Thursday Things

1. I know it’s not exactly groundbreaking news for me to announce on the blog that I’m stressed out, but holy smokes. My upcoming move has me more stressed than any other move I can remember.

There are approximately forty seven gazillion things stressing me out about the move, ranging from “things it makes sense to stress about immediately” to “things I shouldn’t stress about until the move is done, but I’m stressed about anyway.” On my current list:

  • Packing progress and adherence with my established packing project plan, specifically, how I’m not making the progress I’d like to be making and how the project plan is not being adhered to.
  • Availability (or rather, lack thereof) of boxes of appropriate sizes for packing.
  • Coordinating renter’s insurance, which of course had to expire at my current place like a week before I move, making everything more complicated.
  • Setting up utilities, which is proving to be a thousand times more difficult than it should be. This is my first time moving into an unoccupied apartment (vs. moving in with other people who already lived there), and it has been a HEADACHE trying to get everything set up.
  • Buying a car, which deserves it’s own sub-bullets:
    • The fact that I’ve never purchased a car before, and only have a vague idea of what I’m doing, and worry that I will be taken advantage of due to only having a vague idea of what I’m doing.
    • The fact that I’m only considering used cars, and the whole can of worms that has the potential to open (CarFax is basically my #1 most visited website these days).
    • The fact that I’m only really interested in one very specific make and model of car, which is not widely available in my budget.
    • The fact that there is only one car of that very specific make and model in my budget with a clean CarFax available in the entire Chicagoland area right now.
    • The fact that I really need to buy this car this weekend or next weekend at the absolute latest.
    • The fact that I HATE spending money in general, but I especially hate spending it on things I need but don’t want, and of all the things in the whole world available for purchase, the #1 thing I don’t want is a car.
    • The fact that I spend most of my days living in existential angst about climate change and the rapid decline of the environment, and that I am now being forced to contribute to the problem by spending a gigantic sum of money on a hunk of metal I do not want (albeit contributing in a smaller way than I could, as the very specific make and model of car I’m interested in is a plug-in hybrid).
    • The fact that I think we, as a species, would’ve been much better off if personal cars had never been invented, and now I, a firmly, enthusiastically anti-car individual, am going to have the title to one of these planet-ruining, suburb-enabling, isolation-creating, road-rage-inducing things.
  • Getting everything done before the movers arrive.
  • If the theoretical new tenants of my current apartment (as far as I know, it hasn’t been rented yet) will have interest in purchasing some of the furnishings we’re selling, and if not, how to dispose of them in a budget and environmentally friendly way.
  • The entire unpacking process, and the crying it has the tendency to induce.
  • Figuring out and adjusting to the logistics of living in a new place (and owning a car), including:
    • Where will I run?
    • Are the most logical areas I’ve identified to run in safe?
    • Are the most logical areas I’ve identified to run in well populated (i.e.: is there regular, consistent foot and/or vehicle traffic in the area that will both discourage someone from attacking me and will provide ample opportunities for witnesses should I collapse mid-run [a constant, though likely irrational, fear of mine]?)?
    • How long will it take me to commute to our current suburban office?
    • How long will it take me to commute to our new suburban office?
    • How often will the Metra derail (hopefully only in the figurative sense) my intentions of working downtown?
    • How are my Tuesdays going to work, what with therapy and dance being in the city and my house not being in the city?
    • How is my budget going to need to be adjusted to reflect:
      • Higher rent
      • More utilities
      • The costs of car ownership (charging costs, gas, saving for inevitable repairs, insurance)
  • The fact that this new apartment is intended to be temporary, which means there’s a not-zero chance I’ll have to go through all of this again in a year.

In case you didn’t feel like counting, that’s 31 things I’m actively stressed about. Even for me, that’s pretty high. And this is just what I’m stressed about, not any of the other emotional distress I feel about leaving the city, of which there is plenty.

I realize there are some things on that list, particularly the logistics of living in my new apartment, that I don’t need to worry about right now–but knowing I don’t need to worry about them and not worrying about them are two very different things. I know this is just a season, and in two months or so when this is all over I’ll have forgotten how terrible it all was, but boy, that sure doesn’t make things more fun in the mean time.

2. On an entirely different note, I pulled up a Jonas Brothers interview to watch on YouTube while I stretched post-run on Monday (as one does), and this particular video was preceded by an ad from McDonald’s, promoting its new “World Favorites” menu. When I was in Europe, I was curious about the menu at McDonald’s in the countries I visited, so this caught my attention. It particularly caught my attention, though, when I saw the Dutch flag on a McFlurry.

You guys. McDonald’s in the U.S. is now selling stroopwafel McFlurries. Be still my wishes-it-were-still-in-the-Netherlands heart!

This is both very exciting (because duh. Stroopwafels are delicious and McFlurries are also delicious.) and very surprising, because when I was in the Netherlands, I specifically looked for stroopwafel McFlurries and there were none. (And by “specifically looked for” I mean “looked at online menus.” I don’t think we actually went into a McDonald’s in the Netherlands, so I can’t remember if we looked at any physical in-store menus or not.) I wanted to check because London had Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries in honor of Easter, which made me wonder what other international McDonald’s offered in the McFlurry department. I really hoped Dutch McDonald’s would have stroopwafel McFlurries and fully intended on trying one if they did. But all I saw were “rood fruit” McFlurries (“red fruit”), which did not interest me in the least. Now I can try a stroopwafel McFlurry here! I don’t even need to go to the McDonald’s HQ in the West Loop to do it, never mind the Netherlands! Though let’s be honest: I’ll take whatever excuse I can get to go back to the Netherlands, and I’m not about stroopwafel McFlurries being that excuse πŸ˜›

Fear not: I shall report back once I have so you will all know my opinions on it.

3. We’ll skip a third thing this week since this is already plenty long πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. That is quite the list 😦 And totally understandable you’d be stressed about all that! Did you get some things done this weekend, or make any progress on your car purchase?

    Were you anti-car before you moved to Chicago? Or is that something that developed here? I grew up in a family of mechanics so my car stance is very different that yours, and I really enjoy cars and have a wishlist of cars I want πŸ˜‰

    • I bought the car on Friday! So that takes care of that part of the list. I made some packing progress, too, but right now I’m in that annoying limbo of wanting to pack up everything but also still needing to use things, which is it’s own brand of frustrating. This is the first time I’ve needed to deal with that (the kitchen is the real issue, and in the past I could use roommates’ things, because I was leaving and they weren’t/were leaving later), and I’m not a fan!

      I was definitely not anti-car before moving to Chicago. I didn’t have much of an opinion on them, really, other than that they made me not like winter very much because driving in the snow is awful! But once I moved here and started using public transportation (and walking) as my primary way of getting around, I was like, “Wow, this is SO much better than driving!” A lot more time consuming, but I liked the freedom to pass the time on my commute as I wished rather than having to keep my mind engaged and pay attention to what was happening on the road, and I liked that walking gave me the option to move, rather than sitting while driving. But even then I wasn’t necessarily *anti*-car until a few of years ago when there was a surge in vehicle-based terrorist attacks in Europe *and* I started to get really panicked about climate change. Then I was like, “Boy, if we just didn’t let people drive cars, we could really solve two problems here!” (Not that that would single-handedly end terrorism, nor would it single-handedly reverse climate change, of course.) The more I went down that train of thought, the more anti-car I became, which got me to where I am now.

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