Thursday Things

1. The running shoe gods smiled upon me on Sunday. I usually go to Fleet Feet around this time each year for my annual shoe purchasing, which makes me happy because I leave with the two pairs of shoes I expect to get me through the rest of the year, but also makes my bank account very sad, because buying two pairs of shoes at once is not cheap.

I don’t know when Asics turns over all of their shoes, but I do know that they traditionally release the newest model of the Gel-Nimbus, which I’ve run in for the past two years, towards the beginning of the year. If I get lucky, I’ll get into Fleet Feet when they still have the old AND new models in stock, and if I get reallylucky, they’ll have enough of the old models in stock that I can buy two pairs in my size, and if I get really, really lucky, they’ll have the old model on sale.

Guess who got really, really lucky on Sunday?


*does a happy dance*

The MSRP on the Gel-Nimbus 19 (the 2017 model) is a painful $160, but Fleet Feet had the 18s marked down to $105 (!!) AND they had two pairs in my size, so I saved myself a cool $110 AND I get to run in a model that I already know I like. Win win. Plus, when I ran with an 18 on one foot and a 19 on the other, I truly couldn’t feel any difference at all, so I figured I may as well go with the cheaper version since I could.

2. In case I wasn’t already having a fantastic trip to Fleet Feet on Sunday, when I went to the counter to check out, who was buying gear at the other register but one of my CARA group leaders! This, much like my Rick Bayless encounter a couple weeks ago, shouldn’t have really been all that surprising, considering we were at Fleet Feet, after all, but I’ve never run into anyone I know there before. More coincidentally, she was shopping with a friend of hers and in the process of attempting to convince her to run with us this summer, so I became the living, breathing testimonial to the greatness of training with the 10:30 Awesomes, using my ever-reliable sales pitch, “I hate running marathons. Like, absolutely hate it. But I love training with these people, so here I am, going on five years of running marathons so I can run with the 10:30s.” I mean, if that doesn’t convince you to train with us, I don’t know what would 😛

3. And finally, since I’m already talking about running/people I know as a result of running: I’ve had a Fitbit since June, and while I love the data and insight into my activity it gives me, to my great surprise, the thing I like most about Fitbit are the weekday and weekend challenges. I find them so motivating and I have definitely gotten a bit competitive about them once or twice (or maybe a few more times than once or twice 😉 ).

While I’ve done Workweek Hustles/Weekend Warriors with some of my friends I know from outside running for months, this past weekend, Maggie invited me to a new Weekend Warrior challenge. Upon seeing the email invitation (and before checking to see who else was actually in the challenge), I’ll admit that my first thought was, “Ha! I’m going to CRUSH IT in this challenge.” I knew I was going to run seven miles on Saturday and had a good feeling I’d get in a lot of walking Saturday afternoon as well, so I was totally confident I’d win the entire thing.

Then I joined the challenge, and realized it was composed entirely of current and/or former Chicago Running Bloggers.


You guys. I had 34,000+ steps on Saturday, between my run and all the walking I did that afternoon, and I logged over 10,000 on Sunday, and I STILL didn’t win! I came in a solid second place, but to put the insanity of the CRB Fitbit challenge in perspective, here was my other Weekend Warrior challange from last weekend:


So, I was appropriately humbled, and will never again assume that I’m going to win a Weekend Warrior, particularly when I don’t know who else has joined the challenge.

Do you have a Fitbit?

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Obsessed with my fitbit. I try not to get too wrapped up in the steps but I do get competitive with my friends. My roommate and I usually average the same amount of steps per week so I always want to beat her. There is only one person who consistently is ahead of me and she’s a running blogger that consistently logs 60+ miles a week plus whatever other walking she does. I’ll never be able to compete with that, so I really just like to look at horribly I slept the night before haha

    • I didn’t know you had a Fitbit! We should be Fitbit friends! One of the girls who’s in my friends Fitbit challenge (hilariously, most of us don’t even know her. She’s a friend of one of the people I actually *do* know in the challenge, but the rest of the six or so of us who usually do the challenges have never even met her hahaha) is a runner, and man, when I’m not training and she is, her numbers can be INSANE. We also had a med school student on rotations in our challenge for awhile, and he was unbeatable. I will say, though, it was very disappointing Chicago Marathon weekend, because THREE of us ran Chicago, so that weekend even running a MARATHON wasn’t enough to win. Hahaha.

  2. Awesome shoe score! I love the Nimbus! I’ve been meaning to get a new pair out from my collection – they’re so cushy! Have you tried Shoekicker to watch for deals?

    That is a crazy awesome amount of steps, even if you were in second! I don’t have a Fitbit, but my Garmin counts steps.

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