Thursday Things

1. It’s been quite some time since my last Thursday Things post! I suppose having forty thousand (or, you know, four) West Coast trip-related blog posts to get up will do that to one’s blogging schedule. But now that that’s all taken care of (…and the trip has been over for just shy of a month), back to your regularly scheduled programming!

2. My gym normally switches up the music pretty regularly, but for the past two weeks, its been on a serious Hits of the 2000s kick, and oh man. ALL OF THE NOSTALGIA. I’ve heard so many songs I haven’t heard in ages (Listen to Your Heart, Every Time We Touch, Damaged, It’s Not Over, among others), and since I was in high school during the mid-late 2000s, it has obviously stirred up some of those memories. It stirred them up so much, in fact, that over the weekend I dug up the DVD I have from homecoming my senior year to reminisce.

Some background: homecoming at my high school was not the football game/semiformal dance affair it is at most high schools. For one thing, we had homecoming in February, so our the sporting event associated with homecoming was a basketball game. We had a dance, but it was a jeans-and-a-t-shirt sort of affair, not a dresses and button-up shirts type of occasion. We built floats, but they were tiny and never designed to be in a parade (according to my brother, who was in high school more recently than I was, they stopped doing floats after his freshman year). While the floats were a big deal, and the inter-class competition mattered, the big event of homecoming was a lip sync contest held the Friday night before the basketball game (the basketball game was on a Saturday back then, though I think that’s changed now, too.). The DVD from my senior year is of the lip sync contest.

It has literally been 10 years (almost 10.5 years) since the contest, and I still got angry and defensive when the juniors explicitly made fun of my class during their performance. I still got giddy and excited when the boy band portion of my class’s routine came on (our sophomore year, part of our contest routine involved five guys lip syncing to Bye Bye Bye, and every year after that they did a different N*Sync song during the contest. This is what the juniors explicitly made fun of, because they’re low lives with no creativity, OBVIOUSLY.). I still got annoyed at the popular people being front and center in every class’s routine, not just ours. The whole thing proved to be much more of an emotional roller coaster than I anticipated 😛

3. Speaking of high school: I went to the eye doctor the other week for my annual checkup/contact reorder. I only had a few contacts left in my supply, so when I made my appointment, I took the first one I could find that fit my schedule, without any consideration for which doctor I’d see.

The doctor I ended up seeing was not the same one I saw last year, and when she sat down in the room to do my exam, we reviewed the contacts I had been wearing (Acuvue Oasys). She commented on how the Oasys had come out “when we were in high school,” and then told me that since my last appointment, a new kind of Acuvue contact had come out (the Acuvue Vita), which were made to last a month rather than two weeks like the Oasys.

I’m sorry. When WE were in high school? Not when I was in high school, but when we–suggesting we are peers–were in high school??

I looked her up after the appointment, and sure enough, she graduated from optometry school in 2015, which means she most likely graduated from college in 2011, which means she most likely graduated from high school in 2007. I graduated from high school in 2008, so yep, it was when “we” were in high school.

I suppose it shouldn’t really surprise me that my peers are medical professionals–I’ve been out of college for six years now, which isn’t enough time to be a full blown, non-resident MD but is plenty of time to be a different kind of medical professional–but man, I do NOT feel old enough to have my peers as medical professionals! The idea that any part of my well-being could be in the perfectly qualified hands of someone my age is so bizarre. How are we old enough for this?? And more importantly, how are people younger than us old enough for this?? I thought the grownups were supposed to be doing that kind of stuff, not us!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ha ha ha, I think I would have had the same reaction at the eye doctor, and I am older than you! There are just certain things that “feel” better when the care/service provider is older (which I suppose is ageist). I’m sure, like me, you also know some people your age who are still somehow in school, so take comfort in that 😉 😛

    • Yes! I don’t keep up much with anyone from high school or college, but the less-than-a-handful of people from high school and college who 1) have managed to avoid any of my Facebook purging and 2) have pursued careers in medicine are all still in their residencies, so that helps 😛

  2. I had a weird epiphany a few years ago when I realized that almost all my medical providers were getting old. Like me. And many of my coworkers (physicians and NPs) are much younger than me. I don’t feel old…

  3. My therapist is 7 years younger than me. I wanted to find one who was older than me, but between my crappy insurance and trying to find the “right fit,” my options seemed to be to spend forever looking for a therapist, or accept the fact that I’m at an age where someone can be younger than me and quite qualified for such things.

    I just started grad school and I’m pretty sure I’m 10+ years older than all but one of my classmates in my class this term. At some point, I could very well have a professor who is younger than me too.

    And it’s not just the interns at work who were born in the 90s, but even manager-level co-workers.

    I also have to remind myself all the time that the 80s were not 20 years ago. Pretty soon, the 90s will not have been 20 years ago, my gawd.

    • Tell me about it. The other day, I walked past a dry cleaners that advertised that they had been in business in 1987, which didn’t sound all that impressive until I realized that was 31 years ago. Thirty one years ago sounds a lot farther in the past than 1987!

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