Thursday Things

1. I’ve officially lost all sense of shame.



I really thought I had a good 20 or so years in me until I started wearing tennis shoes with skirts on my way to work, but clearly that’s not the case. I take a walk at lunch nearly every day, and last year I bought Superfeet flip flops for that specific purpose. While the flip flops are far and away the most supportive and foot-friendly flip flops I’ve ever worn, they’re also quite heavy, and I’ve noticed I have to walk much slower in them than I can walk in tennis shoes. The straps also rub against the tops of my feet, causing minor chafing (though maybe Body Glide would solve that problem?), so I’m loathe to wear them when I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking, like on work days. So now I’m That Person, sacrificing all attempts at style or fashion in the name of comfort and foot health. Though if I were the one making the fashion rules, practical footwear would be the only kind of footwear, so perhaps we can say I’m just adhering to my own style guidelines.

2. I have a gym membership dilemma, and I’m soliciting your opinions.

I am a person who, nine times out of ten, can only convince herself to go to the gym when it is so pathetically convenient, it might actually be more of a hassle to not go to the gym than to go to the gym. If the gym is out of my way at all, I’m not going. My current gym is on my way to just about anywhere and, for times when I don’t feel like taking the CTA, is also a short walk from my apartment.

Later this year, I’ll be moving, and my current gym will be on my way to literally nowhere. I also know that the monthly rate at my gym will increase substantially for me in a few months, which makes remaining a member of that gym fairly unappealing, despite the fact that I like my gym a lot.

I have two viable options for a new gym: joining the one in my office building, or joining one a couple of blocks from my office building.

The gym in my building is certainly the most economical option. It’s $35/month for employees of my company with no initiation fee, members have 24/7 access, and it would allow me to use the showers in the building on the extremely off chance that I someday decide I want to work out during lunch, or run to work instead of taking the CTA. However, despite members having access to the gym at any time, the gym is only staffed on weekdays. This is all well and good if I want to work out on a weekday, which I anticipate will happen with a fair amount of regularity after the Chicago Marathon. For the next four and a half months, though, the only time I expect to regularly need gym access is on a Sunday for cross training, because, believe it or not, I don’t have a stationary bike, an elliptical, or a full selection of strength training equipment in my apartment. The idea of likely being the only person in the gym makes me quite nervous. What if I get hurt? What if I have an emergency? What if there’s one other person in the gym, and that person is a creep?

The other gym is not quite as convenient as my office gym, given that it’s not, you know, an elevator ride away, but is a very short walk from the office. It’s also substantially more expensive, to the tune of nearly $90/month, plus an obscene initiation fee. It also has substantially more amenities than the gym in my office building from an equipment, class, and perks standpoint (unsurprisingly. I’d expect a real gym to offer its members a lot more than an office gym). It’s not open 24/7, but it’s nearly open that often and, of course, it’s staffed at all times.

With how often I expect to go to the gym for the rest of the summer, the gym in my office seems like the most logical choice. $90/month works outs to $22.50/visit if you assume I’m only going on Sundays, which is my current plan. That’s a lot more than the $8.75/visit it would be to use the gym in my office at the same frequency. The lack of staffing just makes me nervous :/ And I can’t exactly bring a buddy to my office gym, because that would require having an office buddy, which I most certainly do not have. I don’t even really have a team anymore (I was previously on a team of three people + one part-time remote person who lives in Florida. My two former coworkers both quit last month, completely independently of each other [one got poached; the other had been looking for months and got an offer one week to the day of the first one’s last day], so now I am, as I very much enjoy saying, “an island unto myself!” But at least my boss’s boss, who has now become my boss, has no intention of letting me go, and now I have things to do at work, which is a nice change of pace.), never mind friends. So if you have thoughts on the best course of action, here, I’m all ears.

3. Raise your hand if you watched the Tony Awards on Sunday! *raises hand and waves it about enthusiastically*

Circumstances beyond my control kept me from watching the entirety of the awards show, but I did watch a fair portion of it (and caught up on what I missed via YouTube the next day). I’ve always liked musical theater, but I feel like this past year was the first time I started really paying attention to what’s happening on Broadway rather than getting into shows long after they’ve blown up, gone on five different tours, been done by every other high school in America, etc. So, due to my newfound affinity for what’s happening on The Great White Way, I decided to watch the Tonys this year.

