Thursday Things

1. I only have nine days of wisdom left.

Mark your calendars, because my wisdom teeth come out on January 20, and, in the least surprising turn of events of all time, I’m already freaking out about the whole thing, and I do mean the whole thing. I’m freaked out about not being able to eat or drink anything for six hours prior to my appointment (especially the “drink anything” part of the equation), I’m freaked out about being put under anesthesia, I’m freaked out about recovery, AND, in case all of that wasn’t enough, I’m freaked out about having to make a decision about what’s going to happen in the first place.

I went to the dentist in December for a scan that would give the oral surgeon a better idea of where my wisdom teeth are and where my nerves are to hopefully reduce the likelihood of nerve injury (which I am, nevertheless, convinced is going to happen anyway). That scan revealed that while I do have four wisdom teeth, my two top wisdom teeth are so close to my sinuses that I have a risk for sinus perforation should I choose to have those two removed. My top wisdom teeth are so far up in my head that they haven’t even begun to break through my gums and aren’t bothering me at all, so if there’s a risk for additional bodily harm by removing them, it seems to make the most sense to just leave them alone, right?

Wrong. Well, it does, but the problem with leaving them alone is that neither my oral surgeon nor I are psychics, and thus can’t divine what will happen with those teeth in the future. They could just stay exactly where they are, allowing me to go about my life unbothered. They could continue to grow, becoming more entangled with the nerves in the area, making extraction even more difficult in the future (plus I’d be older, which in and of itself makes your recovery more difficult). They could develop into cysts, which would also require future removal.

Ultimately, the decision is mine. The oral surgeon won’t take out my top wisdom teeth if I tell him not to. The dentist recommended I get them out, with the caveat that 1) the oral surgeon might have a different opinion and 2) I was free to disregard their medical advice if I so chose (right, because that definitely makes it sounds optional *rolls eyes*). Even if the oral surgeon does recommend that I get them out, I don’t know that I’ll believe him. I’m extremely skeptical of dentists and their reputation for upselling, and frankly rarely trust a dental professional to make a recommendation purely in my best interest when they stand to make a lot of pocket change from that recommendation. I already have a cost estimate for the extraction, which clearly shows that each–each–top wisdom tooth is worth over $700 (while the bottom teeth are worth closer to $600 each). How am I supposed to trust someone to give me sound medical advice when over $1400 for him is on the line? It reminds me so much of when I went through the whole orthodontia rigamarole as a kid. The orthodontist insisted I needed the whole nine yards–expanders, retainers, braces, and then more retainers–to have healthy, happy teeth as an adult. After going through the expander/retainer piece of the equation, one of his assistants, apparently the altruistic person in the office, told my parents during a consultation that they were welcome to spend $3000 on braces for me, but I definitely didn’t need them and would survive just fine without them. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t end up getting braces, and presumably, the orthodontist office had to wait for the next schmuck to come along to get enough money to upgrade the Gameboys (what’s up, 1998) they had at every single seat in the clinic (true story) or finance his kid’s education at the most expensive, uppity-ist private school in town (another true story) or pay for the massive salt water fish tank they had in the waiting room (a third true story). (Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is that I should steer clear of dental professionals who are all aboard the conspicuous consumption train, she thought to herself as she considered how her current dentist’s office reeks of trendiness and curated aesthetics. *headdesk*)

Even taking the top teeth conundrum out of the equation, I’m still terrified that something is going to go very, very wrong during this. Yes, I know people get their wisdom teeth taken out every day and don’t die during the procedure, or soon after the procedure, or from an infection they acquire as a result of the procedure, or don’t have to live their life with excruciating nerve pain or other devastating side effects after the procedure, but just because plenty of people get through this in one piece does not at all reassure me that I’m going to get through this in one piece, especially since I’m not 17 like everyone else who gets their wisdom teeth out. I know I’m probably being irrational, but I don’t feel like I’m being irrational. I just hate the whole situation 😦

2. Now, I’m just going out on a limb here, but I think my phone may not be the best device to use as a level.



I changed out some framed pictures on Monday and had the genius idea to use the level function on my phone to make sure they hung straight. I thought the frames looked a little off kilter when I was trying to arrange them so that my phone would tell me they were level, but I know sometimes it’s hard to see if frames are straight when you’re right next to them, so I figured that was the problem. Nope! Haha.

It occurred to me later that the level might’ve worked better if I had taken my phone out of its case before I tried to use it, but by that point I had already used my eyes to put the frames back to normal anyway. Should’ve just trusted myself to begin with.

3. My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend, and I’m being a chump and not going.

I have many mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it doesn’t make sense for me to go. The reunion is on a Friday, which would mean I’d have to take time off work: an idea that did not thrill me, since I can think of other ways I’d rather spend my PTO than by hanging out with a bunch of people I didn’t want to hang out with 10 years ago, never mind now. I have to be back in Chicago on Sunday morning, so it’d have to be a ridiculously quick trip back to Michigan. I just traveled my eyes out two weeks ago, including a stop in Michigan, and really have no desire to pack up my suitcase again to go back home again. I keep in semi-regular touch with exactly one person from high school who I saw when I was home two weeks ago. Additionally, the girl in charge of organizing the event is friends with the girl I’m still friends with but is not (and never was) friends with me, so even if I went to hang out with my one remaining friend from high school, the entire night would that same stupid delicate song-and-dance I had to engage in every day in high school where I could only really hang out with my friend when she wasn’t with her other friends, and man, I am not 16 anymore and do not have time for that ish. I barely had time for it when I was 16, so I can most certainly assure you I don’t have time for it now.

