Thursday Things

1. After years of saying I should go to museums in Chicago and never actually doing it, I’ve finally started to take initiative and, in particular, take advantage of the days free to Illinois residents. I went to the Shedd Aquarium in September, and on Saturday, I paid the Field Museum a visit.


If I’m being honest, I usually want to go to the Field Museum just to take a picture of SUE, because she’s probably my favorite, uh, person?, I follow on Twitter. I’d say she’s my favorite dinosaur to follow on Twitter, but I don’t follow other dinosaurs, so…. Anyway, moral of the story: SUE is a great Twitter account that I’d recommend following regardless of your interest (or lack thereof) in dinosaurs.

There’s more to the Field Museum than SUE, obviously. This trip, I saw the ancient Egypt, gemstones, and evolution exhibits for the first time, along with the bird exhibit, which I insist on seeing every time I go to the museum. All of that, which really isn’t that much, took up three hours, which I found so surprising! It didn’t feel like it took that long! Out of the three new-to-me exhibits I saw, I liked the gemstones the best, but I also really liked the evolution exhibit, especially the dinosaur part. I never had much interest in dinosaurs as a kid, but I suppose following SUE on Twitter has changed that, since apparently now I like them enough to spend one of my three hours at the Field Museum looking at them.


Speaking of the evolution exhibit, however: I was minding my own business, looking at dinosaur bones as one does, when I turned around and saw someone from my high school class! Or at least, I’m pretty positive it was him. As I mentioned last week, I have an inexplicable, crushing fear of saying hello to people, so I didn’t actually verify that it was him. It did look exactly like him, though. It was SO CRAZY. I honestly think I’ve seen him maybe once or twice since I graduated high school nine (omg) years ago, so to see him at the Field Museum of all places, considering he still lives in Michigan, was pretty wild.

2. In July, my mom purchased an electronic egg cooker, which uses a hot plate to boil water, which in turn either soft/medium/hard boils up to six eggs at once, or, using trays that come with the cooker, cooks poached or scrambled eggs. When she bought it, I rolled my eyes so hard they nearly fell out of my head. This seemed like the very definition of unitasker, and seriously, how hard is it to make eggs on the stove? Well, dear readers, I am now eating all of my words (and all of the eggs), because after deciding I had had it with the crippling fear that comes from attempting to turn on a gas stove, I let my anxiety win and asked for an egg cooker for Christmas and…I kind of love it. By which I mean I’m obsessed with it.


This has seriously been life changing. It works SO WELL. I’ve had limited success attempting to hard boil eggs with, you know, actual boiling water, but they’ve come out perfectly every time I’ve used this. I haven’t tried anything more advanced than that yet, but I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend it. Even my roommates, who don’t have any irrational gas stove-related fears, think it’s awesome, so it’s not just me and my insanity 😛

3. Tuesday was my first Valentine’s Day in Corporate America, and my oh my, did it exceed every expectation I had for the holiday. At my old job, my Valentine’s Day experience consisted routinely wondering if I was 1) invisible or 2) worthless, due to the fact that an older gentleman who worked for the other company that shared office space with my former company brought in plastic roses for every woman in the office, including my female coworker who worked for my company, not his company, EXCEPT ME, every. single. year. Now, admittedly, I didn’t particularly want a plastic rose that would end up in the trash, along with my mood and/or self-esteem, by the time I got home, but it’s the principle of the matter, you know? Anyway, that was my workplace Valentine’s Day background, so obviously, short of being mocked in front of a crowd, it probably wasn’t going to get much worse.

But holy smokes, did it get better! My work day started off on a wonderful note when I walked into my office building’s lobby and discovered that the building management had bought hundreds of frosted sugar cookies and was handing them out as we all arrived to work that morning.


I figured this would be the extent of celebrations, but boy, was I wrong! I had barely settled into my desk when the person in charge of admin for my office started coming around and distributing little tins of customized M&Ms to everyone.


By this point, I’m basically beside myself with glee. A cookie AND M&Ms?! I had hoped that maybe someone would bring treats into the kitchen and I’d become aware of their presence before everything had been eaten. Never in a million years did I expect two treats before I had even been in the office for 30 minutes! AND THEN, all of five minutes after M&M distribution, I received an office-wide email that a client had brought in roses and treats “for the ladies” (as far as I could tell, men were welcome to help themselves, too).


Needless to say, Valentine’s Day 2017 blew all previous Valentine’s Days out of the freaking water.

Did you do anything for Valentine’s Day this year?
Have you ever been to the Field Museum?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Welcome to my life, where there is literally some sort of dessert on the table every day of the week making it impossible to follow the whole reducing sugar intake thing ha

    • I’d say we have treats out in the kitchen usually once every other week or so. It’s sometimes tricky to actually get anything, because people swoop in so fast! Haha. But at my old office, one woman really liked to bake, so there was stuff almost every day, and yeah, saying no was basically impossible!

  2. i was out of town this year, but i’ve never had a company love on me that much just on one day! what a great place to work! As a single person I try to ignore the cliches and dream of the future.

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