Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 10

Sunday, March 17: Strength training – legs + 60 minutes cross training (bike)
I knew getting to the gym three times in the morning this week would be tough, so I did my first leg workout of the week on Sunday. It left me with very sore shoulders, like you would expect from a…leg workout. Ha. Almost all of the exercises in this workout involved holding heavy weights for a long period of time, and it definitely took a toll on my shoulders! Immediately after I finished my strength training, I hopped on the bike for an hour. Sometimes when I need to combine my strength training and cross training workouts, I roll them all into however much time I allotted for cross training that day, but since I had plenty of free time on Sunday I figured I’d still give myself a full hour on the bike. I’ve found that I make the most progress reading when I’m on the bike, which makes me more hesitant to cut down the time I planned to spend biking. I want to get through my books!

Monday, March 18: Strength training – upper body (AM) + 8 miles (with seven hill repeats) in 1:24:15 for a 10:32 pace
In case Sunday’s workout wasn’t enough, I got to put my shoulders through the ringer again on Monday with an upper body workout. When I re-started this strength training program (I’m not on my third time through it), I restructured my lifting PR sheet to give me space to write down the dates I do an exercise and the amount of weight I used on that date. I used to record all of this on the workouts themselves, but I found a spreadsheet worked better for quick reference. Ideally, I’d like to up my weights after I’ve done a workout three times (unless I’m still struggling with that weight after three workouts, or unless a long time has passed since I last did the workout). This was the first time I hit the third time through anything (single arm rows), so I challenged myself with 30 lbs. I made it through all my reps in all three sets, and I was really proud of myself! I used to use 10 lbs. for single arm rows, so to be up to 30 now makes me feel great about how far I’ve come strength-wise.

Phew. If last week was my hardest week intensity-wise, this is definitely going to be my hardest week volume-wise. I don’t have a long run this week thanks to the Shamrock Shuffle, but the Shuffle isn’t long enough to count for a long run, so I needed to get all of my volume (21 miles) in from three weekday runs. That’s worse than marathon training! AND it’s too cold to run commute, so I don’t even have that to help me out. I had zero interest in running eight miles Monday afternoon, so I did my best to set myself up for success, laying out all my running clothes before I left for the gym in the morning, leaving work right on time, and not doing anything when I got home other than getting ready to run. It took me awhile to mentally get over my annoyance at having to do eight miles on a Monday night, but by the time I got to my hill for my repeats I was in a better mood. The repeats all went well, and then I ran a little beyond my hill before heading home to make sure I got in all eight miles. I ended up getting home 10 minutes earlier than I expected. I don’t mind running eight miles in theory: what I mind is how much of my evening it eats up, so to get those 10 minutes back was nice.

Tuesday, March 19: Strength training – legs (AM) + dance (PM)
It was so nice to go to the gym on Tuesday and know I wouldn’t have to get up early to go any more times this week! The early wakeup calls are a price I’m willing to pay to get stronger, but it does begin to wear on me after awhile. Tuesday’s workout wasn’t too tough, or at least I didn’t think it was at the time. The residual soreness I felt while stretching during dance later Tuesday suggests otherwise 😛

Nearly everyone was back in class for dance on Tuesday, thank goodness. I guess I don’t mind a semi-private lesson, but I definitely prefer when there are more people in class than me and one other person. We reviewed what we learned the previous week (or rather, were taught it again, since so many people hadn’t been there the previous week) and then continued building on that choreography.

Wednesday, March 20: 6.21 miles in 1:01:03 for a 9:50 pace
I’m not 100 percent convinced I covered 6.21 miles on this run, despite my Garmin’s insistence that I did. This was a 60 minute Hal Higdon-style tempo run, so I was running by time rather than distance, but I swear I turned around awfully close to where I usually turn around for a six miler…. There aren’t any obvious discrepancies on my Garmin map, though, so maybe it’s right and I have my turnaround spot wrong (I haven’t done enough six milers since the Lakefront Trail separation, so I’m not as clear on my six mile turnaround as I used to be). Anyway. If my watch wants to say I ran a 10K in just over an hour, I’ll take it. I think this was my first (and consequently, only, since it was the last one on my training plan for this cycle) Hal Higdon-style tempo run outside this entire cycle (*sobs*) (but I’m also feeling too lazy to actually verify that, so I might be wrong), so it was my job to hold my paces rather than the treadmill’s job. I’m happy to report that I was almost perfect! I don’t really have target paces on these runs, just “faster than the last one” for the first half and “slower than the last one” for the second half, and I hit that on all of my five minute intervals save for #9 (9:37) and #10 (9:34). That’s pretty insignificant, though, so overall I’m very happy with how this run went.

Thursday, March 21: 7 miles in 1:15:21 for a 10:46 pace
Ugh. Twenty one miles in three weekdays is too many miles for weekdays, especially when it’s still too cold to run commute (“too cold” being determined by whether or not I need to wear a coat to work, since I only want to run commute in one direction, not both). I had no desire to go out for this run when I got home from work, but I knew I’d beat myself up if I didn’t (especially if I don’t break 2:00 in a couple weeks), so off I went. It was supposed to be an “easy” run (is seven miles ever really “easy”?), but I felt like I went too fast for it to count as easy. Blah. I’m also super over having to finish my runs into a headwind, but there’s not much I can to do to control the wind’s direction, unfortunately.

Friday, March 22: Rest

Saturday, March 23: Rest


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