Las Vegas

This year’s trip to Vegas was a bit abbreviated compared to those of the past two years. I’m penny pinching my PTO to roll over the maximum I’m allowed into 2019 for a trip I have planned in the spring, which meant I couldn’t take more than a day off for Vegas. We packed more than enough into the little time we had there, though!


I arrived in Vegas around 10 p.m. Friday night and originally planned on going straight to bed as soon as I arrived at Harrah’s, but ended up hanging out with the other people along on the trip in the casino for a couple of hours. I didn’t bring much money to gamble (only the $10 I had left in my wallet that never got spent at the farmer’s market this summer), so I watched while they played video craps for awhile, then realized it was nearly 3 a.m. in Chicago and WELL beyond my bed time. I went upstairs and called it a night.

It turned out that a mutual friend of the other people in my group was also in town that weekend for a conference, so we all met up with him and his girlfriend for lunch after the expo Saturday. That was a lot of fun! We wandered through a few hotels, including the Flamingo.


Visiting the birds at the Flamingo was easily one of the best parts of the trip, in my opinion (I know, I know. Very out of character for me 😛 ). I liked seeing the birds, obviously, but I particularly liked learning about them during the 2 p.m. pelican feeding!


These are Bugsy and Virginia, two pelicans injured by fishing nets off the coast of California. Their wings were damaged to the point where they can no longer live in the wild, so now they live at the Flamingo. I learned a lot about pelicans and other waterfowl, and I was especially excited to see the Mandarin Ducks.


Aren’t they beautiful?! There’s been one floating around Central Park in New York recently, and even though seeing one that lives at the Flamingo isn’t exactly the same as seeing one in the wild in New York, I’ll take what I can get.

It is a hallowed Vegas tradition among this group to have dinner Saturday at Hugo’s in Four Queens. I have no problem with that, since it’s fun to get all dressed up and have a fancy meal where I’m treated like a princess. (Though I will admit that I don’t like getting my nice clothes all smokey. If Vegas ever outlaws smoking inside casinos–something I can’t imagine is coming any time soon, but one can dream–I think I’ll find the entire experience of being in Vegas a billion times more pleasant.) However, Hugo’s was a bit more of a challenge this year, because the restaurant doesn’t open until 5 p.m., and we had a 7 p.m. show to attend at MGM: way, way far away (like 15-20 minute drive away) from Four Queens. The person in our group who made the reservation told them during the reservation process that we had a 7 p.m. show and would be on a tight schedule, and the staff was more than accommodating. I was so impressed! They got us in and out in 75 minutes: bread, drinks, salads, intermezzo, entrees, bill, done. We were offered fruit and fresh cream for dessert, too, but declined in the interest of time. I’ve always been impressed by the service at Hugo’s, but my experience there this year was truly next level.

After dinner, we hopped in a Lyft and headed back to the Strip for our show: Jabbawockeez at MGM!



I’ve wanted to see the Jabbawockeez since the first time I walked through MGM and realized they had a permanent show there. Having taken hip hop for six (!) full years now, the opportunity to see a professional crew was obviously very appealing to me. They did not disappoint.


The show, JREAMZ, was awesome, both from a dance standpoint and from an overall show standpoint. It was a cohesive show that told a story rather than 90ish minute of strung together dance pieces, and I LOVED IT. They danced on the stage and in the audience, and even pulled a few audience members to participate during the show (tragically, I was not one of them).

I think anyone can appreciate the difficulty of spinning on your head for a literal minute (or longer?), like one of the Jabbawockeez did, but I feel like my background in breakdance gave me an even bigger appreciation for the tricks they did during the show. One of the marks of a talented dancer, in my opinion, is that you walk away thinking, “Well, that didn’t look so hard. I could probably do that,” because they perform the moves with such ease that you can’t begin to wrap your mind around how challenging they actually are. That is 100 percent how I would’ve felt leaving Jabbawockeez if I hadn’t taken break for two and a half ish years. I am very well aware of how hard some of those moves are, and to see them do them as if they were nothing: wow. So much respect. To say I left inspired would be an enormous understatement!

Unfortunately, after Jabbawockeez I hit my stimulation wall for the day with a ferocity put all of my marathon walls to shame. I was DONE. Done with other humans, done with noise, done with lights, DONE. Like, swearing-at-strangers-in-their-face-at-the-Bellagio done (come on, Bethany. If you’re going to swear at strangers, at least don’t do it at the Bellagio. Have a sense of propriety!). While the rest of the group went out for the night, I went back to my room and introverted. I don’t normally actively need to be alone, but I’ve found that Vegas does that to me big time. The whole city is just too much, and I definitely can’t handle a full day of all the much-ness.


Sunday was a bit more low key, thanks to the race. We got breakfast and went to M&Ms World (my only demand on any Vegas trip. You can keep your gambling and alcohol, but I will not be denied my bulk M&Ms!! Haha 😛 ) and then chilled until the race. We got pizza and gelato after the race, and then it was time to pack up for the trip home.

On Sunday, I was informed us that the plane that would take us back to Chicago had changed, and I’d need to update my boarding passes. I updated mine but was still assigned to the same seat, so I didn’t think anything of it until arriving at my gate Monday morning and looking at the seat map on the screen. Turns out, I was going to be flying on a big plane – one with a middle aisle! I haven’t been on one of those since a long-ago trip to Seattle (like, probably a 1999 or 1997 long ago trip to Seattle), so that was quite the surprise! I don’t understand why we had been put on that plane–our plane came to Las Vegas from Chicago (I checked) and then went right back to Chicago. I’m not sure why that round trip warranted a 767, but it was still really cool! (After arriving in Chicago, the plane continued on to Paris, which made more sense for an aircraft that size.) My usual middle seat turned into an aisle seat, which was a nice treat, and there were super fancy seatback screens! My flight to San Diego in June had seatback screens (of the non-super fancy variety), and that was the first time I had seen one of those since I went to Scotland in 2011. I certainly didn’t expect them twice in one year, especially all on domestic flights. The part that I thought was especially cool about the whole situation, though, was that there were a TON of Europeans on our flight from Vegas to Chicago, and the Europeans sitting around me (in front of me, in the middle aisle next to me, behind me) were all DUTCH!! *dies* My Dutch isn’t good enough for me to have the guts to talk to them (or to be able to understand a single thing they said, womp), but I was enamored nevertheless. I may or may not have set the language on my seatback screen to Dutch in an effort to fit in, HA. I kept my screen on the flight map the whole time, so I now know the word for “tailwind” in Dutch (I learned lots of other words, too, but have already forgotten all of them).

All in all, it was a nice little vacation before things get holiday crazy over the next few weeks 🙂

Have you ever been to Vegas?

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. The mandarin ducks are so neat! I heard about the NYC one. How cool you got to see one up close!!!

    And how great the restaurant was so accommodating with your show plans! Stuff like that stresses me the eff out. I feel like I am either rushed or have too much time in between.

    The show sounds really cool! Were any of your friends with you dance friends so they understood it too?

    I totally get hitting that stimulation breaking point. Especially there! I haven’t been but it sounds so overwhelming. And ew, the smoke.

    I was just talking to Steven about how I haven’t been on a big plane like that in forever. FUN!

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