Thursday Things

1. A terrible tragedy befell me this weekend. Since I’m not in race training mode at the moment, I’m only 3-4 mile runs once a week in an effort to reintroduce my body to running post-injury without ending up back in PT. I tend to run on Saturdays, since that usually works best with desire to run outside during daylight hours. Even though it was cold on Saturday (the high that day was 19), I still wanted to run, so I bundled up and headed out for a four mile run.

The run itself went well. I ran four miles, which is the farthest I’ve run since the Chicago Marathon. My hamstring hurt a bit during the last mile, and my foot hurt a little bit the day after, but nothing that particularly concerned me. All in all, I felt pretty pleased with myself and my dedication to running even in arctic conditions. That is, until I saw myself in the mirror.

Somehow, over the course of my run, my hat had fallen off my head! To be fair, I wasn’t all that crazy about this particular hat in the first place. It couldn’t cover my ears, so I always had to wear something else with it. Typically, I wore a headband, but sometime earlier this winter I lost my headband as well (I don’t at all remember when or how that happened), so on Saturday I chose to wear my balaclava to cover my ears/face and a hat to cover the top of my head. The hat, obviously, didn’t fit me especially well (see: too small to cover my ears), so I assume it didn’t have the greatest grip on my head once the balaclava came into play and probably flew off while I fought a particularly nasty high rise-induced headwind. Regardless, I couldn’t believe that I completely lost it and didn’t even notice it falling off my head!

I went to Fleet Feet on Sunday to buy a replacement hat, and found it so surprising that only two hat designs in the whole store had ponytail hole. I thought that those came standard in women’s winter running hats? Apparently not. I guess I should have known that, since I got a Pearl Izumi hat last year and that didn’t have a ponytail hole, but I still find it mind-boggling. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that I want my hair in my face, or, worse, plastered to my cheeks!


So now I’m the reluctant owner of a ridiculously expensive SmartWool winter running hat (and a replacement headband) and am also $52 poorer. I think I should start bobby pinning my headwear to my hair graduation cap style so I stop losing these things, because goodness gracious, these things do not come cheap!

2. I think I need a Hamilton intervention. It’s just about the only thing I’ve listened to for the past two weeks, and though I’m not at all there yet, I fear at some point I’m going to get burnt out. In the mean time, though, the soundtrack has quickly become my go-to workout music. Never has an NTC workout flown by quicker than when I’m listening to Hamilton — probably because 45 minutes get me through the entire workout, but not even halfway through the soundtrack. For the first time ever, I’ve wished NTC had longer workouts! Though considering how sore I was after doing NTC on Sunday for the first time in nearly three weeks, it’s probably for the best that they don’t have anything longer than 45 minutes, despite my desire to listen to more Hamilton.

3. While I certainly missed running after I injured my foot/ankle during the Chicago Marathon, I actually missed dance even more. I started taking dance in late October 2012, and hadn’t skipped a single session in that time until I got hurt. I ended up missing the last two weeks of the session I had started before last fall’s marathons, and then missed the entirety of the late October-mid December session.Because New Year’s fell on a Sunday, the January-February session started a week later than usual this year, but FINALLY, at long last, more than three months since I last set foot in a dance class, I made my triumphant return.

Of course, as luck would have it, none of my friends are actually taking class this session due to wintertime travel plans, and the routine we learned on Tuesday was one I already did in class last spring, so my “triumphant return” was fairly anticlimactic. But it was so, so nice to be back nevertheless.

Anyone have any similar-to-but-not Hamilton music recommendations for me?

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