Goals for 2017: January Check-In

At the beginning of the year, I laid out my plans for 2017. In the spirit of holding myself accountable–the reason I published a post with my goals in the first place–I hope to check in each month to see how I’m doing. Here’s how I did in January!

Goal #1: Publish at least one freelance piece
I haven’t published or even pitched anything yet. I took some time to come up with a list of topics about which I feel confident writing or, minimally, in which I have a significant amount of interest, and sorted through some freelance writing resource websites to find places that might want to publish the types of articles I hope to write, in addition to brainstorming other outlets found relevant. I went through all of those sites/publications to find whoever appears to be the right person to contact about freelancing and found out how to contact him or her. I drafted one pitch email and then jumped into a swirling whirlpool of self-doubt (What if the email isn’t good enough and I blow my chance with them? Would writing for this outlet burn bridges at another outlet? What if I don’t really have time to do this after all? Ad infinitum.). So, overall, I feel like I made some progress on this goal, and probably an appropriate amount for the month if I only want to hit that one article goal. Ideally, I’d like to publish more than one article, however, so I really need to get moving on this to make that happen.

Goal #2: Get rid of 50 things
CRUSHING IT. I started throwing away/donating things as soon as the year began, and I’m already up to 23 items without even really trying (i.e.: I haven’t gone through my closet, bookshelves, dresser, desk, etc. to find junk I want out of my life). Since the ultimate goal here is to reduce the number of things I own, I’m not counting things I throw away with the intention of replacing (like the pair of jeans I sacrificed in January to my lack of a thigh gap. Irrelevant to this discussion, but a hole near the crotch due to frequent friction has been the demise of my past THREE pairs of Old Navy jeans, and it’s starting to really make me mad. SO few people have a thigh gap, Old Navy, especially at the very top of their legs. Your jeans should be able to withstand that kind of movement.). I feel really good about my progress on this and am excited to see how much farther I can go in the next 11 months.


Goal #3: Finish Dutch on Duolingo
I made it through three lessons, so I now have 24 to go. Making progress! I’ve learned that I enjoy the noun-based lessons MUCH more than the verb-based lessons. I’m guessing that’s because nouns are easy to learn, since that’s basically just memorizing vocabulary, but verbs are really hard to learn when you don’t have the rules explained. Or at least, it’s really hard for me.

Goal #4: Stay healthy and out of PT
I did a great job on both of those fronts on the surface, since I am not currently injured nor rehabbing a present/past injury in physical therapy. In terms of my action steps for that goal:

– Strength train once per week, minimally, during running season: check.
– Stretch after every run: check.
– Foam roll after every run, even if that means with a Moji rather than a full-blown foam roller: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I have touched neither my foam roller nor my Moji once this year. Fail. I don’t understand why this got so hard for me to do. I used to be great about foam rolling 😦
– Do at least three PT exercises twice per week: Another fail. I usually do a couple of PT exercises before dance, which makes for a total of eight PT exercises in January as opposed to my targeted 24. Ouch. On a more positive note, I’ve started incorporating PT exercises into my post-run cooldown routine, and since I’m now running three days a week, this should be a more attainable goal moving forward.

Overall, I think I’m in a pretty good place with these goals for the moment. I’m THRILLED with my progress on getting rid of things and, much to my surprise, have found a lot of enjoyment in going through my room and finding things I no longer want. I really hope to make some progress on the freelancing front this month, and ideally I’ll actually buckle down and spend some time with my foam roller again. Fingers crossed!

Did you make goals for 2017? How are they going so far?

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2017: January Check-In

    • I was a little concerned that if I didn’t actually, physically track all the things I’m getting rid of, I either 1) might not do it at all or 2) might lose the motivation to get to 50 items. Having it all written down and being able to actually see my progress really gets me excited to keep going with this. This wasn’t my original intent, but I’m hoping when the year’s over, I”ll be able to go through my list and see some patterns as well, to help me identify what I have a tendency to hang onto unnecessarily so I can be aware of that in the future and hopefully NOT hang onto those things moving forward (like nearly-but-not-quite empty bottles of lotions, shampoo, etc. – that already seems to be a pattern!).

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