Thursday Things

1. I don’t usually spend much time at post-race parties, especially post-race parties associated with cold events. I was freezing after the Shuffle and really just wanted to get back to my gear so I could take off my cold, sweaty jacket and put on a warm sweatshirt instead. The quickest way to get back to gear check, though, was through the post-race party, and while I was power walking past Buckingham Fountain, I noticed a long line outside the Advocate tent. There was a sign outside the tent that said they were giving away hot chocolate, and I thought, “Wow, what a good idea! That sounds delicious, but I don’t want to wait in that line.”

I continued on my way to gear check when I heard two people behind me chatting. One of them mentioned how the hot chocolate instantly warmed him up, to which his companion responded with a comment about the thermoses. I then realized that Advocate wasn’t giving away hot chocolate in Styrofoam or even paper cups: they were giving it away in honest-to-goodness THERMOSES that you got to KEEP. WHAT!


So naturally, I got myself some hot chocolate.

I was so impressed, for multiple reasons. For one thing, this is a really nice thermos! I can’t believe they were just giving them away! For another thing, I loved that they gave you the hot chocolate in something you can keep, rather than use once and toss in the trash. Good on you, Advocate!

Plus, the hot chocolate was delicious, and they had TOPPINGS: whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and crushed candy canes, despite it being March. I would like this at all future cold weather races, please.


2. Another thing I really like about the Shamrock Shuffle? The lapel pins they hand out at packet pickup.


It’s such a silly thing, but for whatever reason I’m very proud of my Shamrock Shuffle lapel pin collection.

(You’re welcome for three pictures of my left hand holding things in this post. Ha.)

3. I’m starting to think about (fitness) life after my half marathon in a couple of weeks, and I’m in a bit of bind. I really want to keep up strength training for a variety of reasons (I like being strong, I like how I look when I’m strong, I like being able to do these workouts and still walk and/or use my arms the next day, I don’t want to regress back to square one and have to start all over again with strength training in both the weight and soreness departments), but I also don’t think my current workout schedule is sustainable  long term.

Ideally, I’d like to run Monday/Wednesday/Saturday, strength train Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday, and rest on Friday. My schedule at the moment makes strength training on Sundays and Tuesdays next to impossible, though–but that same schedule also makes running next to impossible on those days. I could shift my rest days to Sunday instead of Friday, I suppose, which would solve part of the problem, but I’d really rather rest the day before my long run rather than the day after my long run.

My schedule complications are why I’ve ended up doing two-a-days to get my strength training in when I’m actively training for a race as well. While I don’t find these two-a-days to be burdensome to the point of not being able to continue them, I’d put them like two percentage points away from being that burdensome. On Mondays and Wednesdays, for example, I usually don’t finish my run and all its related extracurriculars (stretching, PT exercises, foam rolling, showering) until close to 7 p.m., but I have to start my nightly calling-it-a-night process at 8 p.m., which leaves me with one whopping hour of free time per night: an hour that has to include dinner. It’ll be a little better once I can run commute, but run commuting season will only last maybe two months for me this year, because run commuting will be off the table after I move. Unsurprisingly, only having an hour of “free time” twice a week (really more like 30 minutes of free time after you factor dinner into the equation) is really, really wearing on me–especially since I don’t have any free time at all on Tuesdays.

So I don’t know what to do. My ideal schedule will probably be a lot more realistic after the move, but I don’t really want to drop strength training entirely in the mean time. But I also don’t want to keep up this zero free time thing, either. Once again, life is hard.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. LOL I am conscious of pictures I post of my hand holding things so your comment made me laugh! I love the thermos and OMG that hot choc sounds DIVINE! I am glad you overheard those folks!

    Don’t drop strength training! Ugh, my suggestion was going to be to do doubles but you already are and one hour of free time two days a week IS SAD AND WRONG AND HOW ARE YOU SURVIVING?! I do wonder if you’d like the rest day after the LR better than the day before though. You’d really train yoursealf to do your LR on tired legs.

    • Hahaha, my therapist asks me the same question 😛 She’s told me several times that I need to stop being so busy, which always leads to me rambling on about my personal (running) goals and how my job is really the problem here, because if I didn’t have to spend eight hours a day five days a week at work, I’d have a LOT more flexibility in my schedule, but I can’t very well drop that if I want to continue making money and having health insurance, so what’s the solution, then, hm? No job or no personal goals? And round and round we go. I’m not going to try switching my rest day at this point in my half training (mostly because it’s next week!), but that might be something to consider for post-half training. I could at least give it a shot leading up to marathon training and see how I respond.

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