Tuesday Things

1. Guess what I got on Friday?



I had my last podiatrist appointment Friday morning, and my doctor thought I was in good enough shape to start a return-to-run program. I couldn’t have been happier. While I suppose, realistically, I probably wouldn’t have done that much running over the past six weeks, I was SUPER over avoiding impact exercise. I’m not about to start doing 30 minutes of squat jumps or anything, but I at least feel like I’m on the road to doing something other than bicep curls, and that, friends, is a wonderful feeling. I’m still stuck in PT until mid-December, but at least I only have to go once a week.

I did my first run/walk on Saturday, and while it was kind of a joke (4:30 walking, :30 running, six times), I was still SO happy to be able to go outside and run a little, even if it was suddenly 30 degrees and insanely windy outside. Worth it. The program builds up a lot faster than I expected, so if all goes well, I’ll be back to doing 30 minutes of nonstop running by Dec. 10, which lines up conveniently with the 5K I have scheduled for Dec. 17. While I normally don’t walk so much during my runs, I think this will be a good way to not only help my muscles/joints acclimate to running, but my cardiovascular system as well. A brief glance at my resting heart rate as tracked by Fitbit shows that I’ve most certainly lost fitness since October, and I really doubt I’d be able to run for 30 minutes straight without stopping right now if I wanted to – or at the very least, even if I could, it would be FAR less comfortable than usual. While I may not have the stellar 5K I hoped for, at least I should be able to complete it. At this point, that’s plenty for me.

2. I never really had the chance to talk about this earlier this month, but on the Saturday after the Cubs won the World Series, I completed the requisite pilgrimage to Wrigley Field to take pictures and bask in the glory of the championship.


Earlier this year, people started writing messages on the bricks of Wrigley, and throughout the playoffs, the walls became covered with chalk. It was truly a sight to behold, and I thought it was really awesome of the Cubs to let people do that to their stadium.


There was a big crowd on Waveland, and upon further investigation, it turned out that the crowd was there because players were coming out of the locker room and going to the player’s parking lot. Jake Arrieta (allegedly) came out right before I was there, but I did see Travis Wood!


That was pretty exciting.

3. This is the first year that I’ve worked a full day the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (“full” day, really – the office closes two hours early), and I have to say, I am not looking forward to it at. all. The rest of my department took the whole day off, so I’ll be the only one around, and I imagine I’ll spend the majority of my day staring at the clock, willing it to turn to 3:00 so I can leave. I guess this is what I get for taking a long weekend to go to Vegas and six days to go out to Seattle earlier this year. I have to say, I miss working for a company where your “allocated” PTO was really just there for appearances. On the other hand, I do very much like having health insurance, so I suppose there are pros and cons both ways.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Congrats on starting running again! (and on that horribly windy day, LOL) That is great news!

    I work the Wednesday AND Friday around Thanksgiving every year and love how quiet it is and that I can get work done 🙂

    • See, I just can’t focus at all when it’s quiet in the office! I guess I get more done when no one’s around since no one can stop by and start a conversation, but when there’s no one at work, *I* feel weird being at work and spend most of my day wishing I weren’t at work haha.

  2. Hurray for your recovery plan and getting back to running! I think the time went by very quickly!!!

    I still haven’t been up to Wrigley to take a picture of the World Champions marquee!!! Need to do so soon!!!

    I actually always work the days around Thanksgiving as well as around Christmas and New Year’s. It’s strategic because nobody else is around, meaning I can get a lot done when nobody bugs me. Plus since the office is empty, productivity isn’t expected to be high anyways. It’s nice to save my PTO for truly busy times. =D

    • That makes sense about saving your PTO. I have such a hard time focusing when the office is dead, so for me it’s really difficult to be productive when no one’s around!

      Time is going quickly on my return to run program. I’m already up to running more than walking, which feels great! Very happy to be back at it 🙂

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