Thursday Things

1. Holy smokes you guys, I did it again.


*eyes fall out of head*

When I accurately called Villanova as the national champion in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2016, I assumed it was a one time thing. I specifically said, “I expect that this will never happen again at any point in my life. I finished in the 98.7th percentile on ESPN, which I imagine is the best I will ever do….” Little did I know that both of those statements would prove to be false a mere two years later.

I was FLOORED (and a little disappointed, because I had jumped on the Loyola bandwagon) when Michigan and Villanova both ended up in the championship game after the Final Four on Saturday. Never ever in my wildest dreams did I expect to accurately predict both teams in the championship. I only picked Villanova to win it all because that worked out so well for me in 2016. So then to have it happen AGAIN…I truly can’t believe this happened. I finished in the 99.7th percentile on ESPN. I barely miscalled the final score (I underestimated Villanova by four points, and overestimated Michigan by six points). I had five brackets this year, and this one–the one I entered in my family pool, so the only one I really cared about–was my “gut feeling” bracket. I am, as the kids say, SHOOK.

2. I cannot–CAN. NOT.–wait for run commuting season to start. As I mentioned after the marathon last year, run commuting was the biggest game changer I’ve experienced in training, and I miss it. I’m in the depths of half marathon training, with weekday runs in the 5-6 mile range. That’s certainly not the most burdensome distance I could have to do after work, but after weeks and weeks for 3-4 milers, it feels like a big change. Endurance-wise, it’s fine, but time-wise, oof. These long-ish runs are so time consuming for me: someone who averages a 10:00 pace, even with fast finishes, on the best of days. It eats up what feels like my entire night and makes me resent training.

Run commuting, however, solves those problems. I’m able to knock out my commute and my run at once, which saves me the 30 minutes it takes to get home and prevents me from dawdling around the house once I get home before I actually go out for my run. The only thing standing between me and my glorious return to run commuting is the weather. I need either the morning of a run commuting day to be so warm I don’t need a coat or the morning after a run commuting day to be so warm I don’t need a coat, and that hasn’t happened yet. Who would’ve ever guessed I’d be eagerly awaiting warm running weather?! (For the record, I still prefer running in the cold. I just also prefer having a modicum of free time in the evening.)

3. I’ve enjoyed playing Pac Man on Google Maps for April Fools over the past few years, but I think I loved this year’s Where’s Waldo even more than I ever loved playing Pac Man.


I thought it was particularly fun to play Where’s Waldo for the first time as a grown up, because there’s so much chaos going on in those scenes! It was honestly a bit stressful just looking at it, haha. But I felt like I could appreciate everything going on way more than I ever did as a kid, when I’d get frustrated over not being able to find Waldo in .0001 seconds and quit. I was bound and determined to find Waldo and all of his friends on all six levels of Google Maps Where’s Waldo, and thus spent a lot more time analyzing the pictures and catching all the little details I certainly missed as a kid – like in the fruit level, where there’s a cart spilling apples (I’m sure I didn’t know the phrase “upset the apple cart” when I was little), or in the Olympic Stadium level, where there’s a real horse mixed in with the pommel horses. It was a fun little activity and made me feel like a kid again 🙂

Did you have a favorite childhood game book? I LOVED Magic Eye books, but I was never very at seeing the hidden image in them.
Who did you call to win March Madness this year?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Wow, that’s amazing that you called the game and finished so high in the rankings! Do you win a lot of $$ for this?

    I agree run commuting is such a convenient way to fit in training…plus it’s good for you and gives you a boost of energy before/after a long work day! I couldn’t do it every day, though. I don’t love the route and I would get tired of running on trafficky city streets in rush hour and having to stop at stoplights a bunch of times, plus the extra planning it involves. Once the sunrise gets earlier I hope to get back on the morning running bandwagon to fit in training because I agree, it sucks so much free time out of the evenings!

    • As far as I know, I didn’t win anything (other than a lifetime of pride and annual bragging rights in my family pool 😛 ). No one has told me that I won anything at least, but then again, I’m pretty sure my ESPN account is associated with my college email address, which has been defunct for almost six years now, so they probably couldn’t contact me even if I did win something! Oh well. Pride at least doesn’t come with taxes 😛

      I definitely couldn’t run commute every day, either (heck, I can’t even run every day, never mind run commute! Haha.). There’s really no avoiding stop lights in Chicago (unless you live right by the Lakefront Trail, I suppose), but it does require SO much planning that I and my backpack can really only handle every other day run commutes. The planning is worth the free time, though!

  2. I’m impatiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can start Divvying again. I’m just not hardcore enough to bike in this weather. I. HATE. BEING. COLD. I’m still wearing my warmest winter coat these days because I would rather risk overheating than risk being cold.

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