Thursday Things

1. I feel like I’m being a bad blogger by only posting once a week instead of my usual twice per week. I just haven’t had anything additional to say, and I don’t really feel like forcing myself to come up with content just for the sake of having content. This is what I like about marathon season: built in content. I suppose I could do training recaps all year if I’m that concerned about it (though lately, I wouldn’t have much to tell you about, other than that I’m making a lot of progress on Yoga with Adriene. I came down with a cold last week and wanted to get over it ASAP to be back to normal (at least in that department) before my wisdom teeth extraction this Saturday, so I thought it’d be in my best interest to back off in the workout department to encourage my body to heal itself.)

2. While we’re talking about medicine, I would like to subject you to my latest source of frustration: the “optional” health screening required by my employer.

I get an annual physical every year, because I am a responsible adult an anxious mess of a human who is constantly convinced that she is teetering on the precipice of sudden death, despite being fairly healthy in general, an having a medical professional tell me that all is well quells that anxiety for approximately 34 minutes. Point is: it’s not hard to get me into a doctor’s office. I would actually argue that it’s harder to keep me out of a doctor’s office (#anxietyproblems). But, because I am probably in the minority of people who stick to a physical schedule with admirable (?) rigidity, my employer/health insurance provider/corporate wellness program organizer find it necessary to coerce me and my coworkers into an annual health screening.

This screening requires a medically trained professional to take your blood pressure, your height, your waist circumference, and–and here’s where it gets sticky (puns) for me–your cholesterol, your glucose, and your nicotine status, all of which MUST come from a blood test, which MUST take place via venipuncture. Because this is “optional,” you do, technically, have the choice to refuse the health screening. However, if you choose to not participate in this health screening, my employer will punish you by charging you $925 more annually for your health insurance premium. So sure, legally, technically, officially, it’s optional, but when nearly $1000 is on the line, is it really optional? No, it is not.

To accommodate this option requirement, my employer provides onsite screenings. This is all well and good if you’re someone who’s able to maintain consciousness when needles are involved. Since I am not that person, I have to take care of all of this in the doctor’s office, where I am then responsible for all the costs incurred for the appointment. When I went to the doctor to have all this done on Monday, the doctor forgot to order the nicotine test (shocking, that she wouldn’t automatically think to do that for a patient who has never so much as touched a cigarette in her entire life /sarcasmfont), so now I have to go back to the doctor AGAIN to have my blood drawn AGAIN to avoid paying $925 extra on my health insurance this year.

I am not thrilled 😐

3. While I’m in a complain-y mood, I would also like to vent my frustrations at Amazon. Super uplifting day on the blog over here!

On Cyber Monday, I ordered three Christmas presents from Amazon: a ceramic planter and two books. I don’t have Prime, so I patiently waited for my packages to arrive as scheduled the following Friday. Throughout the day on that Friday, I got a few emails warning me that something had gone wrong with my delivery, and that Saturday, learned that the delivery had never taken place at all due to a shipping issue (that issue, as I later learned, was that the ceramic planter had broke in transit. How THAT happened, given how its replacement was packed, I’ll never know, but whatever. Amazon said it broke.). Amazon told me to contact their customer support to remedy the situation, so I did that right away Saturday morning. I was issued a refund for the broken planter, and the two books were reshipped to me. I reordered the ceramic planter and went on with my life.

On Christmas Eve, I received an email from Amazon warning me that I only had a couple weeks left to return the two books from the initial order, or else I’d be charged for them. This was concerning, particularly because I had never received the two books from the initial order in the first place. To my understanding, based on the tracking information associated with my initial order, all three items from the initial order were sent back to Amazon a week after Cyber Monday. The two books I ended up getting were sent in a different order that Amazon created on my behalf to get me the books I paid for. The initial order, including those two books, was never even dropped off. So I contacted Amazon, told them all of this, and they said to not worry about the email I received on Christmas Eve. I, once again, went on with my life.

