Goals for 2017: July Check-In

Goal #1: Publish at least one freelance piece
I can now cross the “at least” part off of this list as well. The same editor who asked me to write a piece in June reached out to me at the very beginning of July to see if I could do do another piece. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but I got it done! It got published this month as well, so it definitely officially counts as a July accomplishment. I still haven’t put one iota of effort into getting anything into a publication other than the one with the editor I know, but maybe that will happen next month…or after marathon season…or, you know, eventually (read: never). My life has changed so dramatically and unexpectedly from the beginning of this year with half of my department quitting back in May that I really don’t have the free time I expected to have to devote to freelancing.

Goal #2: Get rid of 50 things
I’m in the neighborhood of 572 items at this point. I have a few other things that I got rid of while I was unpacking, but I haven’t written any of them down yet, so I’m saying they don’t count. Plus this way I’ll be able to (somewhat accurately) say I got rid of more stuff in August πŸ˜› After that point, I’d be surprised if this number keeps climbing at its recent rate. I have to say, though, unpacking was SO much easier this time around than compared to previous moves. Part of it was probably having more space to spread out while unpacking, but I think knowing that, for the most part, the only items I had were ones I had already decided I wanted made life a lot simpler.

Goal #3: Finish Dutch on Duolingo
I finished Dutch in June, so now I’m just reviewing. It’s surprised me to see how much I remember from concepts I haven’t had to study in quite some time! I still don’t feel like I could speak Dutch in any capacity to a person who actually speaks the language, and I don’t really feel like I can read Dutch that well, either (a ringing endorsement for Duolingo, haha), but I guess I at least have a stronger grip on the language than I had before I started Duolingo, so that’s something.

Goal #4: Stay healthy and out of PT
Well, I’m not in PT at the moment, so that’s positive. I think I’d put myself in the “somewhat healthy” category after last week, but like I said in my training recap post, I don’t know if I’m actually on the road to getting injured or just projecting stress over a situation I could only kind of control (moving) onto a situation I feel I can control more (injury prevention by means of strength training, stretching, foam rolling, and resting). I guess this week will show which one it was! In terms of specifics:

– Strength train once per week, minimally, during running season: Check! (Mostly.) I didn’t strength train during the week of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I also didn’t have it on my schedule to strength train that week, so I’m not losing sleep over it.
– Stretch after every run: I skipped stretching twice, but did stretch after the other 12 runs I did in July, so I consider that a success.
– Foam roll after every run, even if that means with a Moji rather than a full-blown foam roller: I skipped foam rolling twice this month as well, but, once again, that would mean I did foam roll 12 times.
– Do at least three PT exercises twice per week: According to my training log, there was one week where I only did PT exercises once, but I don’t think that’s particularly accurate. I write down when I do PT exercises after runs, but I usually try to do some PT before dance, and I do PT exercises during the day at work fairly regularly as well, so I’m guessing I did better at this than my training log suggests.

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2017: July Check-In

  1. Wow, 572 items, that’s impressive! We got rid of a ton of stuff before moving to the new house and now I wish I had counted/kept track of it all. I never really thought to count the items I get rid of when decluttering, but now I see why people do it – seeing that number is so motivating! Is your published piece online that you can share with us?

    • What’s funny is that when I set out my goal at the beginning of the year, I knew 50 would be really easy to hit, but only expected to actually hit around 200 or so. Clearly I VASTLY underestimated the amount of crap I had, haha. The piece from this month isn’t online yet (at least not as a standalone piece – it’s in a magazine and the magazine is online, but only the full issue, not the individual articles yet), but I can share it once it is!

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