Thursday Things

1. I went to my first-ever Crosstown Classic game on Saturday!


It…was maybe not a beautiful day for baseball.



The same friends who got married in Punta Cana have family with Cubs season tickets, and when they asked if I wanted to go to the game on Saturday, I immediately said yes. The Crosstown Classic! How could I say no!

So off I went to Wrigley Field on Saturday afternoon, bundled up in two pairs of Cuddl Duds, a pair of jeans, a cami, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, and a fleece, along with a drawstring bag stuffed with my winter hat, gloves, a blanket, garbage bags (to serve as ponchos), my raincoat, plastic bags for phones, a dry pair of socks, and sunglasses (#optimism). You know, your standard mid-May apparel in Chicago.

Minutes after we sat down for the 1:20 scheduled start, the video boards told us that thunderstorm activity would arrive between 1:30 and 1:45 and the start of the game would be delayed. So we waited. And waited. And got hot chocolate, only to wait some more.

Finally around 2:15, it actually started to rain. We’ll overlook the fact that the game should’ve started an hour earlier, meaning we could’ve gotten in an hour of rain-free baseball, but whatever. Fortunately, once it started raining, it could stop raining, but not before the long-promised thunderstorm made an appearance.



The game eventually started at 3:35, and we made it through a whopping three innings before deciding we that had put in our three hours of baseball, even though the Cubs and White Sox hadn’t, and would rather watch the game inside, where we could presumably feel our toes again.

While it perhaps was not the baseball experience I hoped for, I did have a lot more fun than expected, though I’m looking forward to games later this season where I hopefully won’t have to waddle out on numb feet πŸ˜›

2. I read this article, “The Case for Having a Hobby,” in the New York Times last week, and really enjoyed it. I had been musing about my own hobbies the day before I ran across the article, and found that I had experienced a lot of what the article mentioned in my own life.

I feel like I’ve really settled into my hobby groove over the past few years. I love gardening. I love bird watching. (I love that you all believe me when I say I’m 27, despite having the hobbies of a retiree πŸ˜› ). They both bring me so much joy, and I think they bring me so much joy because I do them purely for fun. Yes, there are measures of success in both (did my plants grow and survive like they’re supposed to? Did I see any birds?), but they’re both so low stakes. If my plants die a premature death, it doesn’t matter. If I go out looking for birds at the height of migration season and only see one pigeon, it doesn’t matter. I enjoy “succeeding” at both, but I also enjoy the process. I like going to the park with no idea what kind of birds may or may not be there. I like deciding which flowers or vegetables to plant, and I like tending to them after they’re in the ground. I don’t have to do x, y, and z to get enjoyment out of them: they make me happy and enrich my life, period. I’m glad I’ve found some that I enjoy and will hopefully be able to do for a long time!

3. Years ago, I bought a RED Card at Steppenwolf, which I will continue to recommend for anyone under the age of 30 with even the slightest interest in theater. It’s an absurdly good deal and easily the best way to see amazing shows for next to nothing.

I haven’t cashed in any of my RED Card credits in years, but when I saw that Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight Schrute from The Office, was starring in The Doppelganger, I had to go. It’s also directed by Tina Landau, who’s currently up for a Tony for directing SpongeBob SquarePants (which, according to every review I’ve read, isn’t even half as ridiculous as you’d assume), in case Rainn Wilson isn’t enough of a draw. So, off I went to Steppenwolf last Wednesday for The Doppelganger.

But this is not about why you should get a RED Card (even though you should), nor is it about why you should see The Doppelganger (because it was phenomenal). No, this is about me (of course it is).

I’d seen several ads on Facebook for The Doppelganger, and in them, I always thought one actress looked familiar. For awhile, I thought maybe she had also been in Plantation!, a Lookingglass production I saw earlier this year. But there didn’t appear to be anyone in The Doppelganger that was also in Plantation! (which makes sense, since the shows overlapped for nearly three weeks in April), so I figured the actress from The Doppelganger just had one of those faces. Then I arrived at Steppenwolf, started looking through my program, and my jaw hit the floor. I did indeed know the actress, but not from a show.


I could NOT believe it. I mean, I could. Most people are shy during their first go-around at dance, and she’s one of very, very few who wasn’t. She even volunteered to do a solo, which no one ever does in their first session. I would assume someone who’s chosen acting as a profession wouldn’t be particularly shy about performing. I did some digging through the archives, and sure enough, the actress and the girl in my dance class were definitely the same person. And she wasn’t just in The Doppelganger. She’s a freaking STEPPENWOLF ENSEMBLE MEMBER. WHAT.

It’s nice to know at least one of us has gone on to accomplish big things. I’ll still be listening to Broadway soundtracks at my desk job, pretending I have even a drop of talent in the singing or acting department, if anyone needs me.

Have you been to any baseball games this year?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Unfortunately, no baseball games for me this year. I honestly don’t know if I will get an opportunity to attend a game this year which is really sad. Do you think that if you didn’t live in the city would you spend more time at home alone or would you still try to get into the city for games, etc?

  2. How cool someone from your class is at Steppenwolf!

    That article was interesting; thanks for sharing the link! Strange that the author FORGOT what a hobby is. It makes me sad to think people are so caught up with work and being productive that they can’t imagine doing things that aren’t!!! I am glad you are able to!!!

    Oh gosh, baseball, what a year its having with the weather. I am glad you still had fun! We are going to our first game this weekend, at Miller Park.

    • Ha, when I was at the Cubs game, I was thinking about how I’d prefer to go to a game at Miller Park, where the weather isn’t an issue! Although that would almost certainly mean seeing the Brewers play, and I’m more interested in specific teams than I am in the sport of baseball in general, so unless the Cubs or Tigers are playing the Brewers, I don’t see myself making that trek any time soon. But it would be nice to go to a game and not have to worry about the weather!

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