Thursday Things

1. Well, the months-long saga of my garden came to an abrupt (though, upon reflection, predictable) end last Thursday, when I got home from the most fruitless trip to the Apple store ever (puns) to discover that my tomato plant was gone.

It doesn’t take much insight, or even much regular reading of my humble blog, to figure out what happened. My landlord, ever the overly enthusiastic, unsolicited gardening assistant, took it upon himself to dig up and dispose of my entire tomato plant. Because of course he did. Admittedly, I didn’t have high hopes that the plant would do much more with what little is left of gardening season. It was yellowing and shriveled and hardly looked like it had much strength left to go on. HOWEVER. There were still no fewer than a dozen green tomatoes on my plant. While I didn’t have particularly high hopes that they would ripen, I did at least plan to harvest all of them before I pulled up the plant and bring them inside to see if maybe they’d ripen indoors, which I intended to do either this weekend or next weekend, foolishly not considering the possibility that my landlord, once again in his eagerness to be helpful, would RUIN EVERYTHING.

*sighs forever*

Wholly fed up with the destruction of my hard work, my landlord was made aware of my many (many) garden-related grievances after this incident and could not have been more apologetic. (Which didn’t surprise me: I know he’s not actually out to get me, and he’s only trying to help.) During the airing-of-grievances, he was also informed of my intent to plant tulips in the bathtub and educated on the tulip-growing process (i.e.: plant in fall, wait all winter, enjoy in spring). He felt so bad about the whole thing that he offered to buy all of my tulip bulbs for me, thus robbing me of my right to justified anger and fist-shaking, because, truly, there is no justice in this cold, cruel world.

2. Because my landlord is nice and wonderful and kind-hearted, I was then able to return the full force of my wrath and teeth-gnashing in Apple’s direction, who had filled me with righteous anger immediately prior to me coming home last Thursday to see my destroyed garden.

I got an iPhone 8 for no particular reason other than wanting one, which meant I was left with an iPhone 6 I no longer wanted. Because I didn’t go directly to a Verizon store to get my iPhone 8, trading in my iPhone 6 wasn’t as simple as leaving it at Verizon and going on with my life. Verizon (depending on who you talked to and when you asked them) was, possibly, willing to give me $136 in the form a bill credit for my iPhone 6. A not-terrible proposition, but upon further research, I discovered that Apple was willing to give me $145 in the form of an Apple Store gift card for the exact same phone. Given the opportunity to earn nine more dollars AND considering the fact that I’m in the market for noise-cancelling headphones AND considering the fact that one can purchase noise-cancelling headphones at an Apple Store, this seemed like a much more lucrative deal for me.

On Apple’s website, it said that you could trade in your phone in-store for credit towards a device, or you could mail it to them and they’d send you an Apple Store gift card. I was on a bit of a time crunch to get these headphones, and frankly, I really do not enjoy doing any sort of business over the internet when it’s possible to do it in person, so I was much more interested in going to the store to trade in my phone than deal with this over the internet/mail and wait five hundred thousand years for them to mail me a gift card. Since Apple’s website made it definitely sound like the only way to get the gift card was by mail, I figured I should call the Apple Store that had the headphones I wanted in stock just to make sure. As I quickly learned, “calling the Apple Store” means “calling a generic call center,” but the woman I spoke with on the phone specifically said that I could take my iPhone 6 to an Apple Store, trade it in, and use my trade-in credit as I pleased at the store. Fantastic!

So, off I went to the Apple Store. I went to the headphones area, attempted to test out the ones I wanted (they didn’t actually seem to be connected to anything, so that was a bust), and was eventually approached by a Genius who asked if he could help me. I explained that I wanted to trade in my iPhone 6, but I wanted to use the credit I’d receive on noise-cancelling headphones. Was that possible? He didn’t think so, but went to go check with a superior, and soon returned to inform me that no, the trade-in credit I received in store would only apply towards the purchase of a new iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad.


WHY. Can anyone provide me with a logical explanation for this??? Yes, I understand that that’s what the website said, and no, I wasn’t entirely surprised, but I would’ve been substantially less surprised if the woman I talked to the day before hadn’t specifically told me I could spend that money as I pleased. But ignoring all of that–ignoring my incorrect information, ignoring what the website said–WHY. Why on EARTH does it matter to Apple how I spend my money with them?? Because either way, whether I purchased an iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, or spent my Apple Store gift card, they end up with my money. Why does it matter which specific product I spend that money on? And even if they wanted to force me to buy another Apple product, why were only three available on the list of things I could use my in-store trade-in credit on? Why couldn’t I apply that money to a MacBook? An iPod, because apparently those still exist? AirBuds? An Apple TV? An iMac? And, even more so, why on EARTH do the means by which I trade in my phone make SUCH a difference to them?? Either way, I end up with $145 that I have to spend with them, and considering how few things at the Apple store cost less than $145, they’re basically guaranteed to walk away from the deal with at least some of my money. *grumbles forever*

3. Look who I saw on Tuesday morning (on the right side of the tree; apologies for the terrible iPhone photography)!


It’s my little fall birdie friend, the Brown Creeper! Remember when I saw one last year and discovered Merlin, the greatest app of all time? I didn’t even need Merlin to tell me which bird I saw this time around. I already knew from last year!

I texted my mom right after I saw it to tell her about my sighting, and while doing so, it occurred to me that it was sometime in mid-October last year when I saw my first-ever Brown Creeper. I looked back at the calendar, and sure enough, I saw one last year on October 19. This year, I saw one on October 17! How’s that for predictable! I thought that was so interesting. I know that birds’ migration habits are fairly regular, but I’ve never experienced it first hand. While this, of course, is probably the exact bird that I saw last year, it is at least the same type of bird. Now I know to keep an eye out for them in the third week of October!

I also learned in reading up on Brown Creepers on All About Birds that these itty bitty little guys only burn 4-10 calories per day, and that eating just one spider gives them enough energy to climb about 200 feet up a tree!

I also think I’m getting dangerously close to needing to rename this blog Accidental Birding Intentions, based on how frequently I choose to blog about the unexpected bird sightings I’ve had in my neighborhood. Haha 😛

Have you seen any migratory birds this fall? She asked, most likely incorrectly assuming that any of her readers actually pay even the tiniest bit of attention to this sort of thing.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Ha ha, you know that I also pay attention to the birds, but not enough to look them up (although we have two bird books handy in the living room so we can do so 😉 ).

    That is so strange at Apple. But it also doesn’t surprise me they would have such limitations on the credit. Ugh.

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