Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 6

Sunday, February 17: 55 minutes cross training (bike)
My heel was GROUCHY Sunday, courtesy of my long run the day before, so I was happy to do something low impact for a change. I put in a lot more effort on this cross training session than I did the week before, so it felt like a lot less of a waste of time. My heel hurt the whole time, though, which was a bother.

Monday, February 18: Strength training – legs (AM) + 5 miles in 54:39 for a 10:56 pace (PM)
I finished my 16 week marathon training strength training schedule last Thursday, so I started back on Week 1 (of that schedule) Monday morning. This really has nothing to do with the strength training itself, but I think I finally figured out a way an efficient way to keeping track of where I am weights-wise. It saved me a lot of time to have all that information at my fingertips instead of digging through my old workouts to find it, so that was nice. The workout itself went well, too πŸ™‚

I did five easy miles on the treadmill after work. As much as I prefer to run outside, I do appreciate that the treadmill keeps me honest in the pace department. It’s also taking me to get through my current book, so I’m happy to have a little extra reading-while-exercising time.

Tuesday, February 19: Strength training – upper body (AM) + dance (PM)
This was the exact same upper body routine I did last week, and boy, it’s a doozy when I use appropriately heavy weights! Ha. That being said, last week in dance I noticed some pretty nice definition in my arms for the first time, uh, ever? So I guess the work is worth it πŸ˜›

We started putting everything together for graduation next week (this week–today–by the time this post goes up). It looks like the class has whittled down to the people who are going to stick it out all the way through, so we were able to get things set up a bit, which was nice.

Wednesday, February 20: 4.99 miles in 50:00 for a 10:01 pace
I did a Hal Higdon tempo run on Wednesday, and it went SO much better than my last one. I started at an 11:04 pace and increased my pace by roughly 30 seconds/mile (however close to 30 seconds the treadmill could accommodate) every 5:00, peaking at a 9:02 pace that I held for 10:00. I felt strong from start to finish, and my only disappointment with this run is that I couldn’t manage to squeak in an additional .01 miles before my 50 minutes were up to finish on a perfect 5.0 miles πŸ˜›

Thursday, February 21: 50 minutes cross training (strength training – legs + 21 minutes bike)
I had to be in the suburbs Thursday afternoon, and there was no way I was going to be able to go to the gym after that. I rolled my strength training into my scheduled cross training workout for the day to get up to 50 total minutes of cross training, even though I’d prefer my cross training to be 50 minutes of cardio cross training, with strength training on top of that. Whatever. This was better than nothing. The inside of my left arm started bothering me on Wednesday, and it was pretty painful today, too, especially when I extended my arm. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of tendonitis? (Well, really I’m wondering if it’s some sort of blood clot and/or tumor that’s going to kill me by the end of the month, but that’s my general assumption with any pain. Hooray health anxiety.)

Friday, February 22: Rest

Saturday, February 23: 9.01 miles in 1:35:26(ish) for a 10:36(ish) pace
My Garmin should count its lucky stars that it didn’t experience a slow and painful death by drowning in Lake Michigan after this run. I’ve had an on-and-off issue with my Garmin this winter where I am 100 percent convinced I have either started or stopped my watch–100 percent convinced because I hear it beep and feel it vibrate–only to discover, when attempting to do the opposite action the next time it’s necessitated (stopping it if it’s started, or starting if it it’s stopped) that what I thought happened had, indeed, not happened, screwing up my stats and making me want to pull my hair out. This happened twice on my run itself: my watch didn’t start when I started running, and my watch also didn’t stop when I thought I stopped it about three miles in when I stopped to pull my Buff off my head and rearrange my hat to accommodate my ponytail.

AND THEN, on top of all of those shenanigans (which, yes, could be remedied by turning on auto-stop, but I don’t trust my Garmin as far as I can throw it, so I’m skeptical about auto-stop’s likelihood of working, to say the least), my watch refused to sync my run to Garmin Connect–it was happy to sync my steps and heart rate data, but not the run itself. AND THEN when I went to manually add it to Garmin Connect, my watch only had my splits for miles 1-5. COOL. What a useless piece of junk.

Anyway, aside from my manifold technology woes, this run went relatively well. I felt like I was going way slower than I wanted to at the beginning, but I had decided before I left that I wanted to do my last three miles at race pace to see if I could handle it (and hopefully assuage some of my concerns that running a sub-2:00 half is completely beyond my ability). I don’t have my exact splits for those last three miles, but I did a 9:2x, and 8:5x, and an 8:5x. The 9:2x was too slow, but the 8:5xs are plenty fast enough to get me a sub-2:00 half, so that was encouraging.


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