Thursday Things

1. Soo…remember a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about watching the Tonys and how I desperately wanted to see Dear Evan Hansen live on Broadway before Ben Platt’s contract expires, but how it was mad expensive so I would never do it? Well…um…



Shortly after I wrote that post, the New York Times, clearly out to get me, posted this article in the Smarter Living section of its morning roundup (the tl;dr for which is: sometimes things are really, really expensive and it would fly in the face of all fiscal responsibility to do them, BUT if the experience is going to be priceless and you do have the available cash to do it (even if said available cash could be put to better use as it would be defined by a financial planner, like investing it or saving it), you should do it anyway), which obviously did not help convince me that going to one of the greatest Broadway shows of our time with the original cast intact would be a bad idea. Then I told one of my roommates about my harebrained idea, and she encouraged me to do it, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so here I am, substantially poorer, but with a very exciting item on my calendar in a few months.

At least this year’s harebrained idea doesn’t involve me running two marathons in the space of three weeks like last year’s…?

2. I continued my unintentional quest to cross as many things off the stereotypical Chicago bucket list in 2017 last weekend with my first ever trip to Lake Geneva. It happened to coincide with my five year (yikes!) anniversary of living in Chicago, so better late than never?


I went to spectate the Bigfoot Triathlon, but since it was my first time in Lake Geneva, seeing the eye-popping mansions around the lake was also a priority. I found it difficult to dig up information on the houses online, so a boat tour seemed like the best way to see as many homes as possible and actually know whose home/property I saw.


I was a bit disappointed by how few historic homes remained, and every time our tour guide mentioned a gargantuan mansion built in the 1890s that was subsequently torn down later, my preservationist heart wept. At least the Stone Mansion still exists.


While I expected this boat tour to be the highlight of the trip–and I certainly enjoyed it a lot–the actual highlight came earlier in the day, when I was walking around Big Foot Beach State Park (the main center of activity for the tri) and saw BLUEBIRDS!



I haven’t seen bluebirds in the flesh (feather?) since I believe May of 2016, so this was A Big Deal, since 1) I doubt I’ll ever see a bluebird in the city of Chicago and 2) bluebirds are my favorite songbirds. I was walking over to transition when I saw one fly in front of me, and immediately threw all plans of spectating the bike to run transition to the wind in favor of stalking the pretty birdies.


I had brought my SLR with me to Lake Geneva for the boat tour, but MAN was I glad to have it available for bluebird photographing as well! I saw a female and male bluebird, though the male only made a couple of appearances. Neither bird was particularly skittish, and though I couldn’t get super close, they’d usually let me get within 15 or 20 feet of them or so before flitting off to a farther away branch. I must’ve stood around watching them for half an hour, and it was AWESOME.


3. I spent late Saturday morning/early Saturday afternoon at Erin’s house for a Stella & Dot party/brunch she hosted. I’ve been to a similar party for a different jewelry company before but didn’t know much about Stella & Dot, so I figured I was going to end up in a similar position to last time, where I didn’t really want anything but felt obligated to buy something (the “something” I bought at that party, an earring set, did not survive my pre-moving purge). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I like Stella & Dot’s jewelry a lot more, and rather than not wanting to buy anything, had a hard time deciding what I wanted to buy! Having just bought Dear Evan Hansen tickets made it a lot easier to stick to a budget, however 😛

The weather was picture perfect on Saturday, so we spent a lot of time on Erin’s deck, eating, chatting, drinking mimosas, and watching her resident robin feed its babies in the nest on her deck. I was so surprised that the robin didn’t care that we were there! I know several kinds of birds get extremely protective of the area around their nests when they have babies, but the robin didn’t mind us at all and just kept up with his/her feeding routine. It was really cool to watch!

Have you ever been to Lake Geneva?

8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I don’t know why – perhaps because I live in Wisconsin – but it’s hilarious to me that Lake Geneva is on people’s Chicago-themed bucket lists. I lived in that area for about 6 months in 2010 and worked front desk at one of the resorts in downtown Lake Geneva. I worked there in the heart of tourism season but I rarely spent much time in town because it was just so jam packed with tourists all day every day. I wish I would have done more stuff like what you did, but I didn’t even know it was there at the time. Ah well.

    • I hadn’t even ever heard of Lake Geneva until I moved to Chicago, but once I did it seemed like that was where EVERYONE went at least once during the summer. Although it is kind of funny to me, too, because growing up in Michigan, if you were going to go to “a lake” for the weekend, you were probably going to go to a town along Lake Michigan for the weekend (or maybe somewhere up north, I guess). So, since Chicago is a town along Lake Michigan (though admittedly not quite in the same vein as the small towns along Lake Michigan in Michigan), it seems a little silly that we have to drive an hour and a half to go to a DIFFERENT lake instead haha. But it was a cute town! And the lake, obviously, is a bit different from Lake Michigan 😛

  2. I went sailing on Lake Geneva a loooooooong time ago with my then-boyfriend on his dad’s boat. It was fun. Since then, I’ve been back twice, but once in October for the ZOOMA race (when it was there) and once in January for the S-No-W Fun Run.

  3. I’ve never been to Lake Geneva, but those houses are quite impressive! I love looking at lakehouses, but most of the ones in the South aren’t so grand. I think it’s easy to not get out and about where we live, but I’m always glad when I take the time to explore.

    • I grew up fairly close to a lake that was surrounded by gigantic mansions or the cottages that used to exist there before people bought the cottages and tore them down to build gigantic mansions. I always really enjoyed going down to the lake and seeing what people were doing there with their homes!

  4. How wonderful that you got to see the birds in Lake Geneva! And that you had your camera with you!

    I’ve been underwhelmed by Lake Geneva. But I think I’d still like to do a boat tour! My friend and I once ran the entire perimeter of the lake – the law about having a public path there just blows my mind.

    • Really?! That’s so cool! I was thinking about how that would make for a perfect “marathon,” since it’s close to 26 miles (I think?). Obviously it’s not ideal race conditions, and you couldn’t have many people doing it, but to do it on your own sounds so cool!

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