Thursday Things

1. I went to another Cubs game last Wednesday!


It was a much more beautiful day for baseball compared to two weeks ago.

I went to the game because the Cubs were playing the Indians, and the group of people I went with wanted to see that game in particular. Fine by me: it was the perfect excuse to wear my World Series Champions shirt (not that any Cubs game is a bad time to wear that shirt, of course, but it felt especially appropriate for a game against Cleveland).

It was also apparently Star Wars Night at Wrigley, so we got to see Clark the Cub dressed up in his Jedi best.


I enjoy baseball games, but I’ll admit that I’m not always all that great about following every single play and tend to lose track of what’s going on, especially when “what’s going on” is mostly nothing, as was the case with the game on Wednesday. At the top of the seventh inning, the Indians fan in the group (insanely, defying all reason) noted the scoreboard and remarked on how he had never been to a game before where one of the teams hadn’t gotten a single hit. And wouldn’t you know it, on the pitch thrown out immediately after he said that, the Cubs got their first hit of the game. One of the cardinal rules of baseball is that you do not talk about a no-hitter during a no-hitter, period, and it boggled my mind 1) that the Indians fan in the group mentioned the no-hitter, since it was the Indians pitcher who stood to pitch a no-hitter, not Jon Lester and 2) that it took all of 10 seconds for the game to no longer be a no-hitter after he said that. I have varying levels of faith in superstitions surrounding sports (usually guided entirely by how important the game is–I’m much more likely to be superstitious about things during a playoff game than I am during a regular season game), and even though I knew it was inappropriate to talk about a no-hitter during a no-hitter, I certainly didn’t expect anything to actually happen. And even though I’m a Cubs fan, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the Cubs got a hit at that point. It would’ve been cool to say I saw a no-hitter, even if it was at the expense of the team I wanted to win.


2. WHAT is going on with the weather around here these days?! Holy smokes. I got home from Michigan two Sundays ago and was woefully underdressed in my light jacket, since it was only 46 degrees outside (on May 21!). Then this past Sunday, I barely wanted to move because it was 97 degrees outside (on May 27!) and too hot to function. And on top of that radical swing in the temperature, this was what AccuWeather had for Wednesday’s forecast earlier this week:


Ah yes, a tropical rainstorm. Just what I expect…in Chicago…in May o.O

I’ve lived in the Midwest my entire life, and I can’t remember a single time where the weather has been so nuts – and not just this past week, but this entire spring in general (remember how there was snow on the ground on April 19?). “Spring” really feels like a misnomer for this entire season. We’ve had late winter and the depths of summer, but nothing in between (i.e.: spring), it feels like.

On the bright side, for the first time in…ever?…I made some logical choices about my first few runs in the heat this year, including getting up way earlier than I wanted on Saturday to get in a turtle-slow 12 miler, getting up early again on Monday to do another turtle-pace four miler, and going into all of these runs with a single goal: to finish without incident. I ran my 12 miler at an 11:30 overall pace with a couple 12:00+ miles tossed in, which is usually enough to send me into a spiral of despair and self-pity. I didn’t beat myself up about it at all on Saturday, though. Here’s hoping I can keep that kind of self-compassion up during marathon season.

3. Speaking of marathon season: I can’t believe that training starts next week. I guess that means I need to come up with some sort of goal for the season. Or go into the year just hoping for the best and seeing what happens? I don’t really expect to top my picture-perfect marathon next year (unless I somehow feel amazing for the whole race AND manage to take like 15+ minutes off my time), and I’m not sure I even want to. I had such an amazing race in 2017–which I know is the exception, not the rule, when it comes to this sort of thing–that I’m hesitant to hope for much of anything in 2018. Though, low expectations are what led to such a good day for me in 2017, so maybe I’m doing this right, haha.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ha, did you and your friends later discuss how shocked you were they brought up that it was a no hitter?! Crazy people!
    Oh gawd, the weather. Good for you for getting up early to beat the heat and being kind with the slower pace. I’ve been doing the same thing, for as long as I can (get up early, that is). And yes, I do remember the April 19th snow… that was when I spun out in it on the highway. Ha. Sigh.
    Sometimes it’s just fun to run without a goal! Or do a non time related goal. What would make this training cycle the most meaningful for you?

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