Chicago Marathon Training Week 6

Sunday, July 8: 75 minutes cross training (30 minute circuit + 45 minute bike)
No basement floods at the gym this weekend, so I was able to get in my Sunday workout. I wasn’t feeling overly ambitious, so I did a pretty simple 30 minute NTC circuit workout and followed that up with 45 minutes on the bike. I’ve been biking a lot easier lately, which may not entirely defeat the purpose of biking to cross train, but probably doesn’t yield the same benefits that, you know, trying would yield. Things to work on.

Monday, July 9: Strength training – legs (AM) + 6 miles in 1:12:49 for a 12:08 (lol) pace
Monday’s strength training workout was a quick but sweaty one. It was SO warm in the gym! Not exactly what I normally seek out in an indoor workout. Just doing single leg deadlifts was enough to make me drip with sweat. Now that I’ve done three full weeks of consistent strength training, I’m trying to push myself a tiny bit more and step up the weight I’m using. Doesn’t make things much easier, obviously, but hopefully it’ll make me stronger!

Back to reality on this run. It was a balmy 90+ degrees when I headed out for my afternoon six miler on Monday, and boy did I feel it. The humidity wasn’t bad at all compared to last week, so I incorrectly assumed this run would be fine. As my pace shows, I was definitely wrong. I actually forgot my Garmin and had to rely on my Fitbit to track this run, but that turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise. My Fitbit didn’t show my pace, so I wasn’t able to beat myself up over how slow I was running. I was REALLY feeling it by the last mile, though honestly almost all of this run was a shuffle rather than a run. My body diverted a substantial portion of blood away from my GI tract in an effort to keep me moving/alive, and I will allow you to draw your own conclusions about the outcome of that fun physiological phenomenon. I probably should’ve taken this run inside, shortened the distance, or moved it to another day of the week.

Tuesday, July 10: Strength training – upper body (AM) + dance (PM)
OMG THIS STRENGTH TRAINING. It was no. joke. Erin had me to an AMRAP of 20x*insert various upper body exercise here*, and I severely misjudged how difficult it would be. I’m used to doing 15 reps of anything at the most, so 20 was a lot, and I was already exhausted after one exercise. Hooray upper body work. I got through two rounds of everything, though, and only had to rest approximately forty billion years between each pushup 😛

OMG DANCE. Last week was apparently a fluke in the attendance department (not that that’s all that surprising, given that it was July 3), and nearly everyone from the first week was back this week. That meant the room was way overcrowded–overcrowded to the point where my teacher, who rarely offers up commentary on anything, noted that there were too many people in the room–and also that it was SO HOT. Twelve adults dancing in room that is maybe 200 square feet makes for some very steamy conditions. I was sweating by the time we got through the first half of our warmup, and it only went downhill from there. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever gotten so sweaty during any other dance class in five and a half years of doing this. We kept running the combos we’ve learned over and over and over and over. On the plus side, the song to the combo we learned last week was featured in So You Think You Can Dance on Monday, so reviewing it on Tuesday gave me the opportunity to pretend I was on So You Think You Can Dance, which, embarrassingly, made me work a lot harder than I would have otherwise.

Wednesday, July 11: 5.9 miles (2 mi WU, 5x.5 mi (4:55, 4:59, 4:56, 4:56, 4:50) w/.25 mi recovery) in 1:04:48 for a 10:59 pace
This six miler brought to you by my inability to do math. My Garmin is never accurate when I run commute, so I looked at my watch when I finished my last .25 mile recovery lap, saw it was at 5.65 miles exactly, and thought, “.65 + .25 = .8” Turns out that’s not actually the case! Haha. Oh well. I’m still counting it as a six miler.

Anyway, this run was amazing! I am oddly in love with 800s?? That is truly something I didn’t expect to come out of marathon training. I think I like it because it’s challenging without feeling like it’ll kill me (comfortably hard, as they say), and because it gives me the chance to get away from the usual madness that is trying to run commute on the Lakefront Trail during the summer. My 800 splits were roughly 10 seconds slower than the last time I did this workout, but I also ran one more 800 and it was 11 degrees warmer, so I’m not losing any sleep over it. I’m very happy with my consistency with my splits once again (my third and fourth 800s were 4:56.2 and 4:56.3 – I mean, come on *pats self on back forever*), although I am kind of annoyed that my last one was so much faster than all the others. Of all the things to be annoyed about 😛 I felt SO GOOD on that last rep, and was honestly really bummed out that my workout was over. I wanted to keep going! WHO AM I?!?!

Thursday, July 12: Strength training – legs (AM) + 45 minutes elliptical (PM)
This was a quick strength training session with no plyometrics to finish things off, and that alone made it feel easier than I’m used to. The highlight of the workout, though, was doing leg presses with 100 and 110 lbs. I’ve never done any strength training with anything over 60 lbs (at least that I remember), so I was super proud of myself for surpassing that.

I neither wanted nor intended to cross train on the elliptical Thursday afternoon, but when I arrived at the gym to see one of the two stationary bikes already occupied, I didn’t have much of a choice. I suppose I did, technically, but the bikes are all of maybe eight inches apart, and since literally every other piece of cardio equipment was empty, it just felt too awkward to cozy up next to a stranger when I had plenty of other options. I haven’t been on an elliptical since 2016, so I suppose I was due. I discovered it’s much harder to read on an elliptical than it is on a bike, so here’s hoping no one else has the gall to want to bike on the same Thursday afternoon I want to bike moving forward 😛

Friday, July 13: Rest

Saturday, July 14: 8.14 miles in 1:33:24 for an 11:28 pace
This was one of the most pleasant runs I’ve ever had, long or otherwise, marathon season or not. The radar looked iffy when I woke up, but CARA didn’t say that the run was cancelled by the time I needed to leave, so off I went. I was the only 11:00 pace runner who showed up on Saturday (#dedicated) and no 11:30 pacer, so my usual 11:00 pacer got bumped down to the 11:30s, and one of the 10:30 pacers got bumped down to me. Hooray for personal training! Haha. I thought it was very nice of them to do that, especially since it was just me, and I clearly could’ve run with the 11:30s. But it was cool to have my own pacer, and I enjoyed our conversations. It rained for the entirety of the run, but it was the most perfect running rain ever – not too heavy, not too light, not too cold, not too windy. It made the whole run very comfortable (though I suppose the 11:28 pace we ran probably helped in that department as well) and definitely turned out to be one of my all time favorite runs.


As I’m writing this Sunday afternoon, I’m feeling a bit under the weather–kind of sinus pressure-y headache-y. One of my coworkers was out for part of last week with sinus crap, and I’m hoping whatever I’m feeling today is just some weird sleep deprivation-induced funk (yeah – still not doing great in the sleep department 😦 ) and not the start of something un-fun like an infection. I am very excited for the forecast for the coming week, given that at the moment it’s fairly positive. I’ve seen plenty of long range forecasts change, but it’d be nice if this one held true and I only had to suffer through one extremely hot run this week!



3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 6

  1. Oh man! I hope you didn’t get sick!
    That is awesome you are loving the 800s so much. Yay! I love the comfortably hard ones too. I think that is why I love tempo runs so much!
    And really, if you are doing any XT at all (re: your comment re: biking easy), I think that is SO great!

    • I’ve been feeling much better since Sunday, so it must’ve been a fluke. Phew! I mostly feel bad about my cross training being easy because I know that cross training is super important when I’m only running three days a week – it’s not just an active rest day, which is how I tend to treat it. But you’re right: at least I’m doing something!

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