Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

Sunday, July 7: Rest
I had started coughing by Sunday courtesy of the thick mucus from my sinuses that thought my throat would be the ideal exit route. Since coughing counts as a below-the-neck symptom, that means all of my workout plans are on hold until it goes away. I also had a low-grade fever on Sunday, so it probably wouldn’t have been in my best interest to work out, anyway.

Monday, July 8: Rest
Still coughing. Still feeling lousy. Still resting. Still worrying about how sore I’m going to be when I feel good enough to strength train again, since it’s almost been two weeks since I last lifted >.<

Tuesday, July 9: Rest
See yesterday.

Wednesday, July 10: Rest
I finally felt like myself by Wednesday, but I was still coughing like crazy. I considered doing yoga in the afternoon, but decided to take one more full rest day to be on the safe side.

Thursday, July 11: 45 minutes elliptical
I decided to give exercise a shot on Thursday and went to the gym in my apartment complex for the first time with the intention of biking. Turns out there’s only one bike in the gym and someone else was already on it, so there went that plan. I jumped on the elliptical instead and did a light workout on it (I covered 2.11 miles in 45 minutes, and my heart rate was in the 120s for the majority of the workout). It felt…ok. It probably wouldn’t have been the worst idea to skip it, but all of these skipped workouts were really taking a mental toll on me. I know my marathon success does not ride on getting in every single run, and I also know that I’m not even trying to have all that much marathon success this year in the first place–I just want to finish–but I hate watching all these planned workouts come and go and not doing anything.

Friday, July 12: Rest

Saturday, July 13: 3.94 miles in 45:14 for an 11:29 pace
Given the whole suspected-bronchitis situation, I did not think running 10 miles on Saturday was 1) smart or 2) possible, so I emailed my site coordinator on Friday and asked what she’d like me to do. Fall half marathon training started on Saturday, so we decided that I’d run with any half marathoners that showed up (they had four miles on their schedule) and she’d take all of my full marathoners on their 10 miles. That sounded like a great plan to me! Half marathoners were supposed to go north, but as we headed out to the trail and I told my runners this, one of them commented that running north was miserable because the trail is flooded due to how high the lake is. Personally, I loathe that section of the lakefront, so when we got to the trail, I asked if they wanted to go north or south. They wanted to go south, so south we went. I would have gone north had they requested we do so, but I definitely didn’t shed any tears over them not wanting to. My GPS was all messed up and when I measured it out after the run, it looks like we were short by .06 miles 😦 But boy was my pacing spot on!

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