartment in the city ran through July 31, and I was still spending a decent amount of time there. I usually spent the night after trivia, I stopped by to shower after my Saturday long run a couple of times, I slept there after I went to see Six and after the wedding I attended at the Field Museum. We didn’t have much there anymore–no TV, no internet, not even any flooring, since my landlord ripped up all the carpet a few days after we moved out–so it’s not like I was going there just to hang out, but I popped in for one reason or another at least once a week after moving out.

But now I can’t, because it’s not my apartment anymore.


I didn’t cry on moving day, but I cried a lot on Tuesday, which was when I dropped off my keys and left for the last time. That apartment was not without its issues or frustrations, but it was really special to me. Knowing that I can’t stop by anymore makes me very sad. The curse of getting attached to spaces, I guess.

3. Fortunately, I have a pool at my new apartment to help me wash away my sorrows.

The pool wasn’t really one of the selling points of this apartment complex to me. I don’t often want to go swimming, and I want to put on a bathing suit even less often, not from a self-conscious standpoint but from a sunscreen application standpoint. Being in a bathing suit means SO much skin is exposed, and it takes for-freaking-ever to put on all that sunscreen. After I put it on, I’m sticky and tacky and just generally feel like I need a shower. But my Dutch Scandinavian skin and reddish-side-of-brown hair can barely handleĀ thinkingĀ about UV rays without getting burned, so I don’t have much of a choice.

It seemed like a waste to have a pool and never use it, though, so I got over myself on Sunday afternoon and went to the pool for an hour of floating around, and whoa. It was awesome. The water was comfortable, the landscaping around the pool was beautiful, and all in all it was such a perfect place to relax. Big fan.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Aww, the pool sounds great! I am glad that is turning out to be a perk!

    Sorry about the sadness over your lease being up. That truly is a chapter of your life that feels like it’s closing and the feelings are understandable!

    Man, that is intense trivia! I am so impressed at people who know all that random stuff. The radio station I listen to here does “Hometown Hardball” every weekday at 5:55 pm, and they ask super specific questions about Chicago and the suburbs. I bet you’d like to hear some of those!

    • I’m loving it! I’m actually kind of panicking (not real panic, more like FOMO panic) because the pool closes on Labor Day, and that’s only a few weeks away! MUST GO TO THE POOL ALL THE TIME. Hahaha.

      Oh man, I would like that trivia! I found out that our theme in a few weeks is Disney, which was one of the themes listed at the tournament on the same list as Chicago, so I’m crossing my fingers it’ll come to my bar eventually!

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