Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 7

Sunday, February 24: Dance
We had our (semi) usual extra rehearsal before graduation on Sunday. I say semi-usual because it typically happens, but now that I think about it, I don’t actually remember the last time I went to one! I wasn’t able to go in December, and I don’t think we had one in October, so maybe it was August? Regardless, I had dance for about an hour, and that counted as my workout for the day.

Monday, February 25: Strength training – legs (AM) + 6 miles (tempo) in 56:52 for a 9:28 pace (PM)
I had a good but challenging workout Monday morning at the gym. Adjusting the leg press machine so it’s at an appropriate distance (sometimes I can’t get it to move, and end up using it when the distance between the seat and the plate is really a bit too long for me) makes the workout a lot tougher! I was pleasantly sore after the fact.

I had THE WORST day at work (okay, not THE WORST day, but certainly not a great day) and was more than ready to burn off some angst on my run Monday afternoon. I warmed up for a mile, did four miles at tempo (8:51, 8:52, 9:02, 8:43), then cooled down for a mile to log six total. I severely underestimated how cold it was outside and should’ve dressed warmer. I had to cut my post-run stretch/PT exercise/foam roll routine short because I was freezing and needed to get in a hot shower ASAP! I’m super happy with my tempo miles, though. I guess I would’ve liked a little more consistency rather than a 21 second spread between my fastest and slowest miles, but I’m glad I was able to knock out four consecutive miles at paces that would notch me my sub-2:00 half…assuming I could hold them for another 9.1 miles, that is!

Tuesday, February 26: Strength training – upper body (AM) + dance (PM)
I forgot how long Tuesday’s upper body workout was. I should’ve remembered, since it really stuck me with how much longer it took me to finish it than expected the first time around, but I didn’t 😦 I had to skip the third part of the workout (21-15-9 of wall balls + v-ups) because I had run out of time. Alas 😦

As I mentioned earlier in this post, we had graduation on Tuesday at dance, which meant we ran the routine into the ground during class. I kept making little mistakes on the choreography over the past few weeks, so I appreciated the opportunity to clean that all up before the performance. I still made mistakes during graduation, of course, but they didn’t look nearly as bad as I feared, so that’s good!

Wednesday, February 27: 5 miles (with 8×400 w/ 200 rest) in 48:27 for a 9:41 pace
I could’ve done this run outside, based on the sidewalks, but I really wanted to make sure I hit all my intervals. The treadmill seemed like the best option for that. I was surprised by how quickly this run went by. Maybe I’m getting used to the ‘mill?! Gross. Anyway, this workout went great. I think I’ve found my sweet spot for interval recovery, and that’s helping these interval runs go a lot better. I did my 400s mostly at a 12.0 km/h pace, which is about an 8:06 pace, with my recovery at 8.7 km/h (5.4 mph, 11:04). You can’t punch specific speeds into the treadmills at my gym (annoying), so the only way to get between speeds is to click all the way up or all the way down. However, the treadmill does remember the last pace you used, so you can jump instantly from your current pace to your previous pace if you so choose. I was running all my on intervals at a 12.0 pace, but for whatever reason, the treadmill INSISTED on marking my previous pace at 12.1, not 12.0. It’s a pretty minor difference (12.1 is 7.5 mph, which is 8:00 instead of 8:06), but I wanted to run my on intervals at just under 8:00/mile, not at 8:00/mile. Because of that, I manually adjusted my pace on my first six intervals, until I realized I was wasting about 60 of my 400 on meters just getting up to speed. That didn’t seem like a good use of my limited working periods, so I threw in the towel and did the last two at 12.1 instead of 12.0.

Thursday, February 28: Strength training – legs (AM) + 5 miles in 56:24 for an 11:16 pace (PM)
I had to cut my strength training workout short again, completely skipping the kettlebell swings and box jumps at the end. That certainly wasn’t my goal, but today’s workout was a long one (4×10 of everything), so it took me way longer than I anticipated to get through the bulk of my workout.

I did five easy miles after work, and managed to take them much easier than normal. I wasn’t particularly interested in going out for another run, and I wasn’t feeling 100 percent either, so it was pretty easy to not try on this run. I wore my warmest tights, but I still felt cold on this run. Stupid winter.

Friday, March 1: Rest

Saturday, March 2: 10 miles in 1:47:19 for a 10:44 pace
I’m starting to suspect my Garmin doesn’t like Saturday morning long runs. I was a whopping .25 miles into my run when it logged my first lap o.O. I didn’t have my watch set on manual lap, so I couldn’t have hit anything to make it lap at .25 miles instead of 1 mile, and it alerted me every time I hit a real mile, too, so I don’t know what was going on. For the rest of my run, I got two notifications per mile: one at the mile itself, and one at the mile.25, when my watch lapped itself. It was so bizarre. Anyway, aside from my ongoing technical difficulties, this was a pretty good run. I’m happy with my pace and effort. The wind situation was annoying: I had the wind at my back for the first quarter of the run, in my face for the second quarter, at my back for the third quarter, and then in my face for the last quarter. I’ve also discovered that it seems to be these long runs that give me the most foot problems. Last week and this week I started to feel discomfort about seven or so miles into my run, and my foot was tender for the rest of the day. That seems to only happen when I go long, since I’m not dealing with these issues during the rest of the week.

2 thoughts on “Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 7

  1. Great job on your tempo and speed work! I don’t blame you for doing it on the treadmill. I felt so cold last week too (and ended up going to the indoor track on Sunday and Monday). Do you think the foot pain has to do with your shoes? That it’s bothering you during LRs makes me wonder if they’re worn out or something.

    • Thank you! It could be the shoes? Maybe? I’ve thought about it, but it would be a little surprising. They only have about 150 miles on them, and they’re the exact same make/model that I wore all of last marathon season, and I didn’t have any issues then. However, during marathon season I had *two* pairs of these shoes, rotated them every week, and only ran in them three times/week. Now I have one pair that I wear all the time and run in (usually) four times/week. So maybe it has something to do with my higher usage of them?

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