Chicago Marathon Training Week 18

Sunday, October 2: Yoga.
This one:

It didn’t feel too intense or beyond my skill level while doing it, but my abs were sore the next day for the first time in a billion years (not because my abs are so strong they never get sore, but because I avoid ab work at all costs because I hate it), so it must’ve done more for me than I realized.

Monday, October 3: 4 miles in 40:38 for a 10:09 pace.
Meh. This wasn’t the greatest run of my life. I started too fast and knew I started too fast, but I was in a hurry, as I only had limited time between getting home from work and needing to get to therapy, so I had a hard time settling down. My stomach was also not in the best mood of its life on Monday, which didn’t make this a particularly enjoyable experience.

Tuesday, October 4: Dance.
This was a bit more intense than I would’ve liked class to have been the week of the marathon, but what can ya do? I got through it, and hopefully my teacher didn’t mind too much that I was putting in about 50% effort. And even if he did I…don’t care. Haha. Running always takes priority over dance, sorry not sorry.

Wednesday, October 5: 3 miles in 31:45 for a 10:34 pace.
This turned out to be my last run before the marathon, though I didn’t realize it would be when I set out for it. It wasn’t all that warm by conventional standards when I ran on Wednesday–75 or so, and not too humid–but considering most of my recent runs have been in the 50s and completely overcast, this felt HOT HOT HOT. I had lead legs for the first mile something awful, but I felt better for the last two miles.

Thursday, October 6: Rest.
I had every intention of doing two miles when I got home from work on Thursday, but the weather had other plans, and I didn’t get a run in 😦 I was a bit bummed, since I do like the pre-marathon two miler, but I also had a lot of stuff to do Thursday night, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Friday, October 7: Rest.

Saturday, October 8: Rest.

And that’s a wrap on marathon season 2016! Thanks for sticking through it with me. I have no idea what Sunday will hold, but I’m certainly interested in finding out 🙂

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