Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 12

Sunday, March 31: 60 minutes cross training (18 minutes strength – legs + 42 minutes bike)
I know I need to dial down the intensity on my strength training workouts this week in the interest of my shin and in the interest of taper. I did dial down the intensity on this workout, but man, I feel so silly using such light weights when I know I’m capable of lifting much heavier. I did my squats with two five pound kettlebells, for example, when normally I’d do them with a barbell at minimum, possibly a barbell with added weight. I don’t think anyone at the gym cares so much about me that they meticulously track how much weight I’m using (other than me, of course), so I’m probably getting worked up over nothing (if you can imagine such a far-fetched scenario as me getting worked up over nothing). But I do prefer to use weights that actually challenge me rather than ones that make it feel like going to the gym at all is a waste of time. As noted, I biked after finishing my strength training workout.

Monday, April 1: Strength training – upper body (AM) + 45 minutes cross training (bike) (PM)
Another day, another strength training workout with light weights. The benefit of light weights, I suppose, is that it doesn’t take me nearly as long to recover between sets, so I can get through my workout a lot quicker than sometimes. I was in and out of the gym in 21 minutes Monday morning, which was nice.

I had a four mile run on my schedule for Monday, but due to my shin pain/crushing anxiety surrounding said shin pain, I opted to bike instead. In a perfect world, my run would’ve taken about 45 minutes anyway (“perfect world” being one where I actually run slowly on my easy runs), so I got in the same amount of exercise from a time perspective. I FINALLY finished Native Son while biking. Well, mostly. I didn’t get through all of Richard Wright’s comments about how he created the character of Bigger, but I did finish the novel itself. What a powerful story.

Tuesday, April 2: Strength training – legs (AM) + dance (PM)
I had my final strength training session of this cycle Tuesday morning, where I accomplished incredible feats like deadlifting 10 pounds. I actually really wanted to bail on this workout because I could barely drag myself out of bed, but I hadn’t missed a single strength training workout over the past 12 weeks. Skipping the very last one because I was tired seemed like a dumb time to break that streak.

We had a sub in dance again this week (same sub as last week). At the beginning of class, he asked if we wanted to learn something simple or something challenging, and fortunately everyone voted for the challenging routine. I’m always interested in learning tough routines, and this one did not disappoint. It was to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” and it was no joke. We make it through I think two eight counts. Ha. But it was really fun to have tough, fast, intricate choreography to learn!

Wednesday, April 3: 30 minutes cross training (bike)
I had a 30 minute tempo run on my schedule, so it was pretty easy to figure out how much time I should’ve spent running on Wednesday and spend an equivalent amount on the bike instead. I had a moment of shin pain when I biked on Monday, but nothing on Wednesday, so that was encouraging.

Thursday, April 4: Rest

Friday, April 5: Rest

And that’s it! Twelve weeks of training in the books. Now we just have to see what tomorrow holds.

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