Thursday Things

1. Continuing my now well-established Fourth of July tradition, I went to the Cubs game last week to celebrate the Fourth!


I didn’t necessarily plan on continuing the tradition this year, but once I found out the Cubs were playing the Tigers on the Fourth, going to the game became non-negotiable. My favorite team playing my other favorite team in Wrigley Field on the Fourth of July? I was not going to miss that. My dad and brother came in from Michigan to go to the game too, since they’re Tigers fans, and that made the whole experience extra special.

I’ve gone to three Cubs games this year and have experienced what feels like the entire range of weather possibilities, from cold and windy and rainy and thunderstormy  to perfect to boiling hot and humid on the Fourth. I’m not entirely sure which was more miserable: the game against the White Sox or the game against the Tigers. I’m inclined to say the game against the Tigers, though. Even though the weather was horrific for the White Sox game, at least you could bundle up against the elements. There was no escaping the crushing heat and humidity on Wednesday. We had seats in the shade two rows from the very top of the stadium, but the air was stagnant and oppressive, even though we weren’t in the sun. I spent most of the fourth inning in the air conditioned Cubs store and ended up getting a baggie of ice from outside the first aid station to help keep me comfortable. It actually made a big difference, which was a nice surprise.

The Cubs won, so at least all the sweating was worth it.


2. One of my friends is getting married in October, and her maids of honor organized a whole bachelorette party extravaganza for this past weekend. I was happy to attend what I could, especially since it gave me the chance to cross a couple longstanding items off my Chicago bucket list. Up first: a late morning/early afternoon in the Playpen.


The Playpen, for the non-Chicagoans out there, is the area off Ohio Street beach where a bunch of boats anchor for the day during the summer. It has a reputation for being where you go to party on the lake–assuming, of course, you have a way of getting there in the first place (i.e.: access to a boat).


I suppose the only reason I had any interest in spending any time in the Playpen was due to the fact that I thought it would never happen. I don’t know anyone with a boat and I most certainly don’t own a boat. I don’t even like being on boats, which made the chances of me ever getting in the Playpen seem that much more remote.

But then the maids of honor rented a yacht for the party on Saturday, and when we got on the boat, the captain said she’d take us to the Playpen for the duration of our rental, so off we went!


Like I said, I don’t like being on boats, mostly because I don’t like being on or in water unless it’s 1) warm and 2) easy to escape, and being on a boat presents the possibility of having to be in water that is neither of those things. After an enjoyable-as-always panic attack that lasted until we got on the other side of the break walls, I finally calmed down enough to enjoy myself. I did not enjoy myself by going into the water (see aforementioned requirements for water I like to be in), but rather pretended I was the group’s lifeguard and “supervised” from the boat while everyone else floated around.


I also played with my iPhone Photos filters, as one does. If you look closely, you can see the moon about an inch to the left of the Building FKA the John Hancock Center.

3. The bachelorette party continued on for the remainder of Saturday (and into Sunday morning), but I begged off at 11 p.m., pleading my long run from that morning and my long-since depleted supply of interest in interacting with other humans. I went through my normal Sunday morning routine while the rest of the party attendees recovered from their hangovers, and met up with everyone that afternoon for another bucket list item: afternoon tea at the Drake.


Oh, you guys, it was so fancy. SO FANCY. I loved it! I had afternoon tea when I went to Scotland seven years ago, so I kinda sorta had an idea of what to expect, but this was still way fancier than I anticipated. There were all sorts of delicious treats: scones, bread, tiny little sandwiches, an impressive assortment of desserts. And then there was the tea itself, of course, which was also just so delightful. The whole experience was wonderful, and I highly recommend it! (Even if I did have to basically be rolled out of the Drake, since I was so full afterwards.)


Have you ever had afternoon tea?
How did you celebrate the Fourth?

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. How fun that your dad and bro came in for the game! I agree hot and stuffy is the worst. That happens to us A LOT when we watch the Royals and you’re just miserable!

    That sounds like a fancy (and expensive!!!) bachelorette party! I am glad you enjoyed the parts you went to. I haven’t done tea, but like the idea of it! Especially if there was one with vegan treats so I too could be rolled out of there! 🙂

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