Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Sunday, June 10: 13.18 miles in 2:29:18 for an 11:21 pace.
Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle by my Garmin. (Not too shabby on the tangents on this one! *brushes shoulder off*)

Monday, June 11: Rest
Traveling back to Chicago from Seattle.

Tuesday, June 12: Dance
We had already learned way more in this session of dance than usual, so I figured missing last week wouldn’t put me too far behind. Boy, was I wrong! When class started, my teacher asked, “Who remembers what we did last week?” then turned the music on to see what would happen. My jaw was basically on the ground when it ended. I couldn’t believe how much they did in one week! I had a LOT of catch-up to do, so this was definitely not one of those phone-it-in sort of classes.

Wednesday, June 13: Rest
Crushing it this week. I originally planned to run seven miles on Wednesday, but I only planned to do that because I have a really bad habit of forgetting to check my work calendar when planning what I expect will be out-of-office events (like running). Had I checked my work calendar, I would’ve seen that I had a work event out in the suburbs from 1:30-4:30, and obviously would not have time to work out as a result. Oh well.

Thursday, June 14: 4.36 miles in 40:36 for a 9:16 pace.
I finally recovered from The Stomach Bug that Would Not Quit on Thursday, and it felt nice to get in a good workout. This was my first Hal Higdon tempo run of marathon training (as a reminder, Hal Higdon tempo runs start slow, gradually build to 10K(ish) pace for 5-10 minutes in the middle of the run, then gradually slow to the end of the prescribed time. I do them in five minute intervals: 0-5 very slow, 5-10 a little faster, 10-15 a little faster than that, etc.), and I think it went well? I’m too impatient to wait around for my watch to find a GPS signal when I run home from work (all the buildings make it take, and now that I know you can edit your distance in Garmin Connect, I just take off running once I’m ready and let the GPS find me whenever it can be bothered to do so. I didn’t have a signal for the first five minutes of this run, so I’m not 100 percent sure that I ran this 100 percent perfectly, but it felt good, and the splits that were measured with GPS are all where I want them, so I’m calling this a successful run.

Friday, June 15: Rest

Saturday, June 16: 7.22 miles in 1:16:07 for a 10:32 pace
This (I assume) was closer to seven miles than 7.22 miles, because my watch got messed up by buildings at the beginning and end of the run. However, MapMyRun refuses to believe it’s possible to run where I ran, so I can’t use that to manually measure my actual distance. After spilling thousands of pixels complaining about my running group at the end of last season, I decided it was time for a change this year. I went to a different location for the run on Saturday, and it was quite different than what I’m used to. The group was much smaller (maybe eight or so people, compared to the 25-30 we’d usually get in my old group), and that automatically made for a much friendlier, less cliquey vibe. Hooray! I also dropped down to the 11:00 pace group, because real talk: my very, very best marathon ever was a hair slower than an 11:00 pace. Training at a 10:30 pace has obviously never helped me run a marathon at a 10:30 pace (or anything even close to a 10:30 pace), so now that I’m not anywhere near my old group anyway, I can drop down to a pace that makes more sense without feeling weird and disloyal about it. An 11:00 marathon will not get me the 4:45 I hope to run in October, but if your long runs are usually supposed to be slower than marathon pace anyway, 11:00 seems reasonable. Plus, this group starts 30 minutes earlier, so running 30 seconds/mile slower doesn’t mean I’m running significantly later into the morning, which was another thing that prevented me from running with the 11:00 pace group in years past. As for the run itself, it went really well. I enjoyed talking with the various people in my group, and the pace was downright easy (I’m sure it was much closer to 11:00 overall than my report shows – my Garmin said I ran an 8:18 first mile, due to the GPS woes, and I can assure you that was not the case). I also haven’t had a seven mile long run since February 24–all my long runs since then have been more than seven miles–which I’m sure also contributed to the ease of this run.


I’m a tiny bit bummed that I’ve already deviated from my schedule for the season by skipping Wednesday’s run, but fortunately having run that half marathon on Sunday more than made up for it mileage wise. I’m also glad I’ll be fully out of vacation mode this week and will hopefully be able to get more into the swing of things in the training department. Even though I’ve technically completed two weeks of marathon training, it doesn’t really feel like marathon season has begun, given how all over the place I’ve been the past two weeks (literally!). I’m looking forward to actually feeling like I’m participating in marathon season…now that it’s the first cutback week 😛

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

  1. I think it’s super smart that you’re trying the 11:00 pace group. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with it. And for mapping your runs manually? I always recommend instead.

  2. I am so glad the new group felt better. Yay! I hope that continues! And I think it’s smart to use the 11:00 group.

    Also, ditto to Erin – I use gmap-pedometer as well 🙂

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