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Normally, I’d take this post to tell you my grand, lofty post-marathon fitness plans, but as I’m booted until at least Friday, there isn’t much to say in that department right now, at least definitively. I’ve biked more in the past week than I had in the previous two years in an effort to keep on some semblance of cardiovascular fitness and leg strength and have also done more upper body/core strength training than usual (i.e.: I’m doing it, period.). While the diversification from my usual routine probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, it also isn’t at all what I had in mind for this time period, and I’m hoping that will change for the better sooner rather than later. In the mean time, rather than rambling about what I wish I were doing compared to what I’m doing right now, I thought I’d use this time to do my first survey in many, many moons, courtesy of Emily, who did the same survey a few weeks back on her blog.

1. Do you eat blue cheese?
Yes, though I don’t really go out of my way to eat it. I’m happy to eat blue cheese on a salad or something like that, but I’m probably not going to ask for it if other cheese are an option (unless those other cheese are goat cheese, in which case I would definitely take the blue cheese instead. Try as I might, I just cannot convince myself to like goat cheese.)

2. Can you whistle?
Not even a little bit. My dad’s an expert whistler, but I don’t have a clue how to whistle.

3. Do you get nervous before a doctor’s appointment?
Semi-frequently. I get nervous if I expect to be poked during the appointment or I’m concerned about potential bad news. If I’m just going in for a checkup that won’t require a blood draw or shot, I’m usually fine.

4. How many televisions do you have?
Personally, I own zero. We have one TV in my apartment, but it’s not mine, and I rarely use it aside from major sporting events on network TV (we don’t get any fancy channels) or watching The Bachelor(ette) with my roommates, which is our favorite bonding activity.

5. What do you think of hot dogs?
I think they’re delicious, even though I probably shouldn’t think that.


6. Do you do push-ups?
Not if I can avoid it. If I can’t avoid it, I usually do them from my knees, because I’m lazy and pathetic and use, “I”m not strong and can’t do this,” as an excuse to avoid strength training exercises I find difficult, rather than taking the fact that I find push-ups difficult as the exact reason why I should be doing them. I suck. But hey, maybe all my current upper body strength training will change that!

7. Favorite girl’s and boy’s names?
Good question. I’ve liked the name Natalia for a long time, so I guess we’ll call that my favorite girl’s name of the moment. I don’t know on boy’s names. Hopefully if I ever have a baby boy, my husband will have stronger opinions on boys names than I have!

8. Do you have ADD?
No, not in the actual, diagnosed sense. I’m not always the best about concentrating on the task at hand, but that’s nearly always due to boredom rather than an inability to concentrate.

9. What is one thing you dislike about yourself?
My anxiety. I would give nearly anything to be able to function like a normal adult rather than constantly worrying about fires, things that could cause fires, diagnosed major illnesses, people I love being dead when I don’t hear from them when I expect to hear from them or they don’t arrive to a destination by the time I thought they would, that people think I’m crazy for worrying about all of the aforementioned things, etc. I appreciate that my anxiety gives me the ability to understand what other anxious people feel, but I would really rather that we could all just live with a normal, healthy amount of worry (“I shouldn’t leave these 50 candles burning overnight in my wooden house while I sleep.”) than an all-consuming, at times debilitating amount of worry (“I shouldn’t own candles at all, or matches, or a lighter, or even appliances that use gas. Or electricity. Nor should I live in a structure made of anything but stone or otherwise inflammable material.”)

10. What’s in your pocket right now?
Just Chapstick.

11. Do you own slippers?
Sadly, no. My feet and hands are the first parts of my body to turn ice cold in the fall, winter and spring, so I like to keep my feet as warm as possible, and slippers help with that mightily. I used to have a pair of slippers, and then two summers ago a spider the size of a half dollar built a web around them in the like 40 minutes I was gone for a run, and after that I never wore the slippers again. I finally got rid of them earlier this year because they gave the me creeps just looking at them. That spider was seriously the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in a house. I hope to get some slippers for Christmas, though!

12. Worst injury you’ve ever had?
I, fortunately, have not had any major injuries up to this point *knocks on all wood available*, so this is a difficult question to answer. I’m tempted to say my current foot injury, because it put me in a boot and left me unable to walk until I got the boot, which no other injury has done. I fell on a fireplace hearth as a kid, chipping one of my teeth (a baby tooth, thankfully) and splitting my lip open. I still have a scar from that on my lip, but I almost always forget that it’s even there since I’m so used to it by now.


13. Favorite flavor of ice cream?
Yes. Haha. That’s another difficult question. I prefer ice creams with things mixed in, so I’m a big fan of things like moose tracks, cookies & cream, cookie dough, and the like.


14. How do you ring in the New Year?
In a residence. Whose residence that is has varied wildly over the years–my parents’ house, my old apartment, my childhood best friend’s house, and others–but it’s always been at in someone’s house or apartment.

15. Favorite month?
I like nearly any month where I can count on it not being hot and humid, so I tend to be a fan of late fall/early winter–October, November, December. I usually get a little burnt out on not seeing any sunshine by January, February and March, though.

Answer something for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Survey Says

  1. Yay!!! Thank you so much for the shoutout and for sharing your quiz responses – I always love reading the answers. =) Amen to ice cream with things mixed into them. I love the name Natalia, too. Wow on the TVs! And yes to being tired of not seeing any sunshine during the dead of winter. I like winter until January 1. Up until that point, it’s festive with all the holiday celebrations. But starting on January 2, the winter just becomes gray and miserable, yes?

  2. I love this survey! And will likely totally copy you 😛 I was recently thinking about what my fave month is (deep thoughts, I know) and decided that October is my definition of perfection. I can’t believe it’s almost over! Worst month = February by and far.

    Once upon a time I actually had a random list of names I liked, and then my damn iPhone ate the note! Ugh now I can’t remember any. Natalia is nice though, a not-so-common Russian name too! Bleu cheese is disturbing to me, but goat cheese is a big YES.

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