Friday Things

1. I’m coming to you today with a Friday Things post instead of my usual Thursday Things post, since I was otherwise occupied on Wednesday night:



I bought tickets to Hamilton back when they went on sale a lifetime ago, and after nearly six months of waiting, I finally had my shot (pun!) to go Wednesday. Let me tell you, I was more than willing to wait for it (pun! Okay, I’ll stop now).


It was incredible. Out of all the Broadway in Chicago shows I’ve seen over the years, Hamilton definitely tops the list. It’s a little strange, because I can’t really put into words exactly what made this show so superior to the others I’ve seen. There wasn’t one specific element that made it better than other shows. It was really the entire package. The singing, the dancing, the acting, the costuming, the content: everything came together to make one fantastic show. The only “problem” I had with it was that I often couldn’t figure out where I wanted to focus my attention, and now I feel like I need to go back to see it again. Oh, the tragedy! πŸ˜›

Seriously, though, if you have the chance to go, I can’t recommend Hamilton enough. My tickets for seats with an unobstructed view in row Y in the Orchestra Center section cost a little more than $100, which may not be cheap, but also isn’t all that bad, considering some seats have a face value of close to $500. I discovered that Ticketmaster has a list of dates with good availability, and as long as you don’t mind going on a weeknight, there are still plenty of times to choose from over the next six months. The Chicago show will be around certainly through Sept. 17 (that’s how far out you can buy tickets at the moment), so you have lots of time left!

2. Is it too late to talk about my holidays? I haven’t shared anything about them yet! I went home for Christmas, per usual, though I didn’t stay as long as sometimes since I wanted to save the little bit of vacation I had remaining to roll over into 2017 (we rack up PTO hours with each paycheck, so if I had used up all of my 2016 vacation time, I would’ve had very limited time available to take off early this year). Regardless, my short time at home was nice. We did most of our celebrating on Christmas Eve. My mom told me I needed to come up with a vegetable dish to bring as my family’s contribution to the greater family celebration, and this was my masterpiece:


Christmas day was a bit more relaxed. I played my trumpet in church for the third year in a row, and thank goodness I had done it before. The organist arrived later than he (and I) anticipated, so we didn’t have a chance to practice at all and just winged it. Fortunately, Christmas carols are so familiar that it wasn’t too tall of an order.

3. I rang in 2017 at a house party with a small group of friends, which I think is my perfect way to start a new year. Prior to that, though, I went to the Brookfield Zoo!


According to my parents, I’ve been to the Brookfield Zoo before, but I certainly don’t remember it. In recent years, the only zoo trips I’ve made have been to the Lincoln Park Zoo, so the size of Brookfield Zoo blew me away. It’s gigantic! (At least, gigantic compared to Lincoln Park.) Some of the sections were closed–I assume for the winter, since those areas had mostly outdoor animals–but there were certainly plenty of animals to see as well.


I expected to like the penguins the most, but the majority of them were hiding. Instead, my favorite exhibit was the Tropic House with all of the different primates.


What a cutie!


I loved the gorillas in particular. They have a one-year-old gorilla, Zachary, who was the most adorable little creature you’ve ever seen. Watching him and his mom interact was so cool. I could’ve watched the two of them all day.

Have you seen Hamilton? Or at least listened to the soundtrack? If not, YOU NEED TO. And if you are familiar with it, what’s your favorite song? Mine is definitely Wait For It. I could listen to that song alllllllll day.
What’s your favorite animal to watch at the zoo?

6 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. We just went to Hamilton last night and I agree with you – totally at the top of the list. I loved the contrast of it–I knew the music including rapping but actually seeing people in period-appropriate clothing and hearing them rapping in a theater was awesome. I could definitely go back and watch it again because I think there are so many things I missed!

    I went to Brookfield zoo lights a few weeks ago and that zoo is large. I think we saw like 30% of it when we were there!

  2. I love your veggie arrangement! And how did I not remember you play the trumpet? That’s awesome πŸ™‚

    My fave animals are the otters ❀ ❀ ❀

    • It’s the secondary market that really gets you, I think. Face value tickets in Chicago I believe are mostly $60-$500ish (maybe more than $500, but I don’t think by much), but when people buy those tickets and sell them elsewhere, that’s when the prices get totally out of control. Hopefully Hamilton will be in Seattle long enough that people won’t be compelled to do that! Or maybe you’ll be able to catch it the next time you’re in Chicago! πŸ™‚

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