Goals for 2017: June Check-In

Goal #1: Publish at least one freelance piece
The article I mentioned writing last month got published this month, so I can officially say I accomplished this goal. Aside from that, though, I fell off the freelancing train HARD this month 😦 I pitched one piece and got turned down within minutes, and got no response to a follow-up on a pitch I sent out in May. My responsibilities at my real job increased substantially this month, which left me with little to no free time in front of a computer to buckle down on freelance work (unlike the previous five months, when I had nearly nothing but free time 40 hours per week at the office). I know July is going to be busy both at home and at work, so I don’t have very high hopes for this month. Maybe August will be better :/

Goal #2: Get rid of 50 things
I’m now up to 396 items thrown away/recycled/donated. Staring down an upcoming move does help on that front! I wish I had done this months ago, though. My room is now so neat and tidy and it no longer stresses me out just to be in there and exist with all that clutter. It would’ve been nice to have had more time to enjoy that! I think this every time I move, but I really hope I can exercise some self-restraint in my new apartment and avoid accumulating junk so as to maintain a neater space at all times. I feel so much better and more relaxed when I don’t have clutter, um, cluttering up my space. I just need to stop getting so sentimentally attached to things.

Goal #3: Finish Dutch on Duolingo
Mission accomplished! I finished the entire Dutch curriculum on June 22. I thought Duo would throw me a party, but it didn’t seem to particularly care that after one year, six months, and 22 days of consistent app usage, I finally got to the end of a language. Lame. I’m still reviewing every day with the practice function of the app, but now I’m working on a lot simpler sentences (which makes it much faster to get through each day!).

Goal #4: Stay healthy and out of PT
My runner’s knee knee and strained/reacted/fractured foot bothered me on and off during this past month, but never consistently, and never lingering-ly (<- definitely a word), so I’m not too concerned about either one of those ailments right now. I’m trying to be very consistent about at least some physical therapy exercises as close to daily as possible in an effort to keep both of those injuries at bay.

– Strength train once per week, minimally, during running season: I got in exactly one, abbreviated strength training session this entire month. Way to go, self 😐 I don’t want to be too optimistic, but it looks like my Sundays in July will be a lot more open than my Sundays in June, which should mean more opportunities to get to the gym and cross train like I intended to during marathon season.
– Stretch after every run: Yes! Well, I skipped stretching after one run, but other than that, I was super consistent about this. Stretching is starting to become more of a habit once again than an inconvenience, which is exactly what I wanted to happen.
– Foam roll after every run, even if that means with a Moji rather than a full-blown foam roller: I skipped foam rolling twice this month, but otherwise, I got it in every time. Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot less miserable and painful now that I’m more consistent about spending some quality time with my foam roller three times per week.
– Do at least three PT exercises twice per week: I didn’t bother to keep track of my PT-ing before marathon season started, but since then, I’ve hit this goal every time.

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2017: June Check-In

  1. It’s not very exciting when you finish a language track on Duo, right? I wish there was a part two to move on to. Now I just go through the simple stuff each day, too.

    • No! It was so underwhelming! I expected at least some sort of congratulatory message! And I agree about part two. It feels really silly to be reviewing how to say, “I am a girl,” every day after weeks of way more complicated (if, admittedly, a bit weird – “You look like a stroopwafel” and “You played like a poffertje without sugar” were two of my favorites HAHAHA (stroopwafels are what Honey Stingers are, and poffertjes are mini, puffy pancakes)) sentences.

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