Chicago Marathon Training Week 9

Sunday, July 31: 80 minutes XT
I didn’t have time to go to the gym Sunday morning, but I did have time to work out at home, so that’s what I did. I don’t have cardio equipment at home, unsurprisingly, so this was purely a strength training workout instead of half cardio/half strength like sometimes. I did these four different workouts from FitnessBlender to get me to 80 minutes, though I’ll admit that I probably didn’t try as hard on some of them as I was supposed to. I definitely wasn’t lifting heavy enough to reach fatigue on the upper body video like it instructed.

Monday, July 31: 6.25 miles in 1:05:58 for a 10:32 pace + SPF
It was a lot warmer than I expected it to be on Monday! I’m going to say that’s why this run was so much slower than I expected it to be 😉 Now that I know my GPS is unreliable for the first part of my run commutes, I’ve been trying to map out my runs on Google ahead of time to get a distance estimate. I realized that MapMyRun is probably a lot better for these sorts of purposes after I got home, because that will tell me where the actual mile markers are, which Google doesn’t do. Anyway, I didn’t yell at any cyclists on this run, and I only got annoyed at one or two tourists, so all in all, this was much better than last week’s run commute 😛

(Also, I should note that I’m recording the distance and pace my watch tells me I ran, even though I know it’s inaccurate, because it’s the only data I have.)

Tuesday, August 1: Dance
I don’t know if everyone dropped out last week or this week, but our class of eight was down to four holdouts on Tuesday, including my friend whose been taking class as long as I have and me. Two weeks ago, we started learning a routine to Cry Me a River that I knew I remembered doing at some point, so I dug through my video archives and discovered I had done that combination during the October-December 2013 session (so basically a lifetime ago, at this point). I watched the video several times between two weeks ago and Tuesday so I wouldn’t be too far behind when I went back to class, and I was able to pick it up again pretty quickly. Muscle memory, I tell ya. It really is remarkable!

Wednesday, August 2: 6 miles in 1:00:49 for a 10:07 pace (lol I wish) + SPF
Alas, once again, the best laid plans of mice and men. For starters, I was super anxious about getting this run in. The forecast called for afternoon storms, and I was very concerned that they would derail my workout. I watched the radar like a hawk for an hour before I left, finally deciding that the storms I saw were far enough away that I could probably beat them home on foot. After realizing on Monday that I could circumvent my run commuting GPS woes by measuring out my run on MapMyRun before leaving, I planned a six mile route and went on my merry way. To my utter dismay, one of the sidewalks I planned to take was completely closed, and the only available detour was to go in a wide loop in the opposite direction to get around it. This, threw off my measured route, so all my planning was for naught. Of course, this is the exact sort of problem at GPS watch is meant to prevent, but when your GPS watch can’t get a steady signal, it becomes fairly useless. I’m strongly considering the Garmin FR35 as my next running watch, and I’m wondering if I should pony up for a foot pod to supplement the time when my watch can’t find a GPS signal.

Anyway, the run was fine overall, aside from the detour, and it didn’t even start raining until two hours after I had gotten home, so, per usual, I worried over nothing.

Thursday, August 3: 50 minutes XT (yoga)
This one:

This was my first repeat Yoga with Adriene video, but it was the only 50 minute option I could find, so a repeat it was! This really wasn’t the most challenging yoga practice I’ve ever done in my life, but WHOA BUDDY did the ab work (all, like, two minutes of it, haha) leave me sore!

Friday, August 4: Rest

Saturday, August 5: 11.4 miles in 1:28:24 for a 10:22 pace + SPF
Friday turned out to be basically the most perfect running weather day of all time (cloudy and in the 50s! My kind of summer weather!), and I was a little bummed that we got that weather on Friday, not Saturday. Well, Saturday’s weather turned out to be fairly similar, just with sun instead of clouds. It felt AWESOME to run in cool, comfortable weather. I ran with an old running buddy for the first time in several weeks, and I was worried that I’d run out of gas because I was talking too much, but I made it through the run just fine. We had a picnic afterwards, which was a nice way to celebrate cutback week.

Halfway there! It feels like that should mean the rest of marathon training will be a breeze, but unfortunately, just like in the marathon itself, the real work doesn’t begin until right about now. My mileage is about to start to get pretty high–I have one run between now and taper that should take less than an hour, out of the 18 runs I plan to do in that time–and these next two weeks are my very least favorite weeks of the whole season, with the 15 and 16 milers on deck (for some reason, I’ve always found these to be much worse than the 18 and 20 milers). But I’ve gotten through them four times before, even when it wasn’t easy, so at least it’s familiar territory.

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