Goals for 2017: August Check-In

Goal #1: Publish at least one freelance piece
I…have done absolutely nothing in this regard all month.

Goal #2: Get rid of 50 things
I…have done absolutely nothing in this regard all month as well. You would’ve thought that, since I moved on July 25, I would’ve gotten rid of the things I no longer wanted post-move by now. You would’ve thought wrong. Maybe in September.

Goal #3: Finish Dutch on Duolingo
Still finished, still reviewing. Ever since I finished the Dutch curriculum, I’ve relied on the Practice function to get me my lesson for the day, but I’m starting to think I should take more initiative on my own. I keep going over the same basic stuff with Practice, and I’d like to review other lessons as well. I’m thisclose to hitting my one-year streak, though!

Goal #4: Stay healthy and out of PT
I’m feeling a lot better about this now than I was this time last week. The sliver-thin silver lining to being sick last week was that my knee had plenty of time to get better, so I’m feeling very positive about that. Discovering the Chicago Recovery Room has also made me more optimistic about my chances of staying out of PT.

– Strength train once per week, minimally, during running season: Nope. I missed two weeks, but I knew I would miss both of those weeks, so not the end of the world.
– Stretch after every run: Nope. I stretched after most runs, but not every run.
– Foam roll after every run, even if that means with a Moji rather than a full-blown foam roller: Nope. I foam rolled after most runs, but not every run.
– Do at least three PT exercises twice per week: I was doing really well on this right up until the last week of August, when I didn’t do PT once. Ouch. Granted, I didn’t do it because I was sick, so it’s not like I could’ve done it. Hopefully September will be better on that front.

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