Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

Sunday, September 3: 33 minutes XT
After being on the couch from Tuesday through Saturday, I finally felt good enough to get in some activity on Sunday. I went to the gym after church and spent some time on the recumbent bike and did one PT exercise afterwards. I had felt a bit woozy in the morning (hence the recumbent bike), but I ended up making it through just fine and actually felt a lot better when I was done.

Monday, September 4: 3 miles in 33:55 for an 11:18 pace + SPF
Well, I wasn’t exactly moving mountains here, but at least I ran! In a perfect world, I would’ve gotten up early and gone running before it got hot outside, but…I chose sleep over ideal training conditions. I didn’t go for my run until like 11:15 or so, and it was HOT and humid by that point. I shuffled through this run, but that was fine. I just wanted to get some miles on my legs, and that’s exactly what I did. Considering how all of last week went, I count three slow miles as a success.

Tuesday, September 5: Dance
Dance started up again on Tuesday, and to my great delight, the combo we learned on Tuesday was neither 1) set to Bruno Mars nor 2) one I’ve done before. This was the first time in over a week that I actually did the workout I planned to do, which was nice, though it did take it out of me a bit. Class went 10 minutes late, and I was predictably annoyed. I really think I might start walking out when class is supposed to end whether or not my teacher’s done teaching, because I’m super sick of this.

Wednesday, September 6: 8.16 miles in 1:24:19 for a 10:20 pace + SPF
I decided to try out my new Garmin with GPS on a run commute to see how it held up, and, not entirely surprisingly, it was just as bad at handling being bounced around between buildings as my Polar watch was. Fortunately, I had measured out my run ahead of time and knew my eight mile route (so my pace, as reported, is incorrect as always). The weather was just about perfect for running, with temperatures in the mid 60s and no sun to speak of, although I did endure a one-minute downpour about five and half miles into the run that was just enough to soak me and make me cold for the next two and a half miles home. It was FREEZING inside my house, too, since we obviously didn’t think to turn the heat on at the beginning of September, so I didn’t do as much PT as I could/should have, because all I could think about was getting out of my cold clothes and into a hot shower.

Thursday, September 7: 58 minutes XT (yoga)
This one:

Well, well! Look who finally got herself into downward dog again! I skipped yoga for four consecutive weeks for various reasons with varying levels of acceptability (ranging from, “I’m sick” to “I don’t feel like it”), but I had no excuses on Thursday, so back to Yoga with Adriene I went! I expected this to be difficult and challenging after four weeks of no yoga, and was pleasantly surprised to have it go quite well.

Friday, September 8: Rest

Saturday, September 9: 12.13 miles in 2:29:25 for a 12:19 pace + S

I cannot even begin to tell you how terrible this run was. It was, without a doubt, the worst run I’ve had all season, and was probably one of the three worst runs I’ve ever had. I was in Iowa last weekend and had to come up with a route, so I found a perfect six mile loop from my hotel (“hotel” is a generous word for where we stayed) that I planned to run three times to make up for the 18 I missed last Saturday. Admittedly, the route was a bit tougher than I’m used to–316 feet of elevation gain, compared to the 100ish I get on a long run on the Lakefront Trail–and I didn’t have the same relaxing Friday night I usually have either, but this run sucked from the second I started and only got worse as it went on. I was more than ready to quit after the first six mile loop, and I did quit after the second mile loop. I was walking before I hit mile 10, and walked almost all of the last mile. I don’t have a clue what happened, but the whole run felt like shit, plain and simple. I was extremely frustrated and cried more than once as a result. I felt like a complete failure, and this absolutely destroyed my confidence.

So…peak week. I have a 10 miler coming up today, and I am desperately hoping for some redemption, especially after Saturday. I’m seriously concerned about the 20 miler on Sunday, not to mention the marathon that’s less than one month away and only one week of actual training from now (since you don’t really make gains from a training perspective during taper). I’ve never gone into peak week doubting my ability to even run 20 miles, never mind run them successfully. I’m worried now that being sick has completely screwed me over, and I’m PISSED OFF about it. I just want to have a good marathon for once in my life, and now I don’t feel like I even have a shot at that, and it’s all because of whatever I got sick with. I know life’s not fair, but…I’m still really frustrated that life’s not fair, especially when for once in my crummy excuse for a running career, I just wanted to have a marathon time I’m proud of. I know a lot could change for the better between now and Oct. 8, but right now, I’m not feeling good about any of this at all 😦


5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

  1. Have you thought about pushing your peak week back and only doing a 2 week taper? That’s what I decided to do after I took time off and downgraded the rest of my training. Since your workload has decreased, it may not be necessary for you to taper for three weeks since you won’t need as much time to recover from training fatigue, and it would allow you another week of running long and preparing your body for the distance.

    • I hadn’t considered that, no, but I don’t really know if that’s feasible for me. I like the idea, but my 20 miler is a registered event, not just a run I’m doing on my own, and I’m registered for a half marathon next Sunday, so I feel kind of locked in to my next two long runs. I only have one midweek run scheduled for next week, though, and I may add a little bit of mileage onto that, depending on how everything goes this week.

  2. Have you talked to any of the CARA coaches about your concerns? There are some training plans (like Hansons, I think) that peak with a 16-mile long run. So I wouldn’t fret about the 20 miler. Also, maybe shortening the taper is a good idea? You already got an extra rest week recently with being sick, so maybe you don’t need your taper to be as long.

    • That’s not a bad idea. I can’t really reschedule peak week, since I’m doing CARA’s 20 miler and obviously they won’t move that to the following week just for me (and I’m running the Chicago Half the following Sunday anyway), but CARA could probably offer some insight as to how intensely I should taper after this weekend – if I should keep up higher mileage for one more week before really tapering, or start tapering and hope for the best.

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