Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

Sunday, July 1: Rest
I had every intention of doing the 75 minutes of cross training my schedule called for: downloaded a workout that morning, brought all my gym clothes to church so I could go immediately after, etc. Then I checked my phone right before I left church to find a text alerting me to the fact that there had been a basement flood in my gym’s building, and the entire building was closed for the day. Since I had neither the means nor the desire to do 75 minutes of cross training outside or anywhere else, Sunday became an accidental rest day. I did think about doing something at home–a short NTC workout, perhaps–but I had so much work to do Sunday afternoon and evening that I ran out of time to do anything that wasn’t directly related to my mile-long to do list.

Monday, July 2: Strength training – legs (AM) + 8 miles in 1:24:37 for a 10:35 pace
The gym was open on Monday, so off I went to get in my first strength training workout of the week. It felt better than last week’s strength training sessions, which was nice, but holy cow, are single leg hamstring curls on a stability ball HARD. I would not be surprised if I feel those on Tuesday.

As for the run: blah. By all accounts, it should’ve been a good run. The weather was nicer than it had been over the weekend, and I apparently ran a much better pace than I realized. But about three and a half miles in, I got catcalled, and not, like, a passing, “Hey baby,” by one creep as I ran by or whatever–not that that’s any more welcome–but an ongoing commentary on how “she’s lit” and “look at that butt” and “THOSE BUTTOCKS” as I ran through a loitering bunch of assholes on the Lakefront Trail–and not some backwards, oddball, dead corner of the Lakefront Trail, but right in the middle of all the action (including all the tourist action). It just…ugh. It’s so unnecessary, so unhelpful, so unproductive. I assume catcallers do what they do to feel powerful, but I cannot imagine an instance where anyone subject to catcalling was walked away from the situation thinking, “Wow, what a strong, levelheaded, intelligent individual. This experience improved my opinion of that person’s demographic and has helped me overcome the racist, classist, ageist, and/or sexist stereotypes I associated with that demographic. This has been a productive encounter, and I hope it happens again so I can continue to grow as a person.” It’s such a waste of everyone’s time and mental and emotional energy. The whole situation just made me angry and ruined what should have otherwise been a perfectly pleasant run.

Tuesday, July 3: Strength training – upper body (AM) + dance (PM)
Tuesday’s strength training session was one of the easier and shorter ones I’ve had in a while, which was a welcome change of pace. I was a big girl and switched to heavier weights when the ones I initially choose were too light, which I don’t normally do *pats self on back*

Unsurprisingly, barely anyone showed up to dance on Tuesday (five people total compared to 11 the previous week). I worried that meant we would spend the entire class going over what we had done the previous week, but nope! We moved on to a way more challenging and fast paced combo that I’m sure we’ll spend the next handful of classes reviewing. Thanks goodness – I was so lost on Tuesday and could use all the review I can get!

Wednesday, July 4: 4.09 miles in 45:01 for an 11:00 pace
Despite having the day off and no plans until around noon, I drug myself out of bed at 6:45 (which, fine, was technically sleeping in even if it doesn’t feel like it) to do a 45 minute tempo run before it got obscenely hot. In my hurry to get out the door, I forgot to set up my watch for intervals like I normally do on tempo runs, so I had to check my watch what felt like every 30 seconds to see if it was time to speed up or slow down. I have no idea how well I executed each five minute segment, since even though I forgot to turn on intervals, I did remember to turn off manual lap, so I couldn’t get my splits. Oh well. Miles one and four were slower than miles two and three, so I assume I did good enough on pacing. Another runner wished me a good morning while I was out running, which was exciting! Two positive interactions with other runners in two weeks!

Thursday, July 5: Strength training – legs (AM) + 45 minutes yoga (PM)
Given the multiple times I was jarred awake by people setting off fireworks throughout the night and the fact that I had had Wednesday off, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to wake up Thursday morning to get to the gym before work. Thursday’s workout was pretty straightforward, but the 50 jump lunges at the end…oof.

For cross training this week, I did this yoga:

And it was delightful. I’ve been stressed for approximately eleventy thousand reasons over the past couple of weeks (she said, as if that weren’t her normal state of being) and obviously have been pushing myself a bit in the workout department, so it felt nice to take things easy for a change.

Friday, July 6: Rest

Saturday, July 7: 10 miles in 1:47:07 for a 10:43 pace
OMG THE WEATHER! It was a delightfully comfortable 64 degrees for this run, which was SUCH an improvement from last week, when it was 79 (both according to Garmin). It felt one billion times better than last Saturday’s long run. We did go a bit quicker than I wanted on this run, but I felt fine the whole time. A woman who normally runs with the 10:30s ran with us this week, and she and I had such a nice chat for almost the entire run! I can’t remember the last time I had a running buddy that was so easy to talk to for so long, and I really enjoyed it. Another interesting thing to note: I ran .88 more miles on this week’s long run compared to last week’s long run, but it only took me five additional seconds. If that doesn’t sum up how much nicer the weather was on Saturday, I don’t know what does!


I didn’t come remotely close to my goal of getting more sleep this week, and I continued to let the marathon runger beast have its way with my meals and snacks rather than even attempting to eat appropriate amounts of food. I’ve been shocked by how much training has impacted my hunger levels this year. In the past, I would use long runs to justify indulgent meals (post-long run breakfasts in particular) but that was always more of a, “Well, I ran 18 miles this morning, so I can have as many chocolate chip pancakes as I want,” sort of situation rather my current situation, which is more along the lines of, “I THOUGHT ABOUT RUNNING, AND NOW I AM MERE SECONDS AWAY FROM DYING OF STARVATION.” It’s surprising to me that I’m experiencing that now when I made it through five years of this before without having that issue, and when my average weekly mileage (right now) isn’t that much higher than it was while I trained for my half marathons earlier this year (across the past five weeks, I’ve averaged 19.6 mpw. From February through the beginning of June, I averaged 17.5 mpw). This coming week is a cutback week, so I’m hoping to use that reduction in training to kickstart healthier eating and sleeping habits. Of course, goodness knows how many times I’ve said that going into any other week of marathon training, so we’ll see what actually happens 😛

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

  1. I wonder if your hunger is actually related to doing more strength training?! And good job at that, btw!

    Yay for a new running friend. I hope you get to run with her again. And I hope you don’t have another encounter like you did on Monday. That would leave me fuming and very upset!

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