Chicago Half Marathon Race Recap

I hit the half marathon of half marathons on Sunday (that is to say, I ran my 13th half marathon on Sunday), and boy oh boy did I earn it.


Sunday happened to fall in the middle of the worst, most unrelenting heat wave we’ve had all year, and after running 20 miles in the heat last Sunday, I was extremely uninterested a half marathon in similar conditions. I never actually considered a weather-related DNS until Sunday, and honestly, the only thing that got me out there Sunday morning was my anxiousness over how behind I feel in marathon training. I’ve missed 35 long run miles this season, and I certainly was not about to miss 13 more for anything short of serious illness, injury or other similar emergency.

I woke up at 4:45 Sunday morning to a balmy 74-feels-like-78. I had known all week that this was not going to be a PR sort of day, though I did hope to at least do better than I did in Nashville earlier this year, when it was just about as warm and terrible. I thought I ran a 2:45 in Nashville (turns out I ran a 2:40), so the goal was to do a sub-2:45 for sure, and maybe do a sub-2:30 if I could mange. I figured I’d be walking a lot and didn’t have any “run x miles before I start walking” hopes or dreams.


I crossed the start line three minutes after the race began and felt like the entire field passed me. My goal is always to start slow and speed up as a race goes on, but it was still a little demoralizing to get passed so. many. times. I stuck to my guns, though, churning out some 11:xx miles.

Honestly, I felt WAY better than I expected I’d feel, and a mile or so onto Lake Shore Drive, I was having a hard time holding myself back. I knew the second half would be, minimally, much sunnier than the first half, though, and didn’t want to start running faster only to pay for it later. I did try to keep all my miles faster than 12:xx, though, and while I came close on my fifth mile (11:50), I managed to never drop below that 12:00 threshold. Woo!

To my great delight, I negative splitted all of the second half miles (11:36, 11:32, 11:20, 11:20, 11:16, 11:02, 10:44, 9:12 [the last .23 – I favored shade over tangents and didn’t run this race very well]). That doesn’t very often, and it certainly doesn’t happen often on a hot day like Sunday, so I’m quite proud of that. I only walked when getting water from the aid stations, and did my best to not get caught up in the crowds at the aid stations to avoid losing too much time.

Speaking of the aid stations: for a race that always takes place in September, I was BEYOND IMPRESSED with how much Life Time did to keep runners cool on the course. None of the aid stations seemed to be scrambling for water by the time I got there. There were regular-sized misters you see at football games at a few of the aid stations, there was a gigantic, fire department mister somewhere in the neighborhood of mile nine, and most–possibly all?–of the aid stations on the return trip on Lake Shore Drive were handing out cups of ice, which I happily stuffed down the front and back of my sports bra, as once does when it’s 89 degrees and you’re trying to run a half marathon in full sunlight. They also handed out popsicles at the finish line. I had half of mine, but I wanted salt more than I wanted sweet, and it was so cold compared to the rest of me that I was having a hard time eating it. It was a much appreciated gesture, though!

I checked my watch obsessively down the final stretch and was pretty sure I’d get in under 2:30. Sure enough, I crossed the finish line in 2:29:31 #nailedit. It’s my second slowest half marathon to date, but considering that it was also the second worst conditions I’ve run in, I can’t complain.

I downed some water, collected my obscenely large medal, ate my free slice of pizza, and stumbled out in search of air conditioning and a cold shower. This certainly wasn’t the day I hoped for or expected when I signed up for a late September half marathon, but I’m really happy with how things went. This is the first time I’ve made it through a run lately without questioning whether the effort involved is worth it, and that, my friends, was a wonderful feeling.



8 thoughts on “Chicago Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Way to go! When you’re actually prepared for heat and adjust your pace to accommodate it, it’s often not as bad as we fear. This race shows that your summer training really is paying off!

  2. Awesome job on meeting your goal, feeling good, and not questioning it! I am so happy it turned out well and that they were prepared for the heat.

    I’d have a hard time with the popsicle too! You think you want it, but you don’t want to mess your body’s equilibrium up that much!

    • Thanks! Yeah, they said at the beginning of the race that they’d have popsicles for us at the end and I was SUPER stoked, but when it actually came time to eat it, it wasn’t nearly as relieving as I thought it would be! Plus then it started melting all over my hands, so it just stopped being worth it. BUT it was a nice gesture on the race’s part, and I definitely appreciated the thought!

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  4. Nice job managing your race! Plus negative splitting always gets 2 thumbs up from me! It’s hard to hold back at the beginning of the race, especially with many people passing you, but you made a smart decision. Also 13 half marathons! That’s a lot!

    • I hadn’t even thought about how many half marathons I’ve run until I saw someone with a sign at the race cheering on another athlete who was running her 10th half marathon. It made me wonder how many I had run, and apparently, I ran my 10th without even knowing it! Haha.

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