Then this past Saturday, I received another email from Amazon telling me that since I had never returned the two books from the initial order, they were charging me for them effective immediately. I. Was. FURIOUS. Where on earth did they get off, accusing me of “not returning the order” that was never delivered to me in the first place?!?!?! My outrage only grew when I went back to customer support, and the person assigned to my customer support chat had the gall to tell me that the two books I had received were sent as a replacement to make up for what happened with the first books–which is all well and good, but the fact remained that I was now being charged for FOUR books, when in reality I had only EVER seen TWO of them.

I did eventually get my money back, but man, what a long, drawn out hassle, all over a problem that Amazon created for itself in the first place when THEIR delivery person somehow break a planter that was packed so tightly I had a hard time extracting it from its box to make sure it was what I wanted before gifting it. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of Amazon–I just feel much more confident buying directly from a retailer I know is reputable instead of hoping I’m buying from a decent dealer on Amazon–and let me tell you, this did NOT help matters AT ALL. I have a feeling it’ll be awhile until I buy anything from Amazon again.

4. In less whiny news, I am the proud new owner of ALL OF THE SHOES. Well, maybe not all of the shoes. But all of the shoes I needed to replace.

We have this thing at work where when managers are happy with something you’ve done, they can reward you points, which you can then use to get stuff–basically like credit card rewards, but without the spending-money-via-your-credit-card part of the equation. It occurred to me that I had points stored up in the system and that I probably had enough to get a gift card or two that could go to my shoe-buying needs. Lo and behold, I did!

I was delighted to discover that L.L. Bean had boots on sale (since L.L. Bean has such a generous return policy, I figured they were a safe bet in that department) and that Nike had their 2017 Frees on sale, so between the gift cards I could get from work’s system and the sales, I ended up spending a lot less of my own money than I originally anticipated.


While the boots have been great from a warmth/dryness standpoint, they are definitely taking some getting used to. The leather uppers don’t come pre-broken in, so they’re breaking my calves in the meantime. The boots have been way too stiff against my legs and have really irritated my lower legs. I’m sure once I break them in that won’t happen anymore, but the process of breaking them in is proving to be a bit more uncomfortable than I had hoped!

The Nikes, on the other hand, are a rousing success.


I really wanted them in this color, but they didn’t have any in my size online when I bought them (they do now, of course). These at least are still a little purple, even if they’re not OMGPURPLE like I wanted. Anyway, these are the Free RN Flyknit 2017s (I got the running Frees as opposed to the training Frees because they were cheaper…no shame), and they’ve worked excellently for both dance and a strength training workout thus far.

How should I spend my down time after I get my wisdom teeth out? Totally unrelated to this post, but this upcoming wisdom teeth extraction is about all I can think about, so here we are.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Well I have only been writing in my blog about once a month, so if you’re a bad blogger for writing once a week, well, lock me in blogger prison and throw away the key!

    Good luck with your wisdom teeth extraction! Haha feels like a weird thing to wish “luck” for but what else can you say, I guess? I think it’s a fabulous time to get caught up on some reading, or find a new show to binge-watch on Netflix or Hulu!

  2. Blog when you feel like it, and if it brings you joy! There is no “good” or “bad” blogger… in that regard. Ha.

    I hope everything goes great tomorrow!

    That is annoying about Amazon. What a pain in the ass. I’d be nervous about that and just irritated I had to deal with it. And that I had to go back to the doc’s office, too. Grrr.

  3. Eek … I would be so angry if I had to pay to get a discount for my insurance. My company allows us to go to our own doctor’s for the annual preventative care appointment and as long as it is claimed as such by the doctor there is no cost to us. I might recommend just getting the blood work done at work because if you pass out there the medical professionals should be trained and able to assist you and it also may give you a little break from work. 😉

    I have had a few issues with Amazon myself and honestly because I want to keep brick and mortar stores open I have begun refraining from shopping online unless I absolutely need to.

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