Chicago Marathon Training Week 6


Sunday, July 9: 75 minutes XT (30 minutes bike + 45 minutes strength training)
Exact same thing as I did last week: easy 30 minutes on the bike followed by Motionally Stable in the NTC app. Not a whole lot to note about this workout other than that there were more people at the gym this Sunday compared to during the holiday weekend last Sunday, and I got through a LOT of Runners World on the bike 😛

Monday, July 10: 6 miles in 1:02:30 for a 10:25 pace + SPF
One stormy day down, one to go. I got lucky Monday afternoon and was able to run commute home, despite the forecast (and the fact that it looked less-than-promising outside when I left the office). Even more luckily, the impending rain chased nearly everyone inside, so I had clear paths on my way home. It was a nice change from last Monday’s tourist-dodging adventure! The humidity was CRUSHING, but I got through it. I also somehow dropped 9:4x first miles? I don’t know how that happened, because I certainly didn’t feel like I was running that fast, but my watch says I did a 9:48 and a 9:44, and if it wants to tell me that, I’m happy to believe it.

Tuesday, July 11: Dance
Two unsurprising things happened after missing the second week of the session due to the Fourth of July. Thing #1: some people who had showed up the first week did not show up this week (though to be fair, that usually happens regardless of whether or not a national holiday falls on the second week of the session). Thing #2: nearly everyone had completely forgotten what we had done two weeks ago. So, we spent a fair amount of time reviewing, and then added a little more to the end. And we got out on time!! Hooray!

Wednesday, July 12: 6 miles in 59:59 for a 10:00 pace
On Tuesday, I started seeing reports that Wednesday afternoon was going to have heat indices at or near 100 degrees. Having already once this year changed a planned seven miler into a 2.75-miler due to a heat index of 97, I made the executive decision to get up early on Wednesday morning and run my six miles before work. Now, it is worth noting that weekday morning running is my least favorite kind of running. I find it extremely stressful, since I don’t feel safe with so few people out and about at that time of day and I have the pressure of needing to get to work by a certain time, I don’t appreciate that it requires getting up earlier than I’d normally choose to get up on a work day, and it throws off my entire routine. But, since I really did not want to skip or shorten this run, I sucked it up and did it in the morning.

I don’t know where all my speed came from. I ran a 10:45 first mile, and from then on out it was almost exclusively 9:xx miles, with one 10:06 mile thrown in. I suspected my watch was measuring short, but I did an out-and-back, and it hit all my mile markers at the exact same spot each time (and hit them where I expected it to hit them), so I guess the pressure of needing to get through my run and to the office made me much faster than normal. I was drenched with sweat when I got home thanks to the humidity.

Also, speaking of the weather: I don’t think it ever got above 80 degrees on Wednesday, never mind to 90/feeling like 100. I gave up my planned run commute to get up early, get to work late, AND get home later than I would’ve if I had run commuted (since I got into work so late and had to stay late as a result). I was not pleased.

Thursday, July 13: 45 minutes XT (yoga)
This one, but for real this time:

I was not plagued by internet issues Thursday, so I got all the way through this practice. Towards the end, there was a pretty intense hip opener that my glutes really appreciated.

Friday, July 14: Rest

Saturday, July 14: Rest (due to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon the following day)

One-third of the way through marathon season! Saturday marked four straight weeks of never once missing a planned workout, which is certainly the best I’ve done in awhile (my printed schedule has all of my workouts from April 23 through October 14 on it, and prior to this four-week stretch, the best I had ever done was two straight weeks with no missed workouts). I don’t know how much longer that will last–the forecast for later this week does not look promising, so we’ll see what happens with the runs I have on ym schedule–but since I feel like the theme of my marathon training for the past five years has been, “I was supposed to do this, but decided to this instead,” it feels nice to be able to stick to a schedule for a change. Shoutout for the five hundredth time to M3 for being a plan that fits my life.

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