2018 Running Recap

It was a good one! As always, thanks to Kim for the inspiration.

Races participated in: 12
Races “raced” (of x amount above): 1, the Jingle Bell Run Chicago 5K
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 0, technically. You could argue that I DNSed the Chicago Half Marathon, since it’s true–I did not start that race. I did start (and finish) the Life Time 5K in its place, though, so I don’t think it’s really a DNS.

5K: 3
15K: 1
Half Marathon: 5 (sigh. So close to a personal high! If only I had run the Chicago Half. Alas.)
States Run In: 5: Illinois, Michigan, California, Washington, and Nevada. No new-to-me states this year, but that’s okay. Can’t do that every year!
Months Run In: 12


Hottest race: Hmm. You know, I honestly don’t know! I didn’t have any oppressively (i.e.: memorably) hot races this year. What a nice treat! Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego was definitely warm, since the course didn’t have much shade. I guess that’d have to be my pick, but I’ve certainly run through worse. According to Garmin, Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago was the hottest race I ran (a whopping 72 degrees – child’s play for Rock ‘n’ Roll!), but that race was rainy and overcast, so I think it felt cooler (though a lot more humid, unsurprisingly) than San Diego. The hottest “race” I ran, by far, was this year’s 20 miler, but that’s not a race. The hottest run, for the record, was the nine miler during marathon training. Holy cow. That was no joke.
Coldest race: Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K, if memory serves.


Look at all those cold people!

Windiest race: DEFINITELY the Hot Chocolate 15K. Nothing like running five miles of a 15K into a headwind. Oof.
Wettest race: DEFINITELY Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago. It was, incidentally, the first time I’ve ever been rained on during race day, and boy, were we ever rained on. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the deluge that was mile nine of that race. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon comes in second in this category, having been the second race I’ve ever run in the rain (and my only marathon with anything but crystal clear skies from start to finish. More cloudy marathons, please.)

Participation medals received: 12. I also received four “above and beyond” medals if you will: one for doing the Half I-Challenge, one for doing two Rock ‘n’ Rolls, one for doing three Rock ‘n’ Rolls, and one for doing four Rock ‘n’ Rolls. Is sixteen medals too many for one year? YES.
AG medals received: 1!


1:34:33 (first 15K)
Marathon: 4:42:49 (10:03 PR).

Favorite medal: Life Time 5K. Getting this medal instead of the one for the Chicago Half (and, particularly, the serendipity of getting a medal with my marathon motto on it two weeks before race day) made dropping down to the 5K totally worth it. This isn’t just my favorite medal of 2018; it’s my favorite medal, period.


Favorite picture:


I’m not really a selfie person, but I felt compelled to take one after the marathon this year. I think this pretty accurately sums up how I felt after the race.

Miles run in 2017: 824.02 as of now, though I plan to do three miles on New Year’s Eve, which would bring me to 827.02 for the year (+21.6 (or +24.6) from 2017)
Of those, miles done on the treadmill: 0. Crushed it. First treadmill-free year…ever? I’m nearly certain I’ll be on the treadmill a lot this winter, so I don’t expect to do that again for at least a year. But it was nice to log all my miles outside this year!


2 thoughts on “2018 Running Recap

  1. Two PRs this year! Woot!

    I am with you on overcast marathons – those are my best ones. I’m glad you didn’t have much in the hot category for races! Hopefully next year will be like that too.

    And that totally is not a DNS since you switched 😉

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