Chicago Marathon Training Week 2



Sunday, June 16: Dance
We have dance graduation on Tuesday, so we had our usual extra practice Sunday afternoon. I, for one, was quite thankful for the rehearsal, not only because I needed the review time, but because I had grossly underestimated how cold it was when I left the house that morning. I wore my lightest jacket, thinking that would be sufficient for, you know, June 16. It was not, and I was FREEZING all day. It was nice to have an hour of dancing to warm myself back up!

Monday, June 17: Strength training – legs (AM) + 7 miles in 1:17:06 for an 11:01 pace (PM)
While I suppose it would’ve made sense to start my strength training on week one of my strength training plan, I decided instead to keep rolling with where I was when marathon training started last week. That meant the workout I did Monday morning was the one I originally did the day after the 20 miler. It’s about as light as they come, and even though there was no reason why I needed an easy workout, I welcomed the chance to take it easy for a change anyway.

I’m continuing to be all about this cooler weather. My run home on Monday felt great courtesy of the low temperatures and overcast conditions. Plus, it kept too many people from being out and about, which meant less tourist dodging. I really hoped that this run would help burn off some of my moving-related stress, but my mind kept jumping to the five gazillion things that need to get done in what feels like the next three seconds, so that wasn’t as effective as I had hoped.

Tuesday, June 16: Strength training – upper body (AM) + dance (PM)
I woke up not feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I went to bed with a headache I had hoped would be gone when I woke up, but it was still there, along with some neck soreness from Monday’s strength training (you wouldn’t think that a lower body strength training workout would lead to neck soreness, but when you insist on doing situps with your neck rather than your abs *looks at self significantly*, that’s the result). Also bothering me, of course, was my omnipresent stress and anxiety courtesy of the move. I lifted heavier than usual, which will probably cause additional soreness on Wednesday, but whatever. I need all the easy wins I can get right now.\

We ran through our dance routine several times during class, and then had graduation Tuesday night. I happened to run into a few other girls from my class on the way there Tuesday evening, and one of them asked if I was nervous. When I said I wasn’t really, another asked how many times I had done this before. I had recently added it up, and this was my 39th graduation. So no, I can’t say it’s a particularly big deal to me at this point anymore. That being said, this was one of the few times I made it through the performance without messing up at all, so that was very exciting!

Wednesday, June 19: 4.04 miles in 40:36 for a 10:03 pace
I did my first Hal Higdon-style tempo run of this training cycle on Wednesday. I hadn’t done one in quite some time (not since half marathon training), and I can’t say I missed them! Fortunately, our San Francisco weather was still going strong on Wednesday, so it was foggy and cool on this run. That took some of the pain out of it. I actually haven’t done any speedwork at all since the beginning of April (or maybe the end of March?) so, I’m not surprised this was tough. I am surprised I managed to get in four miles, though. Usually I average a bit slower than a 10:00 pace on these tempo runs!

Thursday, June 20: Strength training – legs (AM) + 37 minutes yoga (PM)
I had a harder time dragging myself out of bed on Thursday than some other days. I slept on my neck wrong and came thisclose to missing the CTA (shout out to the operator who took pity on me and waited), so all in all, not the best start I’ve ever had to a morning. My workout went fairly well, though it started with deadlifts, which I’ve come to dislike. I would probably like them more if I did them more often so they weren’t so hard!

I was going to bike at the gym for 40 minutes after work, but given my sky-high stress and anxiety levels as of late, I thought perhaps yoga would be a better option. I did this one:

I don’t feel like it really helped me at all, but you know, A for effort.

Friday, June 21: Rest

Saturday, June 22: 7.06 miles in 1:20:56 for an 11:27 pace
We once again had picture-perfect weather for our long run on Saturday. I had three runners in my group this week, though two of them were new, and neither of them has ever run a marathon. One of them has never run more than five miles! I have to say, I admire people who’ve done so little long distance running and decide to tackle a marathon. I had to run a 5K to be convinced I could run a 10K, a 10K to be convinced I could run a half marathon, and a half marathon to be convinced I could run a marathon.  I don’t know what everyone’s deal was on Saturday, but there were SO MANY extremely friendly people on the Lakefront Trail! We had two bikers give us ample, friendly warning that they were approaching from behind us, one biker who told us we were doing a great job, and one runner who said we were doing great, to say nothing of all the running groups we encountered who said hello. In all my runs on the Lakefront Trail, I’ve never experienced anything like it. If this is what happens when it’s in the low 60s, overcast, and not humid, I think that’s a pretty solid argument for keeping that kind of weather all summer long.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

  1. Before my first half marathon in January 2011, the farthest I had ever run was 3 miles. I finished in 2:41:11 and then was sore for days. I was in good shape overall from CrossFit so it’s not like I was just rolling off the couch or anything though.
    Now the farthest I’ve ever run is 13.1 miles, plus however much walking is required to get to the start line or back to the car from the finish. I’ve done a handful of Ragnar Relays that were 18+ miles split over three legs and 24 hours, and I don’t count those because they’re not all at once.

  2. How is the house / apartment hunting going? Have you signed a lease somewhere yet in the suburbs? Have you found a car yet? Honestly I am so glad that I have left the state of IL because I have heard things aren’t going to be improving related to car costs in IL but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they improve for you as you foray into car ownership because the car will allow for easy road trips! 🙂

    • We’ve signed a lease, I bought a car: now all that needs to happen is the actual move! (And to finish packing, and unpacking). I know they were talking about seriously upping the registration fees for cars with the last budget talks, but I don’t know what actually came of that – I’m sure I’ll find out (the hard way) soon enough!

      • Oh fun! So glad you signed a lease you should give an apartment tour once your get moved in. Were you at least able to get more space for the same or less money? Do you mind me asking which suburb you decided upon??

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