Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 5

Sunday, February 10: 50 minutes cross training (bike)
I should’ve skipped this workout. My cold had me feeling lousy on Sunday, and I had zero energy all morning/early afternoon. I biked a whopping 7.01 miles in 50 minutes, which is what I normally do in more like 35 minutes. Then I went home and napped for an hour.

Monday, February 11: Strength training – legs (AM) + 4.5 miles (tempo) in 45:31 for a 10:07 pace
I did not sleep well Sunday night into Monday, and told myself if I was too tired to get out of bed when my alarm went off, I’d bail on my workout. I wasn’t tired at all, though, so to the gym I went. I was supposed to do squats, but people kept using the rack and I thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt me to dial back the intensity a little on these workouts while I’m still trying to kick this cold, so I did leg presses instead. Everything else was as written.

Wholly done with the treadmill, I decided to take my chances outside on Monday afternoon for my 4.5 mile tempo run. The sidewalks weren’t perfect, but most of the snow/slush was confined to where I did my warmup and cooldown miles, so I was able to get in a solid 2.5 tempo miles fairly uninterrupted by dangerous sidewalks. I was not able to get through my entire run uninterrupted by precipitation. It started to freezing rain while I was just over 2.5 miles into the run and continued for the next mile. That was not pleasant, especially while I ran into the wind and had it pelting my face. The sidewalks stayed fairly manageable, though, and I got in some great tempo miles: 9:14, 8:53 (!!), and then who knows what for the remaining half mile. It made me feel really good to hit those paces without the assistance of the treadmill.

Tuesday, February 12: Strength training – upper body (AM) + dance (PM)
I got on the bus Tuesday morning, settled into my seat, and realized I had left my bag with my shoes at home. Fail. I spent most of the trip to the gym trying to figure out how I was going to get in my workout without any proper footwear (I only had my snow boots). No one is ever in the group exercise room, and it has weights appropriate for what my schedule called for, so I figured I could go in there in my socks and no one would know. WELL. I got to the gym, and there was another girl in the locker room when I arrived. I almost always have the locker room to myself on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that was out of the norm. When I left the locker room to go to the group exercise room, wouldn’t you know it: the new girl was in there. Of course. I wasn’t about to go to the main strength area in just my socks, though, especially since I knew the usual personal training clients I see every Tuesday and Thursday morning would be there (it’s one thing to work out in your socks in front of a girl who quite possibly will never show up at the gym again. It’s another thing to do it in front of the people you see literally every Tuesday and Thursday.), so in I plodded, hoping if I acted like I owned the place, my lack of appropriate footwear would go unnoticed. I still got in my workout, which I guess is what really counts.

Everyone showed up late to dance on Tuesday (including my teacher), so for a minute I wondered if I’d have class at all! Once people arrived, though, we continued working on the choreography we learned last week and moved forward with it a bit. It’s really fast! But also really fun 🙂

Wednesday, February 13: 5 miles (with 7×400 w/ 200 rest) in 49:44 for a 9:57 pace
I had a good treadmill run! What?! After a loooong day at work, I was ready to pound out some intervals to bring my stress level down. I did a warmup mile at 5.6 mph (10:43 pace), then did my seven 400s at 11.7 km/h (7.2 mph, 8:20 pace) with an 8.7 km/h (5.4 mph, 11:04 pace) for my 200 recoveries. Last time, I tried to do my intervals at an 8:00 pace, and I only made it through four of my six before having to slow down. I think the 8:20 pace is a bit more realistic, though I wouldn’t mind bumping it up to 8:13 next time to see if I can handle that, too. I cooled down at 5.6 as well for another 1.39 miles to end on a five full miles for the day.

Thursday, February 14: Strength training – legs (AM) + 3 miles in 32:19 for a 10:46 pace
Not much to note about this strength training workout. I thought I had squats on my schedule, and was happy to see I had deadlifts instead. I generally prefer deadlifts to squats, so that was a nice way to start my day.

I got to run outside again on Thursday! You know it’s been a rough training cycle when just being able to run outside is enough to fire you up, haha. I really wanted to keep this in the 11:xx range for a couple of reasons: 1) I want to take my “extra” run of the week (i.e.: one without a specific workout purpose (tempo, hills, interval, long run)) very, very easy and 2) my heel started bothering me on Tuesday and had gotten progressively worse as the week wore on. This wasn’t quite as slow as I hoped for, but my heart rate did stay way down for the duration of the run, so I guess that counts as easy.

Friday, February 15: Super rest
In the interest of kicking this heel pain, I decided to take it as easy as possible on Friday. I worked from home (to avoid walking on my commute), skipped my lunchtime walk (to avoid more walking), and wore slippers around the house all day for some extra support/cushioning.

Saturday, February 16: 10 miles in 1:49:20 for a 10:56 pace
This was a pretty uneventful long run. I left way later in the morning than I intended to (though, story of my winter running. Knowing it’s never going to get too warm to run comfortably outside keeps me from having much motivation to get out the door in the winter.), but I didn’t have anything going on Saturday anyway, so it wasn’t the end of the world. I’m much happier with this run from a pace perspective than I was with last week’s long run, so that’s good.

4 thoughts on “Chi Town Half Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Sorry you weren’t feeling well! I hope you’re all better now!

    Way to still get that strength workout in, woot!!! And nice speedwork!

    OMG yes it’s so funny that we get so excited to run outside when we aren’t polar vortexing or ice storming. Oh winter 🙂

  2. I have totally had a similar shoe situation happen BUT instead of going to the gym for lifting I was going to the gym for spin class and I walked into class and realized that I had brought with me 1 tennis shoe and 1 spin shoe … I had worn my ugg boots to get to the gym and I definitely couldn’t wear those … so I did something I NEVER thought I’d do … I clipped in with one foot and wore my tennis shoe on the other. I was NOT going to miss my workout and I was too far from home to get my shoe and back in time for class!

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