Thursday Things

1. Is it just me, or have the trees been way prettier this fall than they’ve been in awhile?


Maybe I forget how vibrant the fall colors are from year to year, but it seems like this fall has been better than ones in the past. I’ve been surprised by how many beautiful trees I’ve seen all around the city. I love it! If only the constant grey of winter didn’t have to follow 😦

I’m getting antsy (not in a good way) about winter and am really dreading falling back an hour on Sunday. The sun is already setting plenty early for me (5:44 today in Chicago), and the idea of that happening an hour earlier does not thrill me.

I know I’ll almost certainly be fine through the holidays, but I’m worried about what will come after that. My SAD last year was by far the worst it’s ever been, even when I was actively working to keep it at bay (using my happy light every morning, going to therapy, scheduling things to look forward to). I strongly associate SAD with the end of daylight savings time (mostly because it goes away the instant daylight savings time resumes again in March), so I’m not at all excited about Sunday 😦

I hope running through most of this winter will help. I know I won’t have many opportunities to run when it’s light outside (other than on weekend long runs), but I’m crossing my fingers that having a structured training plan and a serious focus on breaking 2:00 in the half marathon will keep me focused on brighter (literally) days ahead.

2. Speaking of sunlight, Fitbit had this wildly unhelpful suggestion for me on Monday:


I’d love to let the sunlight in as soon as I wake up. Too bad I don’t live in Magical Fantasy Land where I wake up every morning as a Disney princess to the twittering of birds and soft rays of sun spilling through my curtains. Instead, I live in The Real World, where my work schedule doesn’t change based on the time the sun comes up, which can be any time between 5:14 a.m. and 7:18 a.m. in Chicago. I suppose if I started my work day at 9:00, that’d be possible, but I don’t. And if I lived back home? Forget it! This time of year, the sun doesn’t come up until 8:15 a.m.! Even if I did start work at 9:00, that’d still be a ridiculous “tip.”

I realize I probably shouldn’t get so worked up about a silly sentence from Fitbit, but here we are.

3. I would like to introduce you to my new friends!


All, meet (left to right) Edgar Allan Ravencrow, Jack O’Lan Tern, Holden Cawfield, and Myles Birdish.

Kim got these for me after I lost my mind over their cuteness when she blogged about them. Aren’t they just painfully adorable?!?! I can’t stand it *heart-eyed emoji*

They obviously all needed names, and while I didn’t originally plan on giving them all bird pun names…well…you see what happened. It’s all Edgar Allan Ravencrow’s fault. He appears to be all black, like a crow, so clearly he had to be named Edgar Allan Crow, but Edgar Allan Poe wrote a poem about a raven, so we needed to Harry Potter-ify his last name. Then things just spiraled from there. Holden Cawfield’s hat looks like Holden Caulfield’s hat from Catcher in the Rye, so that one was pretty simple. Myles Birdish looks like a pilgrim, so he got a name inspired by Myles Standish. Jack O’Lan Tern was the hardest one to name. I kept trying to come up with pumpkin/bird puns, and it finally occurred to me that terns are birds, so I could just break up “lantern” into two words.

Anyway, I’m a big fan of my new friends and the fall cheer they bring to my house 🙂

Do you decorate for fall? These birds are my first real fall decorations! I usually buy those ugly little gourds and put them on a table, but those don’t last from year to year, unsurprisingly.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I love reading HOW you gave them their names! I was reading your names to my mom this weekend and she loved them. And… I am not sure if I should share this info but Target has Pilgrim style birds JUST LIKE THIS UGH WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO US?!

    I’ve noticed the trees more this year too! 🙂 ❤

    I hope the tools and methods that helped you deal with SAD last year help this year too. Ha, and def see if you can start work at 9:00 so you can wake up with the sun EYEROLL.

    • So, I went to Target yesterday because I needed to get my flu shot (a whole other blog post in and of itself, ha), and I thought I’d try to use my coupon for getting the shot to get one of those birds, but I’m not sure if I saw any??? They were VERY clearly in between holidays, though, so it’s possible that they just didn’t have them at the time. (I ended up using my coupon to get penguin socks instead, so at least I got some cute bird paraphernalia out of it 😛 )

  2. No, it’s not just you. The trees have been gorg this year, particularly toward the end of Oct (ie right now!). I think it’s helped that we’ve had such nice weather this fall (and by “nice” I mean “cool”). We actually *gasp* had FALL WEATHER in OCTOBER for once! And even some in September! Of course it happens the year I’m NOT running a fall marathon, but whatever, I’ll take it.

    I’ll be marathon training through this winter, so I’m looking forward to it. Speaking as someone who has done this twice, it really does help with SAD symptoms. I’m looking forward to getting fit AF all winter and kicking the doldrums to the curb. Not only is are the temps better for running at faster paces, but the exercise feels better because your body is craving it more this time of year. Idk, that might just be my imagination though.

    • I’m glad to hear training through the winter has helped alleviate your SAD symptoms! I’ve got my fingers crossed it’ll do the same for me. I think just having something else to focus on other than how I haven’t seen the sun in 1290120394823 days will help – and being faster than usual won’t hurt, either 😉

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