EXCELLENT LIFE DECISION. Man, what a cool awards show! While the Grammys have plenty of musical performances and the Emmys and Oscars show clips of the nominated work, I think the Tonys are really in a category of their own in terms of putting on a display of the art celebrated during the show. You can easily buy an album that got garnered a Grammy album (or stream it, or however you go about getting your music). You can easily watch a TV show or go to just about any movie that gets an Oscar nomination. But Broadway shows are totally different. You can buy or stream the soundtrack, usually, but seeing the original cast perform any of the show usually requires a trip to New York, which isn’t quite as easy as logging into Netflix. While we certainly don’t see shows in their entirety during the Tonys, we at least get to see part of it, which I think is SO COOL.

I knew Ben Platt was almost guaranteed to win Best Actor for his performance in Dear Evan Hansen, and I was really hoping the show would win Best Musical as well. When Lin-Manuel Miranda turned out to be the one to present Dear Evan Hansen with the award for Best Musical, it was like all of my Broadway interests collided 😀 I was a little bummed that the Dear Evan Hansen performance was Waving Through a Window, though. I really wanted them to do You Will be Found. My brother, who saw the show in New York in January, thought they might’ve done Words Fail, but I imagine that wasn’t on the table because a lot of makeup artists did a lot of hard work on Sunday afternoon to make everyone look pretty, and all that work would’ve been for naught had Ben Platt sung Words Fail. It’s Quiet Uptown from Hamilton doesn’t hold a candle to the emotional gut-punch that is Words Fail, in my opinion. It gets more heartbreaking every time I listen to it.

I also now, more than ever, desperately want to see Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway with the original cast. Ben Platt’s contract currently only goes until November, which doesn’t give me much time, plus tickets are MAD expensive, and not just on the secondary market (to the tune of $250+ mad expensive). I could literally get a round trip flight to New York for less than a ticket to Dear Evan Hansen would cost. But Ben Platt is such a genius…. I need to win the lottery.

Do you watch awards shows? I rarely do, but I could definitely see myself watching the Tonys more often in the future!
Which do you pick when you’re forced to choose: function or fashion? I am all aboard the function train. Give me comfort and practicality or give me…a reason to not have to be somewhere that requires me to wear uncomfortable or impractical clothes. Haha.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I vote for the gym you’ll use and love the most. A good gym is priceless! For me the work gym with no one there would be my favorite, I’d just text a buddy before you go with your plan, so he/she can follow up in case of emergency.

  2. I’ve been wearing comfortable shoes on my commute since I started commuting … at age 22. No shame. Usually, it’s double duty because I’m going to a workout straight from the office so I’ll wear some Nike trainers. On days that I’m not going straight to a workout, I’ll wear more “fashionable” shoes like slip-on sneakers by Sam Edelman or knock-off sequin Converse low-tops. I can’t wear heels for my whole commute and ballet flats are too flimsy. Plus I don’t want to wear out my nice shoes.

    Regarding the gym – if you mainly plan to use it on Sundays, wouldn’t it make more sense to pick one closer to home? Have you thought about ClassPass? They offer a 5-classes-per-month plan for $60, and you can add on 3-packs of classes if you want to do more.

    • It would certainly make more sense to pick one closer to home if there actually WERE gyms closer to home, but, believe it or not, that’s not the case! The closest gym is about 1.75 miles away from my new place in a direction I would never be coming from or going in, so that’s neither convenient nor logical. My office will be on my way home from church on Sundays (or my way to church, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious), so it’s not entirely inconvenient. I didn’t consider ClassPass, though…maybe I should look into that at least for marathon season.

      • Ah. Yeah, I don’t have any gyms within walking distance of home. So I usually do classpass studios that are on the way home (or not too far out of my way) from work, or a short Divvy ride, or with free/easy street parking.

  3. I don’t have to walk at all for my commute, but on the weekends I wear Birkenstocks (in summer, obvs) almost exclusively. They are comfortable to walk in and they’ve come a long way in the stylish department. I agree with you that all shoes should be for comfort first!
    For the gym, I also like my gym to be so incredible convenient. If it isn’t on my way home from work, I am probably not going. I liked the suggestion above to start off with the office gym to see how it works and then you can always switch later. I know you are marathon training right now too which makes me think you won’t be using a lot of the classes or other amenities that come with the nicer gym right now.

    • Right, and even if I did want the amenities (classes, etc.), I think it’d be a struggle to find ones in a gym that fit 1) my schedule on a Sunday and 2) the amount of time my training plan calls for me to cross train – most classes seem to run for an hour or so, but my training plan wants me to do more like 70-90 minutes of cross training on Sundays, which would mean taking class and THEN doing something else on most occasions. That sounds like it would require a lot of motivation haha. But especially since the office gym doesn’t require a contract (from everything I’ve seen, at least), I think that’s the safest place to start, since it will likely be the easiest one to quit if need be.

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