Thursday Things

1. My company hosted its annual holiday party this past Friday, and it was, as expected, quite the shindig.

The party took place at Venue One North Shore, which was conveniently located to just about no one, considering that none of our offices are close to Deerfield. But I guess at least it was inconvenient for everyone…? Anyway, I was super on the fence about going, given the location and the fact that it took place on a Friday (I generally dread doing anything on a Friday – I just want to go home and be lazy!), but I (obviously) ultimately decided to go. It turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected, so I’m glad I did! I also learned after I arrived at the party that Venue One used to be the Berto Center, the former practice facility for the Chicago Bulls (including during the Michael Jordan days), so that was pretty cool.

For reasons that I fail to understand, my company’s annual theme always centers around an ’80s song, and this year, our theme has been “The Power of Love” from Back to the Future. The party, therefore, was all-in on the ’80s theme (though you’d think if all of our themes are ’80s songs, all of the parties would be ’80s themed…?), with super old-school arcade games, pinball, a giant Lite Brite, and–I kid you not–a DeLorean.


I don’t know where on earth you find a replica (I assume it was a replica, at least) DeLorean to have available for photo ops at a company holiday party, but apparently our Marketing department does and made it happen.

2. I bought two pairs of identical Asics Gel-Nimbus 18s in February and have faithfully rotated between the two ever since I got them, wearing one one week and the other the next. I didn’t put any particularly major thought or strategy into this: I just figured if I switched pairs ever week, they would probably maintain similar mileage and I wouldn’t notice much of a difference whether I was running in Pair #1 or Pair #2. I (remarkably) remembered to track my mileage every week while running in these shoes, logging how many miles I put on each pair the previous week. Marathon season in particular has some pretty major (or at least major by my small standards) mileage swings, so for awhile there, Pair #1 was definitely winning in the race to 400 miles, at which point I usually downgrade my running shoes into walking/regular life activity shoes. Well, I added up my mileage from this past weekend, and the results? Pair #1: 352.3 miles. Pair #2: 352.9 miles. Heyo! I’ll probably put a few more miles on both pairs at the beginning of next year (I’d like to wait to buy new shoes until late February, since that’s when I got a really good deal at Fleet Feet last year), but I’m pleasantly surprised to see how nicely this rotating pairs thing worked out.

In other footwear news, I noticed on Tuesday that my every-workout-but-running shoes have sprung a leak 😦 It’s just a small hole, but it is a hole, and since I’ve been toying with the idea of getting new every-workout-but-running shoes for awhile, I guess this is the push I needed. I’ve been regularly wearing Nike Frees (…that I got in 2013) for commuting, all my gym workouts, and dance since 2014, so I’m probably due for an upgrade. The problem, unsurprisingly, is that Nike doesn’t make the same shoes they made in 2013 anymore, and now there are all sorts of Frees, including ones meant for running (like I have now, even though I don’t use them for running) and ones meant for “training,” which I suppose is what I need. Decisions, decisions.

3. I may be the only person who feels this way, but I will absolutely not apologize for feeling this way: I’m so glad it’s finally cold outside. I don’t think temperatures in the 50s and 60s during December are a treat. I think they’re annoying at best, concerning at worst (global warming, anyone?), and definitely keep me from getting into the Christmas spirit, given the fact that that kind of weather makes it feel more like Easter is on the way than Christmas. I’m all for temperatures in the 50s and 60s when it’s supposed to be that warm, like late October/early November, and starting again in mid-late March. But in between that time? No thank you.

As of Wednesday, it’s supposed to snow (!!) from Friday into Saturday, though I’ve learned to not get my hopes up too high about snow predictions. I have a race Saturday morning, so I wouldn’t be too disappointed if the snow held off until maybe Saturday afternoon, but I’d also love to get some snow on the ground so it REALLY looks and feels like Christmas.

Is anyone else happy that it’s cold outside?
What shoes do you wear for your non-running workouts?
I’m definitely leaning towards Nike again, but I’m certainly open to other suggestions!

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I swear I’ve seen a building that says DeLorean on it somewhere in the ‘burbs! Also, that’s interesting that your company decided to have the party in Deerfield even though it’s not near anyone. I guess you’re right that at least it was inconvenient for all!

    As for workout shoes, I’ve also been wearing some Nike Frees that I got at a Nike event last summer. And before that I was wearing the original Nike Flyknits I got at a different Nike event. But, yes, it’s annoying that Nike keeps adding new styles! I want a new pair just to wear casually but I don’t know which ones to buy!!

    • Yeah, I guess maybe they decided to go with the annoy everyone instead of please half the company approach this year? Haha. It could also be a venue size thing, too – I know the company is a lot bigger than it used to be, and if they still want to have a company-wide party, venues that could previously fit everyone (when “everyone” was like half of what we have now) obviously aren’t an option with twice as many people.

      Clearly I just need to get myself invited to a Nike event, and that would solve my footwear problem! Haha. (To be fair, I have been invited to Nike events, and I have gotten shoes out of them, but both pairs were their LunarEpics, which are most DEFINITELY running shoes. I could maybe get away with using them for gym workouts, but they certainly wouldn’t work for dance.)

  2. That could have been a real DeLorean! We see them from time to time, out here 🙂 Your note of the inconvenience of the party location reminds me of the off-site building we had for awhile that was in the south suburbs and only convenient for people who lived nearby with cars. When I’d go there, I’d get a hotel!!!!

    I am glad you had fun at the party! And impressed you get so many miles out of your shoes!!!

    I like the cold too, but am grateful it was nice last weekend when we did all that yard work.

  3. Those matching mileage numbers are quite satisfying! I run in Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 (with the occasional Adidas Energy Boost ESM mixed in) and they’re also my everyday, walking, other workout, and improv comedy shoes. I bought four pairs in different colors within months of each other in early 2016 and I just opened the last shoebox I had been saving. I haven’t kept track of which pairs have been getting how much wear, but based on my low mileage (nowhere near goal this year) I won’t have to retire the oldest from running until spring.

    • That’s great that you get so much use out of your running shoes! I really should use my retired running shoes as my commuting shoes – that would help my non-running workout shoes last longer, I’m sure. I probably *could* get away with using my retired running shoes as my non-running workout shoes, too, but I’ve gotten so used to my light Frees that even running shoes feel like too much shoe for those workouts!

  4. I don’t think 50s and 60s in late October/early November are okay at all! Am I the only one who still thinks that is unseasonably warm for that time of year? I remember when that used to be typical September weather.

    I like the cold too – I honestly think becoming a runner is what did that to me. But for some reason, the additional darkness of winter has been hitting me hard this year. I have to fight my body out of hibernation mode.

    • Hahaha I guess I associate September with more like low 70s/high 60s than 50s and 60s? My birthday is September 18, and I know I’ve worn shorts on my birthday many times (including when I was younger, like second grade), so I assume it’s usually fairly warm around then? Though I also remember that most of my Halloween costumes ended up hidden underneath warm coats, so you’re probably right that that’s unseasonably warm for late October!

      I’ve always liked the cold, but I DEFINITELY started to like it a LOT more once I started running. All of my easy effort runs lately have been right around a 9:45 pace, compared to my easy effort runs during marathon season, which were more like an 11:15 pace. It’s SO NICE to be able to run fast(er) and not be one zillion percent miserable.

      I do feel you on the darkness thing, though. I was already complaining about the darkness like, 10 days after we fell back. Haha. Not a good sign for the rest of winter! I’ve held off on using my happy light thus far, but I don’t think I’m going to make it much longer without it.

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