Thursday Things

1. I got my flu shot on Sunday after Hot Chocolate, and boy, what an ordeal!

Due to my history of fainting as a result of needle-based procedures, I have to lie down when I need a shot, blood draw, or anything else involving a needle. This makes things that should normally be simple (like getting a flu shot) a bit of a headache, because I can’t go just anywhere. I can’t get my flu shot when the office brings nurses on-site to administer them at work, and I can’t just pop into Jewel or whatever and get it from the pharmacist while sitting in a chair. I tend to utilize CVS MinuteClinics for my flu shot, then, because I know they’ll be able to accommodate my demands.

I went to a MinuteClinic on Sunday, where they had posted a sign that wait times were longer than normal due to computer issues. I figured this meant five minutes instead of the usual zero minutes. After inputting my information, it told me to expect a 90 minute wait. Yikes! This MinuteClinic was in a Target, so I went shopping. I swung by MinuteClinic after I finished and saw that my wait time had jumped to 115 minutes–after I had spent at least 30 minutes shopping! I had no desire to spend my entire afternoon in Target, so I left.

Quite some time later, I got a text from MinuteClinic letting me know they could see me in 30 minutes. I was running other errands that would require going past Target to get back home, so I returned to Target and finally got to see the nurse, nearly two and a half hours after I signed in.

The nurse was SUPER nice and more than respectful of my manifold requests (that I must be lying down, that she had to follow these specific instructions from my allergist regarding cleaning the injection site prior to vaccination). She gave me plenty of time to recover and made sure I got my $5 Target coupon when I left as a reward for getting my shot (though I did not get a sticker like the six year old who went before me. Such injustice! 😛 )

I had already done my Target shopping for the day, but I wanted to use my coupon, darn it, so I went shopping again, this time walking away with a pair of adorable penguin socks.

I went to a checkout aisle and put my socks down on the belt, along with my coupon. Someone in front of me was wrapping up his transaction, and in the process of doing that, the cashier picked up my coupon, scanned it, and took $5 off the bill of the guy in front of me.

None of us really realized what had happened until the guy in front of me had paid for everything, at which point the cashier began apologizing and trying to figure out how to undo it. While he was doing that, the guy in front of me opened his wallet, fished out five $1 bills, and handed them to me “to make everything simpler.” How nice of him!

So, after nearly three hours, I got my flu shot and a pair of socks that only cost me 51 cents (the tax). Like I said, what an ordeal!

2. I lost my half marathon ring 😦



I bought that ring after finishing my first half marathon six (!) years ago and had worn it just about every day since. Last Tuesday, I was emptying my backpack out after I got home from dance and realized my ring was missing. I figured I must’ve left it at work (I took off all my jewelry before leaving, because I changed into my dance clothes at the office and don’t wear jewelry during dance), but it wasn’t there when I arrived Wednesday morning. I have no idea what happened to it, but since it hasn’t turned up, I assume it’s gone forever. Sad day 😦 A replacement is on the way, but I’m bummed to not have the original anymore. I’m also shocked I managed to not lose it for so long, given how often I take my jewelry off in a setting where I could easily lose something (the gym, the office).

3. An unexpected side effect from the marathon is the strong (positive!) association I now have with songs I identify with the race.

A few weeks before the marathon, High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco came on at the gym, and I thought, “This would be the perfect theme song for the marathon.” I added it to my marathon morning playlist, and it was the last song I heard before leaving my house that morning. I ran the marathon, had the best day ever, and then didn’t hear the song in its entirety again until I went back to the gym last week to get back into my strength training routine. I was smiling like a fool doing lunges, because the song made me think of the marathon and how amazing that day was.

Then on Tuesday, I was at the gym strength training again, Despacito came on, and it was the same situation all over again (though this time with V-ups instead of lunges). Someone was set up on the course close to mile 19, in between Little Italy and Pilsen on Loomis, absolutely blasting Despacito when I went by. I think I will forever associate that song with that part of the marathon now, particularly with how happy and great I felt.

Do you have songs that remind you of specific events? I can’t tell you how many songs now remind me of my dance class, haha.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your ring 😦 I have a similar piece of jewelry, a necklace with a little shamrock charm (it was part of the medal for my first half so I took it off the medal and put it on a chain to wear for good luck) and I would be so bummed if I ever lost that!

    My brain makes really strong associations between things I hear and where/when I hear them so that happens to me allll the time! It’s particularly useful when a podcast I’ve been listening to doesn’t keep my place and jumps back to the beginning when I turn it on – I can usually remember what I was doing while I was listening to it (usually driving) so I can just fast forward through that memory while I fast forward through the podcast to get back to where I left off. The same thing happens for my runs, which is kind of nice during races because if I listen to the same songs I listened to during training, it’s like a montage in my head of all my training runs. And it’s always fun to listen to unexpectedly hear them somewhere else and be flooded with race memories! I have a couple of finish line songs like that that are songs I don’t particularly like and wouldn’t listen to, but they were playing at the finish of certain races and make me happy when I hear them (even if they’re still not really good songs haha).

  2. I am glad the guy at Target made it easy by giving you the cash! And that he actually had some, ha. (who has cash?!)

    Sorry about your ring 😦 I hope the replacement is the same!

    My brain is very song oriented and lots of them remind me of events. I have some from my marathon PR too 🙂

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