On the other hand, the whole reason this reunion is happening when it’s happening is because my high school’s basketball team is playing our (their?) #1 rival that night, and between the girls game and boys game, they’ll be honoring the 2007-2008 boys basketball team (“my” team, if you will–the team my senior year), which won the state championship that year. Of course, that whole thing spiraled out of control: first it was the 07-08 boys basketball team, then it turned into the basketball team + the 2008 girls soccer team, which also won the state championship that year (fair enough), and then turned into the basketball team + the soccer team + the cheerleaders, for Lord only knows what reason. (Because their pom pom waving is what drove the boys basketball team to a state title? I’m not trying to knock the cheerleaders here, but this whole shindig was set up to recognize the people who won state championships, and the cheerleaders, who didn’t compete in ANYTHING, not even cheerleading competitions, most certainly did not win a state championship. If they’re getting recognized, how come I, a four year member of the pep band who never missed one single home game in my ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL CAREER, am not being recognized? Oh, right: because my trumpet playing didn’t win a state championship. And probably because the band director is a bit less obsessed with the illusion of high school greatness: a sentiment that most certainly cannot be applied to the cheerleading coach. High school, I tell ya.). Anyway, all of that nonsense aside, boys basketball games, particularly during my senior year, were the highlight of my entire high school career. I felt like almost all of my happiness from December through March hinged on how the basketball team performed, despite having no real ties to the team to speak of. Those games (and the outcome of those games) meant everything to me, so to not go back for a celebration of the one thing outside of my grades that I really cared about in high school feels weird, to say the least. But not weird enough to make me want to take time off for it, app.

Did you go to your high school reunion? Or would you go, if you haven’t had yours yet?

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I didn’t go to my HS reunion in 2015. I did have a race that weekend, but I wouldn’t have gone anyway. Not only do I live in a different state, but I was never that close with anyone in high school and I don’t have wistful memories of my teenage years. I can count on one hand the number of people from HS I still keep in touch with. In the end, the reunion was having a party area at the local minor league baseball game reserved, and it was about 30 of my classmates who are all still BFFs 10 years later just hanging out and drinking. Not exactly sorry I missed it.

    If college classes had reunions, I’d probably go. I don’t keep in touch with my college friends anymore either (outside of social media liking), but I had much closer friendships in college and I have much fonder memories of that experience.

    • My college’s alumni department organizes reunions every 10 years I think? They also do a one year reunion, which feels unnecessary. And maybe a five? I feel like I’ve been invited to two now. Anyway, regardless of how many I’ve been invited to, I haven’t attend any. I liked college a lot more than high school, but I’ve kept in even less touch with people from college than people from high school, so I certainly wouldn’t feel compelled to attend that. If job reunions were a thing, though, I’d definitely go to a “reunion” with my old coworkers from my former job. I miss them a lot more than I miss anyone from high school or college!

  2. F*ck high school and reunions. It isn’t even about the basketball (that you cared about) anymore, so meh. Stay here, and stay warm inside. Ha.

    Oh man, what a pickle with deciding which teeth to remove. 😦 Sorry you have to make that stressful decision on your own. And I am with you re dentist trying to upsell you on sh*t. I do NOT get it. We actually encountered a pyramid scheme for non-related dental stuff at one place!

    • Yikes, that’s insane about the pyramid scheme thing! I talked to my doctor about it (not that I thought she’d have any insight – I just happened to be there today and when she asked if I had any medical history updates, I said the only update would be coming this Saturday with my wisdom teeth), and she referred to me to a dentist in Chicago who is ALSO a MD to get a second opinion, but he doesn’t have any consultation openings until February, and I really don’t want to cancel my extraction this coming Saturday – I just want to get everything done and over with 😦 I just wish I could get a professional opinion from someone who doesn’t have any stake in this. I would trust the opinion of someone who won’t make any money off of it a lot more!

  3. Good luck making a decision on the wisdom teeth. I understand your frustration at the upsell. If only you had a crystal ball.
    How dare you say the pep band wasn’t an essential part in the basketball team winning the state championship,hehehe. Pep band was always my favorite part of band because the songs were the best, especially “Hey, Baby”.
    I did attend our 10 year high school reunion (I skipped the 5 year). I think like 10 people showed up total and I was related to half of them. I’m not even kidding – me, my husband, my brother-in-law, my cousin and her husband. I will say it was fun though and I attribute that to it being a good mix of people – not too many people from any one “group”. But I have to say if you aren’t really excited about going – don’t go. You won’t really miss anything.

    • Hahahaha thank you for giving me the recognition I deserve 😛 I mean, without our rousing renditions of Gonna Fly Now and…whatever other song we played (I can’t believe I’ve forgotten!) when the team came out, the players never would’ve known it was time for the game, so I basically won the state championship for them, OBVIOUSLY 😛 Hahahaha (Or I at least contributed as much as the cheerleaders did, that’s for sure).

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