Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

Sunday, August 20: 85 minutes XT
First Sunday workout in my new gym! I was very pleasantly surprised by the variety of equipment and number of locker room amenities (mouthwash! Lotion! Real hair dryers!), so I’m pretty excited about the new-to-me setup. Because of my knee situation, I want to make a point of doing PT every day from now until…well, I was going to say the marathon, but probably from now until after Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas, assuming I don’t nearly break my foot again (or otherwise injure myself) and have to drop out. Regardless, this means I now need to do PT on Sundays, so I decided to spend 40 minutes biking, go through a full PT routine, then fill the remaining time with an NTC workout. Two rounds of PT (clams, wall slides, single leg squats, side bridges, regular squats, and cones) took me just about half an hour, so I spent my remaining 15 minutes on NTC’s Best Foot Forward. Those 15 minute routines go by quickly when you’re used to 45 minute ones!

Monday, August 21: 55 minutes XT (yoga)
Due to my eclipse travels, I didn’t have time (or the desire) to run on Monday. Due to my experience with absolutely not wanting to do yoga on Thursday after therapy during week 11, I figured my best bet would be to do yoga at the hotel on Monday before leaving so I could take a rest day on Thursday. So that’s what I did! It was another NTC day for me, starting with Run Ready Yoga and finishing with Ultimate Strength Yoga. It was…almost 55 minutes. 52, technically, but that’s close enough for me. I was super proud of my crow poses during Ultimate Strength Yoga! Usually I can only hold those for a half second, but I was able to stay in crow for a full breath on Monday, which rarely happens.

Tuesday, August 22: 7.47 miles (lol ok) in 1:15:29 for a 10:06 pace + SPF
My watch put forth its worst showing yet on Tuesday, clocking me in at a 7:49 first mile and a max pace during that mile of 3:06. Right. For the record, a 3:06 pace translates to an 11.5 second 100-meter dash. My PR in the 100 in high school was 14.5 (I like to describe my track performance as “exceedingly mediocre” hahaha), so no, I did not run a 3:06 pace at any point during this run, nor did I run a 7:49, exactly-5K-PR-pace first mile. MapMyRun said I did 7.01 miles, which is a bit more realistic in my opinion. Aside from the watch issues, though, this run went fairly well. I regretted the tuna fish sandwich I had at lunch for the first 3.5ish miles, but my stomach settled down towards the end, and I actually felt really stronger and faster at the end of my run than at the beginning. That doesn’t happen too often!

Wednesday, August 23: 7.15 miles in 1:13:16 for a 10:14 pace
On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to check out the Chicago Recovery Room in the South Loop. I’ll have a full post on that later (spoiler alert: I LOVED it). I needed to run seven miles that day, so I did four miles on my own to get to there, then ran three more miles with Keelan, an athletic trainer on staff there, and followed the whole thing with a recovery session, which was OUT OF THIS WORLD. NormaTec boots, an ice bath, the whole nine yards. If you’re training for anything, I cannot recommend the Chicago Recovery Room enough. My knee had started whining when I would start running after stop lights half a mile or so before I got to the Chicago Recovery Room, and when I walked out, three miles and lots of recovery tool utilization later, my knee felt 100% fine for the first time in weeks. If that’s not enough of a testament to how fantastic this place is, I don’t know what is.

Thursday, August 24: Rest
Hooray for dance’s annual two-week summer break! That means I get an extra rest day 🙂

Friday, August 25: Rest

Saturday, August 26: 14.09 miles in 2:27:27 for a 10:28 pace + SP
First of all, look at all the new toys I had on this run!


I went to Fleet Feet on Wednesday and spent all of my money. First up, my brand new watch! I bought a Garmin Forerunner 35, and from the one run I’ve taken it on so far, it’s been AWESOME. I set it up to beep and vibrate at every mile and I felt like its GPS measuring was more accurate than my old watch. I did find the way it notes that you’ve been running for more than an hour to be a little weird–if I had run for 1:02:03, for example, the “1” would be in superscript, so it looks more like 02:03–but I think I remember a similar initial confusion with my old Garmin? Now that I understand what’s going on, I’m sure it’ll be fine from here on out. I plan to take it on one or two more Lakefront Trail-only runs before trying it out on my run commute–it has a built-in accelerometer that’s supposed to learn your stride length and such so you can run indoors with out the GPS, and I’m thinking I may try running on indoor mode on my run commute to use the accelerometer to measure distance rather than GPS–but so far, I really like it!


I also bought a new hydration belt. Truth be told, I haven’t liked my FuelBelt since I started using it five years ago. It always leaked, and the flasks were really small. I’ve been meaning to upgrade for over a year, and I finally pulled the trigger on Wednesday and bought a Nathan TrailMix Plus Insulated 2 Hydration Belt. I definitely prefer insulted water bottles to regular water bottles, so that was a big selling point for me, and the flasks each hold 10 ounces of water. I did learn the hard way on Saturday that even though they can hold 10 ounces of water, I probably shouldn’t let them hold 10 ounces of water, because my belt was super heavy at the beginning of the run. But, it didn’t leak, and I wasn’t constantly filling the flasks up, so overall, I’m glad with my purchase.

As for the run itself, it went really well until the last mile, when I completely fell apart. I just could not keep up with the group anymore, so I slowed down and eventually even walked to catch my breath. My legs were all blotchy when I finished the run (according to Runner’s World, this isn’t particularly abnormal), and when I got home and was going my PT I got super nauseous and had to lie down for a bit. I had a bottle of Gatorade, which helped a lot, so I’m guessing I was just dehydrated?

I felt so much better as a runner and human this week compared to last week. I made a point of trying to get to bed on time, which I think helped a lot. This upcoming week is going to be another tough one from a mileage standpoint, but it’s the second to last build week of training (which is both exciting and concerning, haha). Not much more time until marathon day!

7 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

  1. Yay for all the amenities at the new gym, and getting a new watch! And having a better training week!

    I hope the GPS works a lot better, even on your run commute! When I got a new Garmin a few years ago, the satellites were so much better in the city!

    • That’s super encouraging to hear about satellites being better in the city with your new (or, at least new a few years ago) Garmin! I still haven’t tried mine around tall buildings yet, but I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll be a better experience than with my Polar watch (through frankly, as long as it’s not worse, I won’t complain. Haha.)

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