Goals for 2017: May Check-In

One of these months, I’ll actually get this post up close to the end of the month, not at what feels like halfway through the next month. That month is clearly not this month, though, and now that I’ve used the word “month” way too many times for one paragraph, on to the check-in!

Goal #1: Publish at least one freelance piece
While I didn’t technically accomplish this goal as-written in May, by this time next month, I should be able to say that I have! It sort of feels like cheating, because I didn’t get this freelance assignment the way I expected to get it (pitching ideas to people I’d never met). Rather, an editor I already knew, who I had spoken to a few months ago and told in no uncertain terms that I was ready and able to write an article whenever she needed one, reached out to me at the end of May and asked if I could write a piece for her publication. I said yes in a heartbeat, of course, and I’ve been working on that ever since!

Having an actual assignment made it a little too easy for me to give myself permission to slack off with pitching, so that fell by the wayside as the month came to a close. I got a lot done during the start of the month, though! I followed up on a pitch I sent in April (no response) and sent out three other pitches, one of which got rejected immediately because the publication was already working on a piece almost identical to the one I pitched, the other two of which went ignored. I was surprisingly happy about the one that got rejected, though, because of why it got rejected. Even though I won’t get to write the article, it made me feel like I was on to something with my idea and gave me confidence that the idea would’ve been picked up if I had pitched it earlier. Plus, I’ve now pitched that editor twice, and though I’ve been rejected both times, I feel a little more confident – like she knows who I am and remembers my name, which will hopefully help me in the future if I can come up with an idea someone else hasn’t already pitched 😛

Goal #2: Get rid of at least 50 things
CRUSHED IT. I had already hit my 50 things target last month, but when I had free time over Memorial Day, I went on a purge binge (which I realize sounds like a contradiction) and got rid of so. much. stuff. I’m up to 173 items thrown away/recycled/donated at this point. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made in this department, but I’m also flabbergasted by how much stuff I still have.


HOW. How have I donated all the running clothes I don’t like/wear and STILL have that much left over? Granted, I can’t wear all of these clothes at all times–I’m not going to wear tank tops in January, or pullovers in July–but I still think it’s ridiculous how many shirts I still have after getting rid of everything I didn’t want. I should probably work on getting less emotionally attached to some of these things if I ever hope to fit all my workout clothes in one place. And this, of course, is just clothes I’m talking about. This doesn’t even cover all the stuff, and how I spent hours cleaning my entire closet over Memorial Day weekend and, when I put everything that I decided to keep back in my closet, nothing looked different.

Goal #3: Finish Dutch on Duolingo
I’m not done, but I’m getting much closer! Only three more lessons to go! Duolingo recently introduced a new “health” feature this month that has become the bane of my Duolingoing experience. You start the day with five health points. Every time you make a mistake on a new lesson, you lose a health point. If you lose all five, Duolingo won’t let you continue without paying a ridiculous number of gems (in-app “money” you earn from finishing lessons or keeping up with your daily goal) or wait 24 hours (or so – it’s close to 24 hours, if not 24 exactly) for your health to refill. While I like that this keeps me from spending forever and ever on a new lesson, I think it’s really stupid that they punish you for not knowing translations they’ve never taught you. As far as I can tell, you don’t lose health points for making mistakes on lessons you’ve already completed, which I think would make WAY more sense. They should punish you for forgetting what you’ve learned, not punish you for not knowing something you’ve never learned *eye-roll emoji*

Goal #4: Stay healthy and out of PT
Well, aside from a nasty cold I had at the beginning of the month, I did a decent job of staying healthy 😛 In terms of how this goal breaks down:

– Strength train once per week, minimally, during running season: Well, I didn’t strength train once per week, but I did strength train more than once this month, which is at least more than I could say for April.
– Stretch after every run: Nope
– Foam roll after every run, even if that means with a Moji rather than a full-blown foam roller: Nope
– Do at least three PT exercises twice per week: Nope

So, here’s the thing with this goal. I haven’t been keeping close tabs on my exact post-run routine, and when I reflect on the month, I tend to remember the times I neglected stretching/foam rolling/PT rather than the times I followed through on this, and therefore assume I failed the entire month. To address that, and hopefully help me remember to do these things, I plan to implement what I’m calling “SPF” during marathon season: Stretching, P(t), Foam rolling. I hope to report on whether or not I SPF-ed during my weekly marathon training recaps, which will help me get a better idea of when I’m getting these things done and when I’m not. Knowing when I’m more likely to skip out on something will hopefully help me avoid that, and also avoid the fatalistic, woe is me, I suck at cross training mentality I’ve fallen into.

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